Time to speak about Sym's rework

Am i the only one afraid with this defense Rework?
Am i the only one afraid by the last implementations in game?
Am i the only one who thinks hanzo’s Rework is stupid, Brigitte’s addition is a mess?

So, am I the only one who thinks that Sym is gonna be another shield totally annoying? Am i the only one who’s afraid by her 5000hp shield, her teleporter as E, her primary who increase dmg against Shields?




I mean, Brigitte is a matter of intense debate, but Sym couldn’t be any worse in the defense roster than as a support. While it bums me out that she’s not going to be a support, I’m ok with it as long as I can actually use her and have her be the best in the situation for once.

Sym is gonna be another shield totally annoying? Am i the only one who’s afraid by her 5000hp shield, her teleporter as E, her primary who increase dmg against Shields?


Im scared this is gonna be another Mercy situation…

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Really it doesn’t look like it’s gonna be as bad as mercy meta like people suggest. Symettra really needs the rework, she has an incredibly small niche which is already easily countered. The teleporter sure has more use, which is great, and it’s a very interesting way to rework it, but it doesn’t sound too OP cuz it can still be broken, so it gan be rendered useless pretty quick.

She’s not gonna be another shield cuz it will just be her ultimate, which really sounds very lackluster, sure it’s a massive shield, that people can go through, and can be easily broken by just spamming it.

Besides, by your comment it seems that having another shield is bad right? Since there is a high amount of barriers in the game, so why is symmetra able to burn down barriers a bad thing? Wouldn’t that be exactly what you would like? Plus it’s a new concept that hasn’t been introduced in OW yet. Will it make her meta? No, because there are other heroes who also excel in shield breaking with other means. Plus symettras gun is short ranged anyway and she lacks mobility or any self defensive capabilities so it’s not likes she’s gonna go in and crap on everyone .

So to answer your question, no, I am not scared of this rework, I am excited for it

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did Brigitte looked bad?
did Reworked mercy looked bad before she hits ptr/live?
did hanzo looked bad when they said scatter had to be removed?
the addition of armor and Shields is one a the game’s problem.
and yes, the fact that she will be able to burst barrier is a pretty bad thing too SO
ALL of their Rework are significantly to increase the PICKRATE OF A HERO, that’s not what we want.
Change totally your game, it will be an other one, easy like that

I’m afraid of how vulnerable she’s gonna be without photon barrier

im not afraid, im a symmetra main ;D im excited

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Not the first thread on that. Nor the second. Or third. It even developed its own flavor of “please stop complaining about that” threads.

I love every change except her weapon.
Her lock on beam was literally a defining part of her kit. It was unique. I don’t want it changed to ripoff zarya

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My bad I got confused between shields and barriers. Though from what they’ve explained it doesn’t seem like she’s going to give shields to anyone, just have that massive useless barrier.

Brigitte just needs the shield bash CD risen and armor gain from ult lowered. That’s basically it.

I personally think hanzo isn’t that much or a problem compared to brig or old mercy, what makes him so prominent is the fact that Brigitte counters his counters. So once she’s toned down we’ll see how it goes. If anything the only thing he’d need is his storm arrow damage reduced or make it so it doesn’t crit.

And yeah reworked mercy looked OP, since she basically had 2 ults in one, all the rezzes plus valkyrie, but they toned it down and now we’re good.

Idk about bursting barriers being a bad thing, especially when it comes from a hero with a short attack range. The game is littered with them, and brigittes barrier is something everyone complains about. Kinda looks like sym could be able to counter her by making her either put her shield down to attack (which new symmetra should be able to outdamage) or keep the shield on, making sym charge increase while breaking the shield.

And well, yeah the reworks are to make heroes more viable. More viability= increase pickrate, why is that not a good thing? The ideal OW should be an OW where all heroes have a place to be played. Where all heroes are viable, though not all the time, but depending on enemy composition, team composition and map. For many heroes this is not true though, sym has been made useless, and it’s hard to make her fit in a comp. Which is why she has a low pickrate, so yeah if she’s made viable the pickrate will increase, and that IS what we want, to make heroes not be useless.

I didn’t understand what you meant about changing my game, so idk lol

If the new shield makes you afraid wich is ok it will probs be really strong but remember sombras emp delate it and shut down her turrets plus sym and her allies who are hit by emp will have shield health gone plus no abilities so dont worry it has counter play

I just played her for the first time. What used to make her fun is now gone. I don’t have the reflexes any more to play high accuracy characters. I liked Symmetra because she was a tactical hero. She was different. I don’t really care if she wasn’t used much in the meta. Is Overwatch now just a pure hardcore game? It used to be fun because it was for thinkers as well as reflex fighters - half shooter, half puzzle game. Now it’s really just a shooter.

I think I’m out. Bye.