Symmetra has been a tremendous failure

Actual the Pros fault.
“ehhh, i’m so skwilled, I killed the entire enemy team but now they’re back. Whaaaaa whaaaa whaaa. Get rid of it, Bwizzard! :sob:

I’m paraphrasing

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Honestly, I don’t see the allure in being a higher skill level than the people you’re playing with.

I don’t go to a kids playground and start punching toddlers, so why would I purposely buy an account for the purpose of doing precisely the same thing?

Bullying is frowned upon in schools these days, but it’s rampant in online gaming. Maybe one day, society will catch up online.

But are you though?

[kekekekek, no I’m not salty, lol]

Personally I think they accidentally made her the new Pharah.

She’s sorta, but not really viable in comp. But in QP? People just dont know what to do about her when she’s played well. I been have a blast with it.

So for QP, she’s a tremendous success :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry I… I can only speak about what I know. You may return to your comp conversation now :slight_smile:

You would be surprised how many people weren’t smart enough for that and quickly turned into complaints for playing a cheesy hero.

Sym was the Schrodinger’s Hero: Simultaneously useless and overpowered.


From my experience in solo que no one uses her teleporters, me and others never use vc. So yes I can see sym being useless when you solo que and not use vc. But I’ve seen Sym used in a group setting and stomp teams.

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I feel like those of you who tried to refute my earlier points either don’t play Symmetra enough to understand her strengths, have never played with an experienced Symmetra, or don’t communicate with their teams well enough to make effective use of her. I have a 66% win rate with her across about 700 games (so it’s no “small data set”), the majority of which is as Sym 3.0. *That is 2 out of every 3 games won. Attack, defense, 2CP, escort, KOTH, all modes. And it’s because I constantly call targets I’m focusing, and I always let my healers know where my teles are for their escapes, which I’m usually kindly returned plenty of healing focus for. If you’re silent, trying to left click everything and ignoring your own healers, of course she’s going to feel weak, but it’s not because of Sym as a hero, it’s because of you as a player.

I will admit one buff that I feel she needs, unlimited duration teleporter.

I feel that being that good you should be higher than silver.

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Agreed. She needs less setup time for one as well. In some maps when you try to keep a TP up for an escape route, and if the other team keeps destroying them, you nearly need someone to guard the TP, or if I can catch it in advance I can wing a turret over. I am not the greatest Sym player despite over 100 hours on 3.0 alone, but, I do not believe she is as broken as it is. I’ve even been called a tank playing Sym by way of setting up turrets, barriers, and using that powerful beam to bring people down more when my turrets work them and I am about to be attacked. I feel like she needs better survival, there are times I have found myself needing to keep a turret behind us moving a payload to pick up anyone sneaking in the back and DPS is not able to watch it (or we lack it)

I have similar numbers, but with Sym2.

My own Sym3 data is abysmally low, verging on 30% winrate, which is the worst possible winrate you can have without actually throwing.

If anything, this mostly just proves my often-repeatedly point that Sym2 and Sym3 are two different characters. Just like I have 60% winrate on Torb, but have 40% winrate on Mercy, and no ones mind that because I’m simply better at Torb than Mercy.

And that’s also why I honestly believe the only solution that will make both sides happy is making a brand new hero, and attaching Sym3 kit to it, while reverting Sym2 to her previous state. But I known deep down that this will never happen because Blizzard will not spend asset money just to make half percent of their playerbase less grumpy.


Not every ult has to be the same thats what makes people like others above other ones cuz they are different. If everyone has the same type of ult it would not be fun.

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You need 68% acc to get her old dmg and gm zarya mains have and average of 60% acc and is easier to aim with than with sym.

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100% agree I wish they just added sanjay with syms 3.0 playstyle and let Sym 2.0 have faster orbs and turrets that you can throw. My win rate with sym rn is like 55% while with 2.0 i had a top of 90% with 5hr and an average with 70%. Most of my friends who played sym just dont enjoy her much and agrre that she is a different character.

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I rarely use this account for Comp, I don’t feel like building the SR back up after throwing to SR-0 for whatever drunken reason the s***y person I used to be had. My comp account is in high diamond, but to be fair, I don’t play sym on that one for comp.

I actually prefer her old orbs more to be honest.

The only reason I’m hesitant to say I want it back, is because it could never work in her new kit. Her primary fire is just way too awful to have her secondary fire reverted.

Having a barrier counter was really nice.

Towards the end of Sym 2.0, a lot of Sym mains were having more success with her on attack due to how good her old orbs were


I do someone miss the old orb, especially when a pirate ship rears its ugly head.


I agree. Symmetra 3.0 is absolute garbage. Her kit requires insane team work to actually work, she is the only DPS with a non-damaging ult which is incredibly situational. Her whole kit is at the mercy of how cooperative her team feels, her primary is abysmal, her orbs no longer pierce. Her teleporter is generally useless 90% of the time.

She is even worse than before. She takes a DPS slot and is the worst DPS in the game.

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Agreed. But she still needs some tweaks to primary fire and teleporter IMHO.

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I literally lose every match against a pirate ship because I get depressed that I knew old sym would deal with it perfectly, and my nostalgia prevents me from thinking in another alternative.

It’s like finding something that you would love to gift to your special other one month after they dumped you.

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Believe me she’s not even that bad right now as many people are saying.

She’s STILL annoying as hell to go against. Yes her beam is crappy but not the rest of her kit. Orbs are hard to avoid from mid to close range, sentries are now more annoying then how they were before and her ult is the most annoying part of her kit since it can block most of the ults in the game.

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