"We Will Train Machines to Ban Offmeta Heroes!"

So omnics are going to fix toxicity in overwatch. Very fitting :joy:

2 posts in and already we have godwins law.

I agree with you 100% I just think that Blizzard doesn’t care too much about that possibility.

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Source? Sorry, the only ones I’ve seen have been like one-trick Torbjorns getting 1200 reports on them (which is an obscene amount of reports).

Wraxu, one of the best hanzos, banned on stream. Why?

And after many an hour, the machine program was finished, and they saw it was good. So they called it “Skynet” …

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Was that the one where he got drunk and insulted Kephrii?

Jeff replying :wave:

Currently, everything considered “toxic chat” is verified by human beings. This post is extremely misleading and full of misinformation.