Sym is not rightly reworked ( 🙄 Sym is not a Taxi; 60 Days later.....stop Necroing this)


"So if you or your friends decided to sit out a season because you were annoyed by the state of Overwatch ’s balance and all the time you were spending incapacitated, that may change in the near future. What won’t change, according to Kaplan, are existing heroes’ kits. While this year has seen big overhauls of both Symmetra and Torbjorn, everyone else is set. At least, for now.

“We don’t have an overhaul character on our list, which is just great,” said Kaplan. “I think it’s a necessity sometimes. Torbjorn and Symmetra were both in a place where balance tweaks alone weren’t gonna make the characters more viable. But in general, I’m not a huge fan of reworks.”

Kaplan said that overhauls “push the reset button on balance” for heroes, and that’s why he doesn’t like them. They ask as many questions as they answer. In Symmetra’s case, for example, [people who main her are still getting hate even after the rework]^, but Kaplan can’t be sure if she’s in a good place or not yet.

“With Symmetra, I personally am in wait-and-see mode,” he said. “There’s two elements there: One is, did we get the correct mechanics? Is this character doing the things we want them to do and occupying the gameplay space we hope that they occupy? And then the second part is the balance. We feel like, with characters like Torbjorn and Symmetra, they’re mechanically doing what we want them to do now, but I don’t know if they’re balanced correctly.”

Balance changes and overhauls, Kaplan said, are also part of the reason why other elements of the game ended up treading water this year. Players have repeatedly expressed disappointment that seasonal events—once lightning rods for lapsed players—are stuck in a rut.

“I tried to be very transparent with the community that our focus wasn’t the seasonal events right now,” said Kaplan, noting that the team instead prioritized “other stuff” like new heroes, balance changes, overhauls, LFG, endorsements, and spectator mode."

I agree Sym needs to reworked again but I urg to bring some of the old stuff back that worked and was fun with Old Sym and just combine the two 🧞‍♀ Memorial to Old Sym and what could have been; Youtube Highlight (what I consider the best abilities Sym ever had.) - #3 by Doomfish-21368

Edit: This has been viewed by 948 people …and I just noticed I put the wrong link above.

I blame Fallout 76… and work.

(Corrected the link) but you guys are interested in my chill music playlist 🧞‍♀ Memorial to Old Sym and what could have been; Youtube Highlight (what I consider the best abilities Sym ever had.) - #14 by Doomfish-21368

Next day edit: Seems like there are six groups of how Sym should be changed

  1. Ones who want small number tweaks (Who would not change anything.)

  2. People who want to make Sym a Taxi hero (Memes)

  3. People who want to rework back to Sym 2.0, but keep some of the 3.0 stuff (me)

  4. People who want to see the world burn

  5. People who full of false info

  6. People who just quit Sym and possibly Overwatch (They want to delete her)

Last Update: I am just tired of having to relay on stuff like the Teleporter, if I am trying to take down a Roadhog or a Reaper, the last thing I want to do is waste time with a Teleporter.

I miss my Summonable Shield and I wish my teleporter was an secondary Ult again. (I will likely never use it over the wall shield but on the rare chance, it’s nice to have the option.)

For someone like Sym to relay on Teammates to work with her, doesn’t suit who she is at all. So do something about the teleporter. (I should know I am autistic as well.)

11/10/2018: Somehow, they went to making like Mei (disrupt hero)

to went making her like Sombra (Flank Hero)

But you know “You all know how to hide right?” (Blizzcon ref.)

11/11/18: Maybe we got this all wrong, and the roles itself is still the problem. Maybe roles should look like this and we should rework heroes accordingly.

(Following Heroes of the Storm recent changes)

Supports: Sombra, Sym and Zarya

Lurker Dps: Reaper, McCree, Roadhog, Doomfist, and Mei

Range Dps: Ashe, Bastion, Hanzo, Genji, Tracer, Widowmaker, Junkrat, Pharah and 76

Tank: Reinhardt, Orisa, Brig, And Torb

Bruiser: Winston, D.Va, and Hammond.

Healer: Moira, Zen Mercy, Ana, and Lucio

I know there are some weird suggestions but to be fair, I would not call the current roles well defined. (Seriously)

You know I am just post other famous Sym articles that were posted this year about pretty much the same thing:

New Symmetera is a Massive Nerf by Shadow

Symmetra lock on beam is an iconic ability, pls dont remove it, we can balance this! by Fyren

:rage: Why Sanjay (Symmetra 3.0) is Not Symmetra and Why You Should be Angry by JangBahadur

Symmetra Rework Opinions from a Symmetra Main by noitubirteR

:part_alternation_mark: Sym 3.0: worse pickrate than 2.0, winrate DOWN 7% by OneLyf1Trick

11/12/18: Here is a song to chill to( just pulling it from the link from earlier this week)…Estimate to listen to everything here including the other links is 663 mins

Here was the other thing:
After watching, imagine what could have been if we had: (what I consider the best abilities Sym ever had.)

Old primary fire,
New Alt Fire (but goes though people, no Aoe)
New flying Turrets (but four of them)
Old Summonable Shield
New ult but two of them (Wall Shield and Teleporter)

(Consider her a DPS still, but more like Sombra is a utility Dps)

(reminder; 663 minutes equals 11.05 hours)

Well I hope we hear something this week from Devs about Sym.

Can’t say, Sym is not rightly reworked and then dont say anything else for over 2 weeks.


