😡 Don't delete Symmetra, Make a New Hero instead #SaveSymmetra

The Rework is too different from Symmetra. If it goes live, it is akin to Deleting Symmetra from the game.

Blizzard, take the work you have done on Symmetra’s rework and make a new hero out it.

There is no limit to how many Heroes Overwatch can have.

And Blizzard, you are a big company, you have enough resources to be working on new heroes all the time.

A lot of people enjoy Symmetra’s playstyle. We want to see her buffed and not changed into a different hero, which is what this rework is doing.

The previous 2.0 rework was in the right direction, this 3.0 rework makes Symmetra into a completely different hard-light hero like Sanjay.

So please take this Sym 3.0 Rework and implement it as a new Hero.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Symmetra’s Rework changing her core character?

Why does it feel like Symmetra is being deleted?

See this thread below -

Frequent Posted Comments

Symmetra is a bad hero, she needs a rework.

Symmetra can be reworked without deleting her from the game. See the following threads -


I mean the truth is it’s likely that anything very similiar to the current symmetra will still have the same flaws.

The only way that she could actually be viable GM was if she was insanely OP in lower ranks, and it’s likely she still wouldn’t be good at attack


You’ll still be setting up turrets, lobbing orbs, using your TP, microwaving at close-range, and holding down chokes. The rework takes the best aspects of her kit and makes them have more skill-rewarding and flexible. I can’t wait.


I vote 100% in favor of deleting current symmetra. In her current state she is considered a troll pick and people strongly dislike the little amount of skill involved in her kit. Once she is reworked, if she became a new hero, then old symmetra would become even more of a troll pick and those who pick her would just get flamed even more.


“Blizzard, we want a rework.”
Blizzard does a rework that’ll probably help Symmetra a lot and will make more people play her.
“No, Blizzard! Not that kind of rework!”

Can you just wait until the rework actually comes out before judging it? Geez.


the people asking for a rework are not the same people who are against a rework.


Does that disprove my point that people should wait for the rework to come out before judging it? No, not really.

And frankly, unless you have statistics to prove that, there’s no reason to think otherwise.


no lol im just saying that you were implying something that isn’t true.

This must be such a tricky situation for Blizzard. “Fixing” a hero without losing their core identity. Especially when the original hero already got such a strong community.

I don’t play Symmetra but I know I would be a bit concerned if i played a game as Mage and suddenly the devs change everything about the class and said “You’re a warlock now”…

I would love to hear a Dev insight on this topic.


They could always just accept that she won’t be viable in GM, and just leave her for those who want to play her.

I don’t see a downside.


That’s kinda the point.
Her current kit is utter crap and there’s practically nothing you can do to make it viable without it being OP.

Let’s remake the other heroes like Sym 3.0 will do to her!

Me first:

New gun: Now he has a laser pistol that makes 30 dmg/s while it is hold.
His secondary is an Ai assisted laser that marks the enemy while hold and then shoots a powered laser bullet shot when released.
His new E ability is a new version of his old Ultimate, where he slowly waits while he concentrates on someone, powering the shot at 60dmg/s. Whoever is nearest the target becomes his victim. When he presses the fire button, he releases the concentrated damage at 1 unique shot. The cooldown is 12 seconds.
His new Shift ability is the joke: McCree says jokes like “what is that?” or “look! the cavalry is coming!” and every opponent in his field of view and at a maximum of 10 meters away from him is forced to look backwards
New Ultimate - Flashbang: Now McCree holds an extreme version of his flashbang, where the enemy has a big flash on the screen that lasts for 1 second and gradually returns to normal in 0.5 seconds. This flash is seen wherever the enemy is on the map (except if dead).


You and the OP are really pushing it, don’t you think? Aren’t you all aware that Symmetra has been classified as the worst hero in the game for the past 2 years? There’s a reason she was the first hero to be reworked, and even it didn’t do anything for her. You simply can’t deny this.


Oh wow ,only one mention of sanjay !

Maybe you’ll finally stop the comparasion in your next thread.

blizzard already made the rework… symm will be fine.

also you wont be reported anymore for throwing if you pick her.

i cant wait…

I have no problem with making current heroes useful before adding new ones, cause Sym is currently everything but useful.

Waiting for PTR before pointing out why the things they told us about the rework is a bad idea, is a bad idea. Especially given Blizzard history of all the stuff they (didn’t) changed between PTR and live servers.

Definitely. Symmetra 1.0 was terrible. Mostly because the devs overnerfed her in the closed beta, because of how strong she was back then.

Symmetra 2.0 made great strides towards making her more viable. Photon Barrier and Shield Generator made her much better both in attack and point B defense.

We shouldn’t be reported for that regardless of the rework. No one report Ana players on sight, and she is in a statistically worse place than every single off-meta hero. Her average healing stat is on par with off-healers!

Symmetra being hated by the community is not a problem that you solve by feeding that hate deleting the hero from the game. It’s the Mass Rez situation all over again, where they turned a balanced ultimate in a C-tier hero into the must-pick status that she is now.

Swap “GM” with “OWL”, and I agree with you 100%. The fact that we have a lot of GM Symmetra players and a few of those in Top 500 every single season thus far tells me that she is balanced enough to the point of not being a chore to her team.

She is not viable for pro play because coordination and teamwork counter Symmetra (more than Winston, more than Pharah), and those are a given in any organized team. And I’m perfectly fine with her seeing no screen time.


If you knew Symmetra you would know that she can create anything, that she can be in any class (tank, dps, support, defensive) just by creating the appropriate tools.
The rework will not be canceled!

Such a lack of imagination - Satya Vaswani


It’s really not.


0,74% pickrate in GM… yes, alot. xd

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