😡 Why Sanjay (Symmetra 3.0) is Not Symmetra and Why You Should be Angry

So I am noticing that a lot of people don’t really realize that the new Symmetra “rework” is actually a completely different hero.

A lot of people don’t play Symmetra so -

  • When they hear that Sanjay (Sym 3.0) has a “Teleporter”, they think it’s an improved Symmetra Teleporter.

  • When they hear that Sanjay has a reworked Photon Barrier, they think it’s an improved Symmetra Barrier.

But the problem here is that the skills Sanjay has are fundamentally different from Symmetra’s skills. His skills serve very different purpose in the game.

  • Saying that Sanjay’s Teleporter is the same as Symmetra’s Teleporter is like saying Reaper’s Teleport is the same as Mercy’s Resurrect.

  • Saying that Sanjay’s Photon Wall is the same as Photon Barrier is like saying that Mei Wall is the same as Reinhardt Barrier.

Saying that Sanjay and Symmetra are the same hero is like saying McCree and Soldier are the same hero.

  • Yes both McCree and Soldier have similar themes of Hitscan guns that shoot well at Mid range and Auto-Aim Ults and Mobility, they are fundamentally different hero.

  • Yes Sanjay and Symmetra have similar themes of Turrets, Barriers and Teleporting but the way in which they do it is completely different from each other and fulfill a different purpose on the game.

Sanjay’s kit sounds pretty fun, and he could be added to the game as a new hero instead of as a replacement for Symmetra.

What makes me angry and disappointed is that he is replacing Symmetra, replacing a part of the Overwatch Roster, rather than Adding to it.

What should be making us all happy (addition of a new hero) is making some of us very bitter (because Blizzard is removing a hero from the game, that is the favourite of many players, to add that new hero).

Because we all have our favourite heroes in the game, and if these heroes were one day removed from the game, we’d be upset.

  • Imagine if Genji was one day removed from the game, the same day when a new Hero was added.

  • Imagine if Soldier was one day removed from the game, the same day when a new Hero was added.

Players would have legitimate reasons to be upset.

They might even enjoy the new hero but they will be bitter that they lost one they loved to play.

The same is happening with Symmetra.

But Symmetra is not everyone’s favourite so players think it’s fine if she gets removed.

But in doing this, you are setting a trend of “I like the New hero so I don’t care whether the hero you enjoy gets removed”.

It’s not a healthy for the game to remove heroes like this.

And it’s not healthy for the players to have this indifferent attitude towards other players who are passionate about certain unpopular heroes.

This is not what Overwatch should be like.

As OW players we should not support these types of changes, that seek to remove a Hero rather than simply adding a new one to the game.

In case you are wondering what the difference between Symmetra and Sanjay is, below I will go through each skill of - Symmetra and Sanjay (Sym 3.0) - in depth and explain how they play as two different heroes.

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Who is Symmetra?

Primary 3-Level Melee beam
Secondary Barrier-piercing and Hero-piercing orbs

Ability 1 - Sentry - 6 Turrets to create Turret web
Ability 2 - Photon Barrier - frequently available barrier that moves and blocks lethal CC and lethal damage

Ultimate - Teleporter - Reinforcements/Flanks
Shield Genetor - Health buff, team-wide tankiness

So since Symmetra’s Primary is Melee can deal upto 120 dps in 2 seconds, the key is to try to maximize this whenever possible.

At high levels, this is difficult and it is the fun of playing Symmetra.

In order to maximize this, Symmetra has two Tools, 1 Photon Barrier and 2 Ults. Both of these allow Symmetra to be more aggressive and more in your face.

Sometimes Photon Barrier allows Symmetra to close the gap betweer her and her target. Sometimes it allows Symmetra to block off line of sight of long range heroes so she can focus on the target in front of her. Sometimes it allows her to immediately nullify lethal cc and damage in order to keep frying her enemies.

Her Ults allow her to go beast and mode because they either mobilize her back to the point quickly or make her tankier so she can hang around the point longer.

Her Turret webs trap enemies and Symmetra pounces on them like a Spider. When set up correctly, they can extremely annoying for Ulting genjis and Soldiers and even completely wreck their Ults.

Her right click orbs create long linear disruption channels and clip enemies’ health in big chunks or small chunks depending on how much you charge.

A lot of Symmetra’s kit plays on pre-planning and intuition, knowing when people are going to do something and where. And preparing ahead of time, with Turrets or Barrier.

With Symmetra’s “rework” (read - replacement), Blizzard is essentially pressing Delete on Symmetra and adding in a new Hero, who I am going to call Sanjay. Sanjay is a completely different hero.

Who is Sanjay?

