👺 Revert Sym's Primary (A lot of Links)

You seen this topic before on the forums, so I am so gonna provide links here.



I’d hate to be this guy, but…

How about no? We shouldn’t balance this game around people who cannot aim. There are plenty of other options for those people too.

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Never said that no aim heroes “ruin the game”. I said that the game should not be balanced around the people who lack the skill to use the heroes. There are plenty of heroes to play if you lack aim. No need to make Symmetra one of those heroes again.


I agree, you could play Reinhardt as DPS. Or Winston as DPS. Or Brigitte as DPS.

You could play Moira as DPS.

You could play Mei, I guess.

That’s about where it stops, and out of the 5 characters I mentioned, only one of them is actually in the damage category.

I have a feeling people on your team might be upset if you play those characters as DPS, sans Mei.

If you cannot aim, then perhaps the damage slot isn’t for you?

And Junkrat exists, you know…

My aim isn’t the best and I don’t come on the forums and scream “DPS heroes need to be easier to play”! You know what I do? I play tanks. I help my team with my brain. There are heroes for everyone in this game.


Okay, fine. Lets take your favorite tank (I’m just going by your icon) and take his shield away.

I mean, I know he’s had a shield since the games inception, but for the sake of a rework, we’re going to take a core mechanic of his playstyle, and remove it. No more shield.

While we’re at it, we’re going to make it so that you have to aim his hammer. If your reticle isn’t over an enemy, you will not hit them when you swing.

By the way, your charge is going to be reworked as well, instead of charging the enemy, you’re just going to lose the ability entirely, and instead you’ll now skip like a little school girl playing hopscotch to your target.

Thank goodness you’ve got your brain to count on, because while you’re busy hopscotching your way to your enemies, you’ll need it.

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So how do you suggest Symmetra is fixed then? I personally don’t care whether I have to aim or not, I want Symmetra fixed. Fix her weapon, fix her garbage ult, give her some sustain, or HP or some way to survive or some mobility. Anything really.

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Lol the amount that you’re trying to pin other people’s threads as replies to my comments is sad. They don’t even contextually make sense with what I am saying. I literally just made a post saying that aim isn’t the only skill, and then you link a post validating it.

This is a strawman argument. How is that in any way the same as what the current argument is?

More strawmanning.

If they compensated him by having more damage because he has to aim, I’d be fine with it.


Fix the damage tick problem and make the damage ramp up more quickly.

Edit: or even increase the base damage number (at minimum charge)


My thread got pinged OuO

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I’m cool with that. Like I said, aim has never been an issue for me. But Symmetra needs some help, she is in a very bad spot still.

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As a Sym lover… definitely not. You need to get used to the new LMB. It could use some fine-tuning, but reverting it is never going to happen.

A tip I can give you, try playing some moira and then come back to Sym. Moira will improve your tracking significantly without you even noticing it.

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Yep, I totally agree. She does definitely need help. I think her current state can be balanced if tweaked properly.

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