Don’t Kill Symmetra

A support that doesn’t heal is a defense hero, hence why she’s being moved to defense.

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It’s really nice to be in an inclusive, welcoming community. :upside_down_face:

As long as Sanjay is a fun hero, I have no doubt I might enjoy playing him, and maybe even adding him to my hero pool. Brigitte, for instance, was a very welcoming addition to the game and to my hero pool as well.

That is not a design flaw. That is a community issue.

A design flaw is what is hitting Ana right now, her kit was nerfed so hard to curbstomp triple tank lineup back in season 3, that she have not recovered from it up to this day. Ana have one of the worst win rates according to Overbuff in all ranks, and unlike Hanzo (another bottom-contender), she is not seen as a “throw pick”. Ie, someone people pick when they are mad at the game and no longer want to win, just to mess around.

Even under those conditions, no one is accused of being a troll by instalocking Ana at the start of the match.

Symmetra is a disliked hero in a conceptual basis. Many people (including some very influential streamers and youtubers) don’t want to give Symmetra a chance to show her colors, and that is a community perception isssue, and, IMO, Symmetra biggest problem right now. I assure you that unless Sanjay gets into Valkyrie 1.0 levels of broken, this will not be fixed by buffs and reworks.

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Denial isn’t healthy


Well that theory is wrong because 76 does have a healing ability and it’s on a cool down similar to Bridgete, but he’s on offense. Perhaps they should make him support?

Who is Sanjay. I don’t pay much attention to lore so saying that over and over is just confusing and misses the mark

Tl;dr: It’s the shorthand for “Symmetra 3.0”.

Needing to heal to be a support does not mean being able to heal makes a hero a support. Everything red is not blue, but not everything that’s not blue is red.

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Ask yourself something and consider it very carefully.



IF symmetra had been in “defense” from the very beginning, do you honestly believe we’d see people making threads/comments/posts to the tune of “symmetra should be moved from defense to support!”


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We have a good amount of people that asked Sombra to be placed on support on release, so…

Ehh even weirder. Anyway I’m happy with these changes and can’t wait to play SYMMETRA once she is released. All the heroes I played have gotten some good changes lately and sym is next in line

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And in fairness- Sombra gets medals for healing.

i think that literally the only problem now is that you cant save yourself (and only yourself mostly) using photon barrier from long ranged dps
i mean it wasnt a life saver (always) but it did buy you some time to run away, although even in some situations it still would be useless

because pretty much every defense hero but torb has a way of escape

Uh huh and you sure know a lot about supports since you primarily view them as healers. I guess that’s Overwatch fail on that vision unfortunately with a shield type in this game where as Heroes of the Storm succeeded.

its almost like hots and ow are different games …

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Doesn’t mean they can take look at it and gain insight how to design a shield type support properly.

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Out of all the current heroes in the game, yes, only the healing supports are actually supports.

Unfortunately yeah even though they had another form of support. The developers are just too slow to think. They focused on Mercy for a whole year lol…so sad.

If you take Sym out of the picture, it does. She’s the only non healing support, she is the rule and the exception.

Depends when you have a shield type support. You’d expect them to improvise on the matter to make it better. What do we get? Take her old ability and put it as a ultimate. Great thinking there Overwatch developers. You made a Support hero work for support.

Thats trolling. Its Sym 3.0, that guy just refuses to accept it.

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