Primary is a Close-Range beam (not melee). That ramps up in damage, very slowly, twice as long as Symmetra.

Secondary is essentially a Pharah rocket or a no-gravity Zarya Ball. It’s a Ball that travels quickly in a straight line and explodes on impact.

Ability 1 - The Turrets are throwable but stronger! but also fewer in numbers. This is the only ability that resembles Symmetra (and the only one I want in her rework). The Turrets serve the same function as Symmetra’s Turrets while having more flexible placement range.

Ability 2 - Portal Gun - I am not calling this Teleporter to avoid confusion because Symmetra’s Teleporter continuously reinforces the backbone of your team by bringing back dead teammates and creating flank routes.

Sanjay’s Portal Gun is ONLY there to perform flanks and gives teammates access to inaccessible areas like Mei wall.

Needless to say this provides immense utility to the Team. Without the Team coordinating around it is useless.

But do not mistake it for the Symmetra Teleporter as it does not reinforce the team by bring back dead teammates. It does not have the same functionality as Symmetra’s TP.

Ultimate - Great Wall - Sanjay places a giant Mei wall across the map, splitting off enemies and cutting off large areas on the map for them.

This sounds like an awesome ability honeslty. This is Zone control and Barrier protection turned up to the MAX!

You can use this to initialize a teamfight on the enemy by splitting their team in half.

You can use this to prevent enemies from accessing an area.

Your team can play from behind it, as it serves as a Global Reinhardt Shield… I presume.

I haven’t played with it but I am giving it the best possible judgement from whatever experience I have to Mei wall and Rein shield.

All in all, I have to say that Sanjay’s design sounds really cool.

Like Brigitte who is another similar hero to Symmetra, Sanjay sounds like he would be a blast to play.

…but he is not Symmetra.

Why Sanjay is not Symmetra

Yes he has a Teleporter but it does not Teleport in the reinforcing way that Symmetra does. It’s more like Medivh’s Teleporter from HotS.

Yes he has Balls, but it does not pierce enemies like Symmetra’s does. They are more like Zarya’s Balls in 0G.

Yes he has a Barrier, but he cannot FREQUENTLY block lethal damage and CC with it. It does block those things but only rarely, when you get Ult. And it’s not an offensive ability like Photon Barrier, meaning it is not a gap-closer.

The only thing that matches here is the Turrets. These are the type of Turrets that Symmetra players really wanted because having the ability to cast them at range, allows us to cast them safely, without hopping like a bunny and saves time walking to and from different areas.


It’s funny because when I first heard of what they’re doing my first thought was they decided to actually delete Symmetra and make an entirely new hero named Symmetra who happens to look the same.


I think you may be overreacting a bit. This is just the first iteration that isn’t even on the PTR yet.

No need to get so worked up.


where did you get this from?


Why are you reposting this so much?


Blizzard please never reveal anything upfront even again.


The name Sanjay for Sym 3.0 made me laugh haha, but it is weird that they have decided to rework her entire kit at once. She really will be completely different. That’s never happened before with any other hero release and it makes me nervous because Symmetra is the most misunderstood hero. Even by the dev team it seems considering how long they weren’t sure what to do with her.

I agree turret changes sound the best and I personally think they shouldn’t have made so many changes to her gun, especially the piercing secondary fire which is a really unique and cool ability. I’m sad about Shield Gen being completely gone but I guess it’s easy to remove an ability that never got proper stat tracking or end game cards lol. Guess we’ll just see how everything plays out though.


“Oh noo they remove the aim lock in a shooter game this is so bad i want my mmorpg mechanics back :frowning:”, xd.


What part of “significant rework” did people not get? I’m confused by how blindsided everyone is acting we knew big changes were coming and they sound pretty cool


Her name is Symmetra not Sanjay…


Oh, no, I realized it was a new hero. That is WHY I am excited. We get a hero release without having to wait four months. I am pumped about that. Of course, it comes at the loss of Symmetra. But given how poor her balance was, I am not too broken up about it.


Sanjay’s Teleporter places a Portal at his feet and another one 25m away. It’s like how Reaper Teleports. It allows your team to quickly access high ground.

Imagine Lucio as horizontal mobility boost for your team. Sanjay provides a strong vertical mobility boost.

Symmetra’s Teleporter is like Resurrect in that it brings people back from spawn and quickly mobilizes them to the point or along a flank route.

Symmetra 2.0 was a significant rework. It made Symmetra significantly better without changing the core kit.

We were hoping for a Symemtra 2.0 like rework this time around as well.

Symmetra 3.0 changes everything about Symmetra, removes her for a new Hero Sanjay.

