Sym rework could've been an entirely different hero

Didn’t she already have this when she was first introduced? She’d give shields mid-combat even if the number was increased I don’t see how this would be meaningfully impactful.

That really doesn’t sound like it would make an impact. If you mean that when you place TP you get 50 shields then what would be the point if the cooldown is 10 seconds? If you mean it as an ult like how it is on live servers then it doesn’t fix the problem with her ultimate.

That wasn’t mid combat shield. She just gave everyone a shield before match started and anyone she’d miss would get it eventually. It never regenerated during combat. Only out of combat it regenerated and your 2nd main is Symmetra.

You should know that mechanic by now unless you started later.
How would it effective you say? Check out Moira when she life steals from an enemy. It would be similar to that, but minus damage dealt giving the player some sort of survivability to escape danger.

10 seconds? We’re talking about support Symmetra not damage Symmetra. Her teleport would apply 50 shielding meaning it will stack with her 75 shield she hands out to her allies. We’re talking about before 2.0 Symmetra. It could function like a shield generator or grants 50 shielding when passing through the teleporter.

That means with teleporter up your team recovers 125 shield hp making her very useful to the team especially since her orb goes through barriers.

I started after she was first reworked, i only saw her v.1 incarnation from videos online.

So… it’s basically is a heal but it gives shields and the shields are permanent when applied is what you’re saying? Correct me if I’m wrong.

That doesn’t fix the problem with her ult though. It wasn’t that it didn’t do enough 75 shields from shield gen can be game saving and TP saves the trip from spawn. The problem was you needed to babysit your ult because the noise it made was loud that it makes Reaper’s shadowstep seem quiet by comparison. That and the fact and even without the sound there are only so many spots you could hide it and they were pretty obvious hiding spots (outside of a few on certain maps)

Maybe it’s just me, but I never found her orbs to be useful even when they go through barriers. It’s a good and easy way of farming ult charge but outside of that, it doesn’t offer much outside of the cheek kill every own and then. (which I’ll miss because it’s funny killing a fast moving character like Tracer with the orb)

I got you. Her old E ability was pretty much shield generator, but she had to press E to apply it on allies. If they died she’d had to reapply it. It’s sort of a heal, but only recovering shield hp.

That’s true, but remember the concept I am talking supports old sym and not 2.0.
Her E ability grants 75 shields so the only thing her team losing is the 50 shield hp from TP.

Orbs have their usefulness during team fights when charging in or doing a sneak attack and finishing off your opponent with beam.

They are also losing the TP which you’ll need if one or more people get picked off because you want them back in the fight. Plus if your idea means that she gives 75 shields and they stay on permanently (or unless they die) doesn’t that just make the ability kind of worthless because you won’t get much use out of it? If it temporary then it still seems kinda of useless because Brigette does the same thing and her’s is arguably better because armor reduces damage.

In team fights her orbs hitting were mostly luck and you wouldn’t be spamming orbs in a team fight much anyway when you can just use the chaos to either spread your turrets or ramp up or beam. Outside when you sneak up on someone then yeah there is that use but outside of that and farming ult, they don’t have much impact.

You’re still thinking about the present. This is past Symmetra before first rework.
Entirely different atmosphere.

Depends how you use it.

I’m confused I know your talking about v.1 but are you saying this is before all the new characters and balances changes were added or this is a revamped v.1 in present day OW?

There are only like 2 ways of using her Orb effectivly
1.) Flanking and using it to take off a chunk of health so you didn’t need to rely on your beam ramping up to kill an enemy
2.) Spamming down choke points to get free ult charge

Outside of that, her orbs didn’t serve many purposes, you could probably get a nice kill with it here and there but that was literally 90% pure luck because the orbs move so slow that the enemy has 3 years to move out the way. Even if they don’t your doing to be feeding the supports ult charge because you can’t fire fast enough.

Before all the new stuff was added in because v1 Symmetra was not in a good state. If V1 with my suggestions in current today meta. She’d be mostly a C tier hero or B.

I know :slight_smile:

I don’t see how, no offense but I don’t see how these changes fix her issues and make her seen a a more viable hero or a threat to the other team.

Your team will have 75 shield hp at start. Teleporter up grants them additional 50 shield hp. Team is healthy on shield hp and best person to team up with is Mercy or Lucio. Changes make her a decent hero pick, but not over the top. She won’t be F tier.

