When will symmetra changes go on the ptr?

Can we have an update on the time line for symmetra changes please?


I have a feeling they decided to rethink the plans for Symm, given the general backlash from the posts that previewed the changes.

What did people not like about the new changes? Normally people dislike anything they say they are going to do like the sombra changes. So why not try them on the ptr and then ask what people think. I feel like if they are reconsidering the changes they do not use the ptr to its full extent

Aiming, they didn’t like aiming.


Seriously? lol I hope that was a joke

the symmetra fan base don’t like aiming

The PTR while it does collect player feedback is really designed to hammer out any last minute bugs in a Beta environment. Very rarely are changes to the PTR ever made before release to the live servers.

As for the backlash, there have been a few megathreads about players not wanting to see Symmetra’s primary fire change to a Zayra like beam, and desire changes that expand or improve on her existing tool kit.

no they didnt like it, changing her primary fire will make her feel like playing a completely different character, and a lot of sym players have aiming handicaps like vision problems or arthritis and wont be able to enjoy her as much


But they can play mercy or moira or any other character that does not require aiming

Locking primary fire has limits on gow much damage it can do before becoming overpowered with the addition of the beam having bugs where it goes around corners

well moira kinda requires tracking similar to how the new beam will be, and mercy and sym have very different play styles, they like symmetra bc you can toast people but you dont need to have great aiming skills. I’ve read a few posts and it often boils down to her being good for people with aiming handicaps and everyone enjoying her strategist play style centered around where you place turrets and how you use ults and the like and not so much just point and shoot

i play sym a lot and shes definitely a nice change from other dps characters so i get where they’re coming from

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the beam going around corners isnt a bug it stays attached for about a second once out of LoS, its totally intended, but i personally am not against the change, i would rather they find a way to make it more viable but keep the lock on, but i’ll be down either way


Nope, most of the complaints I saw were about her aiming, the need to aim “kills her identity”

I can’t find it, but either was an entire topic about it.

the real worst thing about getting rid of lock on beam? no more picking random stuff up and throwing it around or cheating to get the basketball in the hoop on KoTH missions lmao



I imagine we will see hero on the ptr around anniversary. And I doubt they will change anything, they usually do not. I feel that they are just working out numbers at this point.