🐟 What I would do If I was in charge of Sym's design, but it's too late now

Symmetra 3.0 is fine and more healthy for the game


Sure, as much a deleting a hero and replacing her with someone else, can be.

But talking about a rework, doesn’t matter anymore.

Looking forward to a future hero “that will replace that which was lost.”

Symmetra is still in the game. Saying she was deleted is hyperbolic.


Please no. Things like Infinite shield generator and easy auto lock-on were removed from Symmetra for a reason. Making another hero with these attributes would literally be taking steps backwards after moving forwards.

It would be like creating another hero with mass resurrection. Why?


I am more talking about the Photon Barrier then anything,

Never once brought up Infinite shield generators.

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Photon barrier is better than the other two for sure. I wouldn’t be upset with them bringing it back.

Usually when people say the incorrect hyperbolic statement you said they are wanting shield generator and auto lock-on back, so you can understand why I thought that.

Removing the projected shield doesn’t make her a new character.

Imagine if Sombra lost her invisibility.

Or Pharah lost her Jet Packs.

Or Tracer’s blink.

Or Brig’s Shield.

Or Reinhardt’s Shield.

Removing the Projected Shield, literally changed everything.

Was discussed: 😡 Why Sanjay (Symmetra 3.0) is Not Symmetra and Why You Should be Angry

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Her projected shield is not at all as core to her kit as Sombra’s invisibility, Pharah’s Jet packs, Tracer’s blink, Brig’s shield or Reinhardt’s shield. This is a spurious comparison at best.

Now, if her sentry turrets were removed you may have a point.

I don’t really care about that other thread. I’m not going to read through it, sorry.

Are you going to seriously argue that Symmetra has been “removed” and “replaced with another hero” twice or three times now?

She didn’t always have the projected shield.

I just can’t see how you can honestly make this argument

Look, it actually was to Sym main who knew how to use it at the time.

Like Mei Main’s who know what Wall Sniping is.

It’s okay if you don’t understand.

You like other person Jeff talks about who has 300 hours on the Current Sym.

Likely never really played the old Sym.

So you don’t understand that’s fine.

Then this is unrelated to you.

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But it wasn’t always part of her kit, are you claiming Symmetra’s been removed from the game twice?

You mean it’s okay if you want to make spurious comparisons in an effort to make a hyperbolic statement look reasonable

I’ve played since day 1. I remember Symmetra when she gave everyone 25 shields, so don’t come at me saying I’ve never played the old Symmetra; I played the first one

I do understand. You are making a hyperbolic statement and backing it up with spurious comparisons and, when called out on this, you resort to simply claiming the other person doesn’t understand instead of combating their points.

Honestly? It’s a little sloppy. This strategy may work on others, but it won’t work on me


And How many times did you use the teleporter as a Ult?

How is that relevant?

Furthermore, how am I supposed to know that?

And that’s why we are different.

(I never really used the Shield Gen.)

Always the Teleporter.



I’m not sure where you are going with this

Is this non-sequitur hour?

When the hero was reworked, it basically killed off some of her “mains” do to how much was cut from her kit.

It might of not affected you or others, but doesn’t mean it affected those who played Sym differently.

When Sym was given two ults, they added entry for another way to play Sym.

Thus there were different types of Sym “mains”.

So when I say Sym was “killed”, It might not be your version I was talking about.

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You said she was removed. This is incorrect.

I’d have reworked Sym into a tank hero by proxy. Meaning, give her the projectile barrier back, though give her the ability to toggle its movement on and off. That way she could hang out in the back, laying down turrets and whatnot whilst also providing a main tank barrier in the choke.

This would appeal to non traditional tank players and frankly tank is the least enjoyable role for most people, so anything that helps fix that would be great.

Instead we get another janky DPS.

I agree with Sine here. PB was NEVER her core kit. I’d say that about Teleporter, as it really is her iconic ability. I loved Sym 2.0, but my god was she a mess. The kit just didn’t work out because of how she could go from OP(lower ranks) to hot garbage.

Look, we get it. Not everyone wanted a rework. There is absolutely NO WAY she would remain like this. You should blame OWL tbh, as Sym would be at her 2.0 state because in OWL she was NEVER played in S1. You don’t enjoy her? Fine. Some of us do enjoy this version.

If you only played Sym for the shield, then you are NOT a true Sym main. You played her because you enjoyed her playstyle, not because you liked throwing shields. She was not removed, and she is in better shape than 2.0, and stats prove it.

I really agree with these quotes, as he is right.

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all i want is:

sym 2.0 with throwable turrets.

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It feels like she has been deleted