You should be because it’s not OK to replace 1 hero with another 1 after 2 years after launch.

TP can still be found and destroyed so your team has no faster way from spawn and they lose 50 shields.

It doesn’t fix the fact that her playstyle is very stagnated.

Wouldn’t it be unfair to everyone because simply Sym being there to give her team 75 shields (if your saying it permanent, if not then the ability seems kinda of worthless) an unfair advantage because now your fighting a team another team with a health advantage with no counterplay other than having Sombra is every game now to counter it or just run very damage and somewhat cheese heroes like Junk and Bastion.

It doesn’t fix her problems it just adds a gimmick to her which is what made her first rework fail, it didn’t fix what was wrong it just added some more and gave us the shield generator gimmick

The tp will always be destroyed if found. Appreciate the shield 50 shield hp while it’s still up. You’re putting too much worried into it and not accepting there always going to be counters. I know that, but it helps her out on the support shield side. You gain extra shield hp on top of the regular one she gives out. The fact shield hp can regenerate during combat helps out even more than waiting 3 seconds outside of combat.

As you said you only came in after first rework so it might be hard for you to decipher any of her V1 stuff. You can think of it, but you never experience it which is why you trying to find other ways to debunk what I am saying.

That still doesn’t fix issues like the stagnant play style with makes her lose to character matchups and the sheild idea that you suggest just sounds gimmicky. She gives a potential 125 extra shields 75 that can regenerate while fighting just sounds broken because nothing is going to die without ults even then her use would still be regulated to cheese co,ps because those comps rely on building up a ton of Hp so no one dies.

Nope. Things do die if focus down and for the shield hp to regenerate as going at a fairly moderating pacing similar to Lucio aoe healing. Sure it may create cheese comps, but there are other heroes who do burst damage that takes large hp away fast. Think about matches without Shield generator, armor kit or Bridgette ultimate. If the enemy team have great defense then you have nothing, but an ultimate to rely on.

That right there is nothing new.

There is no counterplay to that. And saying just focus fire isn’t a valid one. With sheild gen all you needed to do was destroy it to shut it down. All this does it make her ultimate an ability with no counterplay and makes her frustrating to play because your expanding heal and nothing will die fast enough. Focus fire or not fights will drag out. You didn’t fix her already expository problems you just made a new one that imo isn’t healthy for the state of the game now.

That’s how this game a.k.a team based games works.

Can’t tell. Never been implemented or ever will. I mean something like this have came close if you had Torbjorn and Symmetra on the team. It can be taken down because it all relies on strategies or dive comps with combinations of ultimate like that doesn’t happen on a daily basis.

Fights will be drag out if both teams are equal. This has happen w/o Symmetra presence and even with. All it takes is a couple of counter plays to shut it down something that always been accomplished.

Yeah just like teleporter so…

Have teleporter ever had a counter play besides just bringing allies back to the field? Granting them 50 shield hp helps out a bit. Nothing would make it frustrating to her because she’s now useful to the team which is all she needed. Do you not know the concept of shield support or is this the only game you’ve seen it in action?

It really should be. Sadly, at this point Blizz has already said it’s a rework, and they’re too stubborn to ever admit a mistake, even before they’ve really made it

Then by that logic Mercy shouldn’t have be nerfed then because all you needed was focus fire.

You took her v1 kit and added a sheild gimmick. If they didn’t go with that idea and went with something different when they made Sym v2 then yeah, it wouldn’t work.

You can win fights without ults or using few ultra for this compsnyou can only win with ultra because the health for the enemy team would be too high.

If someone or multiple people have abilities that negate damage or grant health that’s the only time fights will drag on. If you need a Sym just to be even with the other team on defences, that’s not healthy.

It is still frustrating because the problem wasn’t that it didn’t do enough it’s that you needed to baby sit it to keep it from being destroyed. You just gave it the ability to grant shields but that doesn’t stop Sym from needed to constantly peel for it and protect it from being destroyed. Your adding a gimmick without fixing the big problems she has.

There isn’t anymore to add this, it wouldn’t work because it doesn’t fix he big problems she has

It is a different hero called Sanjay with the same skin as the deceased Symmetra.