I don’t think it’s a good idea to think in this way because many people enjoy Symmetra’s kit and do not want to see her removed for another hero.

If it takes just a few months to add another hero to the game, while keeping all current heroes, then I think that is a much better option.

That opens up different playstyles rather than deleting previously existing playstyles.

Symmetra could be played regularly to Top 500 and even made it to TOp 10 so it was a valid playstyle in OW.

There is no limit to many heroes OW can have. So it is always better to add a new hero than to delete an old one.

Well considering the fact that she is being deleted, it might as well be.

First of all it’s a Melee wepaon. Like you wouldn’t think to remove aim lock from Rein and Brigite weapons. Similarly you don’t want to do that on Sym.

Secondly, if that’s all they were doing, it wouldn’t be so bad. I can aim well, and have no issues with aiming on Sym. I don’t think that’s who Sym is but I have no issues with aiming itself.

The problem is that they are changing everything in Symmera’s kit to the point where she is a new hero.

That’s what I want to convey here.

Thing is Devs already have data on Symmetra and they already know Symmetra is a good and functional design. We know Sym can be played easily into Top 500 and even made it to Top 10.

The issue is that those who misunderstand Symmetra are the loudest and so due to their voices, Devs decided to change Symmetra.

And this time around they are replacing her with another hero.

Stat-tracking and end-game cards don’t have any effect on gameplay. Shield gen being gone means Symmetra cannot play as aggressively. Add t othe fact that Photon Barrier is being removed, now she has lost all her Offensive capability.

Add to the fact that her weapon and Teleporter is also being changed completely into different skills, and this is pretty much RIP Symmetra.

What really gets me is that could just as easily have added a new Hero instead of removing Sym.

Symmetra 2.0 rework was awesome because it made Symmetra into a strong and viable hero at higher ranks.

Symmetra 3.0 changes her so much that it is as if she was deleted and new hero was added to replace her.

So it’s not an over-reaction it’s a statement of facts and an expression of anger towards the stated changes.


If you’re that good you’ll be able to kill her with skill quicker than she can beam you down.


honestly, sym 2.0 showed that what is wrong is symmetra’s core design. I don’t believe there could be a way to make her viable without a big overhaul like this


Symmetra 3.0 has yet to even hit the PTR yet, so it’s not a set fact that what was told to us will even be the same when it comes out. This expression of anger is rather pointless as it will most likely cause the devs who look over this forum to skip this section.

I’m not saying to not be critical of the changes, by all means please do (there are some that I don’t agree with). Just make sure that you can reign that anger it and turn into something constructive.

Also, Symmetra 2.0 was viable at higher ranks? In all my Diamond games my teammates asked me NOT to play Symmetra when I tried, but I can’t speak for Masters and up (And I may have just the worst luck in the world sometimes).


Who is this “Sanjay”?

At any rate I really like this new teleporter much better.
More teleportation options!


Blizzard Forum Tango

  • Blizzard, why are you ignoring _____!?! They are in serious need of a rework/nerf/buff.
  • Deleting this game because they don’t care about ______ at all.

Hey guys, this is Geoff just letting you know that we are looking at that hero you wanted buffs for!

  • Blizzard, when are you going to tell us about your rework?
  • I can’t keep playing this game knowing that Blizzard is ignoring us and not working on their game. It’s been 15 days and _____ still isn’t on PTR yet - GG.

Hey guys, this is Geoff and I just wanted to give you a heads up on that hero you wanted buffs for! We’ve ignored all the requests for nerfs and actually tried to design a fun and viable hero that is fun to play and balanced in the current game!

  • Blizzard. I can’t LIVE without that one particular attribute of _______. Can’t you try this suggestion instead? The one where we change nothing and just allow them to do x and y a bit faster than normal?
  • I am done with this game. It is literally unplayable. This hero will literally be trash tier-- HOW COULD YOU, BUNGIE!? Signed, GM ________ player.

** Hey guys, this is Jeff making that video I know you were waiting to see - here is the hero on the ptr; we did the things we felt were right for the health of our game and hope you enjoy them!**

  • Wow! This hero is pretty fun!
  • Everything is so well designed, almost as if it were made by professionals or something.
  • You know what - this is pretty fun guys! It is almost as if this is the real _______ and we’ve been playing some impostor this whole time!
  • Yes! I too feel like this is a natural progression of the hero and in this story based game, it is refreshing to learn more about what _____ was capable of!
    5 days later…

And the cycle continues…


Woah, don’t listen to him! I love transparency!


I do too, but if this is how the mains of each hero are going to react when they try to help them out…

Yeah. I thought we had gotten past those days. Ah well.