She’s fun.But she’s comparable to Zarya,who is a Better DPS in every way.
I would make Symms beam atleast the same lenght as Zarya’s,and have it loose charge after 3 seconds


here you go

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Yes because we all want another Zarya Clone…(Sarcastic)

You know Mei’s Design was change because of this purpose.

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She would still be worse than Zarya.And who’s fault is it that they both got a beam.
Altho I think she would be more viable if her orbs would go thru barriers,atleast doing half the damage.

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No way, we just need the teleporter build time to be instant and she would actually be insane and fun to play.


You guys focus too much on making her too much on making her like Tracer.

When she really should be more like Mei, if any other at all.

Sym is not like a fast Zarya, nor she can’t even Block Damage like Zarya.

Really I don’t know why went this direction, but we need to go back to be like Sym. Not someone else.


Symmetra with fast teleporters will be dope tho :frowning:
If teammates actually worked together, the value of her teleporter will just be insane.


Symmetra’s not used in the OWL at all except in spawn for a meme. Even after her rework. She needs changes that can make her more viable in the pro scene. A lock on beam will make her too strong in my opinion. But maybe they can increase the amount of turret’s allowed in the field as well as what you can carry from 3 turrets to 4? Also maybe decrease the cast time slowly on the teleporters? I think her primary fire buff is good in the short term but she needs long term buffs and I don’t think a lock on beam will fix her issues


you need to look at what I suggested copy cat.

I think overall Jeff got the wrong thing

i dont think its healthy either to completly swap a heros role from beeing a defense builder support to an offense Taxi dps

its jsut not a good thing, especially for us the heros players who played the hero because we liked that, and we jsut got the middle finger and got literally a different hero, with no one to replace that


I didn’t read yours. Sorry.

I read the initial post. Not much else tho


You mean 'did" not “got”


I want her to be a support again. She should NEVER have been reworked into her current homogenized DPS state. She provided unique mechanics that could have been enhanced and worked upon.

Ideas I LOVED from turrets.

Sentry turrets acting as INFORMATION WARDS instead of mini DPS cannons.

Where they could offer sight and some CC (perhaps reduce the slow to justify increasing their health to maybe even 100 making them non-trivial to just pop.)

I don’t like them doing DPS. I liked the information they gave me and the CC slow they could do. Clumping them together should be discouraged and the information should be enhanced alongside CC.


This idea was imho given up way too quickly.

From the MMORPG world even Shamans in Legion had an artifact trait where they could boost the health of their allies. Sure “only the last HP matters” but this entire concept is a huge deal in support gaming.

Not even including the fact we could have gone in SO MANY DIRECTIONS.

1: Let Symmetra have an ability to HEAL shields.

2: Let Symmetra have an ability to reduce the damage allied shields take for a while (huge Zarya and Zenyatta and Hammond interactions!)

3: Let Symmetra be able to boost shields on one target to allow them to survive a huge burst of damage.

4: Let Symmetra make all allies immune to CC for a short duration who have an active shield up. (Which is how a lot of shields in other games work too!)

5: Let Symmetra attach her beam onto an ally to “Boost up their shield”! This would give her awesome melee-range utility to support her allies and help reduce incoming damage. Ofc it could degrade over time.

They could have taken this SO MANY WAYS.

Personal mini-shield

We have shields that are mostly tied to heroes outside of Orisa.

Symmetra had her own mini shield she could move forward. But what if she double tapped her shield ability button and it stopped? And pressing again reactivated it?

Bam! We have more support utility that can be used to offset damage or even be able to be used to allow aggressive pushes.

This would have been HUGE. Baguette and Reinhardt’s shield are clipped onto them. Orisa’s shield is stronger and larger and doesn’t move. This would be a UNIQUE shield mechanic allowing Symmetra to have even more options.


This ability had HUGE counterplay, almost so much it was widely seen as useless unless used by skilled Symmetra players.

This ability I think should make a come back, especially because in the past it was proven to NOT be broken and Mercy doesn’t even revive anymore.

This also allowed strategic movement across the field, allowing interesting flanking positions. The current teleporter doesn’t offer this at all, it’s range is hilariously short and too dangerous to use effectively.

And very unwieldy for a non-ultimate ability just gonna be honest. In the heat of battle laying a TP is SUPER AWKWARD.

Shield Gen

Refer to reasons above why this could be awesome.

Maybe even make Shield Gen a temporary ability that lasts only 30 seconds which would work in tandem with other shield abilities Symmetra could have above like the shield-healing or shield damage mitigation or shield CC immunity.

This could be such an awesome ability.

I really hope they reconsider making her a support again.

There is so so so much potential.

I don’t want lock on beams. I don’t want to deal “120 DPS OMEGA MCIROWAVE”.

I want to be able to offer support gameplay that is diverse.


The lock on beam is comparable to resurrect, it was preventing them from making the rest of her kit stronger so I think it was the right choice, but the rest of her kit is still very subpar for the damage that we lost on her LMB.


You mean “defense” hero… wait did you use her as a Support hero?


i dunno what i meant i was typing really fast XD

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I think they were too scared of making her too strong. That’s why they need to work with pros. So that they can see if she is balanced at her maximum potential. So that she isn’t too strong or too weak. Symmetra right now is the Tachanka of overwatch and I think that needs to change


F this reasoning, this kind of discussion ruined the hero. Just like if Devs removed resurrect from Mercy… that would ruin Mercy.