Playing competetive?

hi i am a deaf gamer, does this mean i am not allowed to play competetive? i keep getting reported for ignoring teammates , they get really angry, but obviously i dont mention im deaf because in the past they get extremely toxic and mock really bad in text chat, god knows what they’re saying in voice chat

According to the rules being in voice chat is not mandatory in comp, so you are doing nothing wrong.

Sadly this probably won’t stop some salty morons from false reporting you…

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IF you let Blizzard know you’re deaf, they will forgive any false bannings for “ignoring teammates” try to keep an eye on the text chat as ppl will send quick messages if they really need your attention.

I also recommend stating that you are deaf anyway, if some ppl get toxic report it. I just got out of wisdom teeth surgery and made that known while playing comp just to let them know if im a bit slow or anything and also that i was in vc but couldn’t do call out myselfs due to sore mouth. They seemed pretty chill and asked how i was feeling and such, its just luck of the draw.

You got it. You can still play competitive. I’m a hanzo main and so for the longest time I never joined voice chat bc people would be seen toxic. I join now bc he is viable but when I use to play him I don’t think anybody ever reported me maybe like on or two. Don’t worry about it and just play the game bc after all it is just a game

Man, I’m sorry that happens to you, people can be jerks.

I would say, you go ahead and play comp. As long as you try your best, your good to go😁

I wish I could do more.

There will always be crappy people in comp but alot of us are pretty chill

Voice chat is definitely not mandatory, but still, it kinda seems like it’s expected to be used the higher in rank you go.

That said, you could pre-warn your team mates “due to life circumstances, I’m unable to use voice comms, but will play my best so bare with me”. That way you don’t have to go into detail, but that should be sufficient enough for any normal (aka non-troll) player to read it and say “okay cool, no big deal, lets game”

all of the above ? feel like most of the people here covered it.

play comp all you want. if people dont like that you dont talk becuse of your being deaf then thats on them.

if there toxic becuse you tell them your deaf then report them. people like that have no right to be in this game.

and again if you get any false bans just inform blizard though the support tickits and tell them that you are deaf and i have a feeling they will remove the bans and clear your record for you.

and dont reply to the toxicty with toxcity if you get any. that can be used agenst you to and create other types of reports and bans

Blizzard does record and detect if you are even in voice chat or not in each match. By not participating in team comms, you CANNOT be punished for Abusive Chat. Now if you are abusive in text based chat, there will be verifiable records for that.

Remember it has been confirmed that all Abusive Chat actions are verified by a human being:

As a bonus tip, if you are being abused in text based chat, type /hidechat to remove the chat dialog. It will not appear again until you hit the Enter key.