😡 Don't delete Symmetra, Make a New Hero instead #SaveSymmetra

People on this forums practically just cover their ears and go “LALLALALA” when someone proves them wrong so I wouldn’t even bother.

Yeah, don’t remake one of the least played or cared about heroes in the game so she’s given a new lease on life.

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yeah no as a person with a lot of sym time under my belt I welcome the changes

I wonder how long it took him to put all those links :x

The hero is considered a troll-pick since 2 years ago, blizzard needs to change that

Dude it’s HOW she does that is what makes her Symmetra.

I mean Reaper Teleports, if he started Teleporting his Team, it would no longer be the same skill. It would no longer feel like Reaper.

If MCree was changed to projectile from hitscan he’d be Hanzo.

You don’t get to wish away Symmetra’s Deletion from the game.

Read the threads where I talk about how she is fundamentally changing at her core, which makes her an entirely new hero.

You’ve been an immense force in arguing for a correct Bastion rework, I don’t know why you are so blindsided when it comes to Symmetra.

I honestly expected better from your Terranguard.

Please read the above thread.

Do you know where they got that from?

I don’t like the new forums either. You can’t reply twice, so gotta write them novels bruh!

It sounds like you didn’t ready the rest of my opening post where I provided the reasoning for why your reasoning is wrong.

It’s fing fun!!! Dude what are you complaining about. Melee in shooters has always been a blast.

The Energy Sword for example was the SHEEET!

Where the hero is changed so much that they are no longer the same hero. At that point the hero is being deleted.

Read the opening post. Click on the links explaining why this is new a hero.

Yea just kill her instead so she never sees the light of day.

… He says as he covers his ears and shouts LALALA at the top of his lungs.

Dude 9 hrs in quick play is not a lot of time.

Take it from a dedicated no-life 300 hour Sym main. :stuck_out_tongue:

well I wrote the threads in the links, so you got a problem, huh bub?

Then stop being ignorant about the hero. Learn to play them and see how they are useful.

Like it’s not rocket science. Learn to see what the hero does and you won’t think hey are troll pick.

Dude I’d probably like the new Heroshe’s turning into. But that’s my point, it’s a NEW HERO, just add it as a hero 28 or 29 or whatever.

Blizzard is a GIANT in the gaming world. They have enough resources to make a new hero.

They have no excuse for deleting one in the game.

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lmao I don’t know how else to put it. I DO NOT AGREE. I read your OP. I do not agree that it’s deleting Symmetra.

And I am not trying to persuade you to change your opinion! Your opinion is yours, it’s 100% okay, and I am not trying to tell you otherwise. I am not telling you that your opinion is wrong. You are allowed to feel that it’s deleting Symmetra.

I don’t hold that same opinion and I am not speaking on anyone’s behalf other than mine on that belief. :expressionless:

The more you keep trying to tell me my opinion - which I am never stating it as anything other than my own feelings - is wrong, the more I’m inclined to respect yours less.

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Except Sym has always and will still teleport teamates so I don’t see the comparison. The range changed and the positioning changed but not the main mechanic.

Except she’s not getting some weird weapon it’s still a charge up beam weapon

There’s nothing to wish away because she’s not being deleted.


Apparently, if we don’t agree that Symmetra is being deleted, then we’re apparently hardcore advocates of her getting said deletion.


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I love how people see this as a ‘rework’ and not the hero essentially being erased and replaced w/ a few abilties recycled and somewhat improved
I don’t look at this and see a nrw and improved Symm
I look at it and see a new hero disguised as an old hero who was ‘reworked’


I didn’t knew that. TIL.

May as well delete her. I’m super salty about this rework. All of the ideas are good and they will be successful, just don’t apply it to a current hero. Create a new one.

Keep fighting the good fight, brother. I will keep fighting until sym dies.


It sounds like you didn’t ready the rest of my opening post where I provided the reasoning for why your reasoning is wrong.

The problem is that people don’t like current sym’s design, so small tweaks that are not on the order of large reworks will never be sufficient for people to accept her as a non-troll pick. That was my point.

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TBH I didn’t even know this was an issue until it was mentioned above. Good to know, though :slight_smile:

I didn’t know about it until I accidentally did it out of habit from before.

The point is that we had “large reworks” before. Mercy was a large rework. Symmetra 2.0 was a large rework. D.va 3.0 was a large rework. Hanzo was a large rework.

All of those fundamentally changed how the hero should work with their team and the enemy team. All of them required some adaptation time so their mains would feel comfortable playing them again. And all of them, at most, changed 2 key abilities at once.

Symmetra 3.0 goes beyond “large rework”. The only aspect of her kit remaining is the turrets, and they are changing enough that if we only got the turret changes and keep everything else on Symmetra equal, I would call that a large rework as well.

Myself, I know I’ll probably adapt to the changes. It don’t mean I can’t be mad about the way Blizzard is handling this second rework.


That’s the point.

That’s what we want. Symmetra is a terribly designed hero who has no place in this game.

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I fail to see how a rework “deletes” Symmetra.

  • She will still have area denial with her turrets (and they will function far better than her earlier kit, at least in closer areas).

  • She will still be able to teleport allies, albeit a shorter distant but more frequently.

  • She will still toss down a barrier, albeit as an Ultimate with unlimited range and a lot of health.

  • She will still have her damage ramp, though it will be more like Zarya’s beam with a greater range/damage and be an excellent barrier buster with it.

The only things I don’t agree with this rework, is the fact that she is losing her Shield Generator and her orbs will no longer pierce.

(Quit making these threads)