😡 Why Sanjay (Symmetra 3.0) is Not Symmetra and Why You Should be Angry

This is so accurate that it’s scary.


is it even correct to call her beam melee… last time i checked melees hit multiple people and dont have a detach time, 0,5 secs in this case
edit: every time i see someone with the sombra icon i literally see rihanna


Do you know what a rework means?


I get where your coming from. But as a Symmetra main with over 200 hours. I can firmly say that she is garbage right now. The new changes sound really cool.


This is quite dramatic. It’s one thing to dislike the route of the changes, it’s another to insist they’re “replacing” an entire hero with another. That just… simply isn’t true, and I think you might have a weird obsession with this.

I’m not saying this to try and change your mind, you don’t have to like the new Symmetra, but do consider that Sym’s current kit is absolutely awful for what Overwatch is, and especially what it has become. Sym currently is just made for an entirely different game called pre-beta Overwatch, where mobility wasn’t so intense and non-offensive defenses were viable. The way I see it, and the way I think Sym mains especially need to see it, you can either have Symmetra the way she is and the way she’s designed and accept that she’ll likely always be a troll pick in any serious situation, or you have Symmetra be reworked, drastically altered, and accept the new changes if it means getting her into a playable state.

Personally, I’d rather see Sym get a chance to genuinely shine, rather than be stuck as a joke option in the hero select screen like she currently is.


Symm 2.0 is viable at all ranks. Just because you are easily pressured by your ignorant teammates to switch, does not mean she cannot be an effective teammate for those of us with the confidence to do what it takes to win.


Wait… what part of Sanjay helps combat high mobility better then Symm?

Symm - lock on beam gives guaranteed damage to fast movinf characters

Sanjay - must have great tracking to perform the same dps on high mobility targets

Symm - 6 turrets give a larger map coverage to help trap high mobility targets as they can quickly move out of range of one turret, but get caught by another. If you want the same dmg as Sanjay, you group them up.

Sanjay - Only 3 turrets but increased damage. Increased damage doesn’t matter because high mobility can bypass it. Added health does not help turret survivability as direct hit from range will take them out.

Symm - Can place SG down to survive longer to get help or outplay the mobility

Sanjay - Will die quickly to burst damage that is meant to burn down a 200hp target instantly.

Sorry… Symm is the stronger hero. I’d rather play her then Sanjay.


The difference being that “Sanjay” has a kit that may actually be competitively viable in some situations, which cannot be said for Symmetra.


That’s not the way he described her new ult working. It’s not a wall that can’t be walked through—it’s just a barrier.


No, he doesn’t. Sanjay’s kit is built around a gimmick that will not be useable in “higher” level play.

His dps is too low without any realistic utility to give to his team.

Zarya has the same weapon and can shield her teammates.

Junk can burn down barriers faster and has mobility to escape. While also being able to effectively peel and delete flankers attacking supports.

Mei can move people up to high ground and also has an effective team wiping CC ult. She also has a faster one-shot crit-possible projectile.

There is no where Sanjay fits into a well organized team. They have manage to make a character so niche he is only used for checky strats that are too high risk for professional use.

All the while replacing Symm who is a ladder goddess that can fill a needed role and utility for just about any team comp and any map… if the player knows how to leverage her kit to do so.

I’m sorry sir… I have yet to see any use for Sanjay that would put him on a roster over someone else that does the same things as him.


The DPS has been increased dramatically, not really sure what you’re on about here?

“Zarya has the same weapon” How does that affect Symmetra’s viability?

Don’t compare Teleporter to Mei wall. Using Mei walls to access high ground is unreliable, only usable in very specific locations and takes a fair amount of setting up to use. From what we know so far of Teleporter so far, it will be instant or near instant, and infinitely more versatile.

And I very highly doubt Symmetra can fill a needed role for almost any team comp or map. She is the most niche hero in the game currently and is outperformed by other heroes even within her niche. I don’t know how you can possibly describe her as a “ladder goddess”.

I imagine Junkrat may be a preferred pick over this Symmetra 3.0 (Just like he is a preferred pick over her right now) but at the the very least after this change she will be the best at something (that something being giving her team vertical mobility, which could be extremely valuable as high ground is an important asset in overwatch and many heroes cannot access it easily. Remember how dominant speed boost was at one point? This teleporter could act like a speed boost for vertical distance. If you don’t think that’s valuable then I’m not sure what to say.


I literally never said Symmetra in any iteration is better than the other at combating high mobility.

What I did say is that the new Symmetra is stronger, and that isn’t because of how she handles high mobility heroes. The fact is, Sym never handled high mobility characters well. High mobility characters like Tracer and Genji could always bypass her turrets or distance themselves from Sym’s range, meaning the only time Sym was effective against these heroes was if all their mobility options were on cooldown. She could punish high mobility heroes, but more effectively, all she did was punish heroes already lacking in mobility. Sym’s best match-ups, arguably, were McCree and Rein, specifically because they lack the mobility to avoid turrets, they can’t flank, they can’t pester Sym from afar all the time, and their weapons are not made for handling a mass of turrets. Sym never had an advantage on Tracer or Genji.

Though, err… to be more precise, Sym never had an advantage on anyone. She did poorly against every hero. It’s why she has a zero pickrate in the highest leagues of play.

With the proposed changes, Symmetra will now be more adapted to what Overwatch is. Her turrets won’t get mine swept instantly, and she’ll have more chances to set up turrets faster and in more strategic places. Her teleporter opens up soooooo much, it honestly sounds broken because you could potentially set up a teleporter from Hanamura Point A straight to Point B via the left flank and let your entire team zoom right to the point – that is way better than setting up a six-charge teleporter that takes you from spawn to “convenient place for Junkrat to spam bombs on disoriented enemies.” And her ultimate? Huge potential for big impact, it actually has her involved in the combat and it has a lot of strategic uses, I can’t wait to see what kind of creative plays pros come up with.

All of these changes are HUGE buffs to Sym so implying this will make her weaker is just ignoring the facts. She doesn’t need to be an anti-mobile hero, she never really was, and other heroes do that with much more effective and balanced kits.


At least you stopped with “Daddy sanjay” and “Mommy symmetra”.

Now stop with these stupid comparisons ,you’re only making things unnecessarily complicated.


I agree immensely. Sym 3.0 sounds like an amazing hero idea. If this was Sanjay, oh my gosh would I be excited. A new Vishkar hero with similarities and relations to Symmetra as well as differences to keep them unique.

Though, this truly is just Symmetra’s hidden alter ego taking over. Lets remove Symmetra’s playstyle, but keep Symmetra’s look. I don’t like they are completely removing Symmetra as she is now. I have so much time invested in her playstyle, it really suits my personality, and I love her for that.

I am 100% going to miss Symmetra as she is currently. Sym 3.0 sounds fun, amazing, unique, and exciting, but its be better if it was Sanjay instead of Symmetra 3.0


Or perhaps I fulfill the role that the team needs because I play other heroes, despite wanting to play Sym?

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I’m gonna be straight, Jang. That’s plain asinine. No matter how you look at it, that’s still Symmetra. Beam, orbs, sentry, teleport, barrier… Yup, that’s Symmetra alright.

Please, could you stop with those kind of topics? You don’t need to create 7 topics on the same subject in two days, that’s Mercy zealot level of chicanery here.


If we are going off of lore, Sanjay is more of a support than Sym. He manipulates to get Sym to do things for him, he provides Intel and offers advise, and is more about being in the sidelines as a corrupt advisor trope. Sym is the one that goes out in the field, by herself, takes out multiple targets, and only saved 1 child by blocking the damage (still in her kit via the ult). I don’t mind her being shifted to Def, but Sajay sounds like the shield support that we can expect if they put him in.

you dont know everything about it! WAY OVER REACTING

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Look I’m gonna be honest with you, no one cares about “Sanjay”. As much as I hate her, this buff looks crazy fun and you’re complaining about it before it’s touched ptr. I don’t think we’ve even seen photos about it, we’ve just been given some information about the rework. Give it time, you might like 3.0 more than you liked 2.0.


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