How unrealistic would a screenshot reporting system be?

I guess it goes back to my understanding of the reporting system being unclear.

From my understanding, an account only gets looked at if there are x amount of reports - which is valid and logical in theory, but I also feel like there are some things that should warrant immediate action and they probably get overlooked because not enough people reported it. I’ve also heard of a lot of people getting punishments on their account due to false reports. I.E., a silver sniper main who was doing nothing wrong but was paired with petty teammates.

Is there a synopsis of the reporting system somewhere to reference? I can’t find anything when I google it.

The entire motive behind this thread stemmed from a situation where a player was streaming racist slurs into match chat. I was really hoping to see that ‘thank you for reporting’ notification when I logged in, but again, my understanding of the reporting system is vague and I’m not even sure of those notifications are automatic when action has been taken.

They just don’t have anyone read them unless the ban gets appealed. Even then they won’t spend as much as 10 seconds verifying the legitimacy because how can they? All they have to go on is the same thing that initiated the automatic ban to begin with so they just throw out the appeal and claim it is justified.

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This makes sense to me. I really didn’t get how an automated system meshed with the option to have text inserted.

I admit it’s an unrealistic suggestion but I still feel like it would be nice to submit substantial evidence when toxicity and other bannable offences occur. I remember way back somebody on the team saying something about trying to crack down on toxicity - maybe this was during a developer update video? - and that they even kept up with youtube to try and police bad behavior. I thought at the time that if they’re trolling youtube for “Toxic Overwatch Player” videos they might as well offer an option to link/ss/etc.

The company is downsizing at the moment. For them to even begin reading reports, not even verifying them, they would need to hire tens of thousands of minimum wage workers.

It’s simply never going to happen and they will never do a thing about it as long as everyone continues to buy lootboxes and watch this league thing.

It’s best to stop believing now that Blizzard has the users best interest in mind. The only thing that is of concern to them is profits.

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I was told that when a report is filed under abusive chat that the chat logs for the game are sent to Blizzard to make a quick determination that the person being reported, was in fact, abusive in chat (any chat; team, match, group, whatever). I haven’t been able to fully confirm this, but it makes sense.

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It’s unclear how the system works with slurs.

In theory, detecting them shouldn’t be a problem and should be something that could be detected and dealt with without a report.

They have been playing with machine learning.

In practice, you aren’t the first person to mention repeated racist slurs not appearing to trigger a ban which would suggest something is off if an automated system is in use.

(It’s possible if the person was banned separately that you wouldn’t get the report notification)

They have also stated that they verify all toxic chat. People don’t necessarily believe that though.

I don’t know of anyone that has tested it much.

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There have been plenty of instances where blizzard has pointed out that they have pulled voice chat logs and text chat logs when actioning players in their games. One notable instance is when a player claim to be banned for one-tricking was called out by Game Director Jeff Kaplan back in December of 2017.


If anyone is interested in the steps Blizzard takes for a better gameplay experience across their games and you have the 2018 Virtual Ticket for BlizzCon, please check out this panel:

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Great reply Wyoming, thank you for confirming that Blizzard has the chat logs. Do you know if Warden is still doing ban waves to cheaters? I haven’t heard anything on this lately.

I do not have any detailed information short of what is presented by Blizzard and my own personal experiences with the games.

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Terrible and misleading post as usual.

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What was misleading about it? It seems like it answered a lot of questions in the thread, mine included.

Don’t mind him. He hates my guts. He is dead set on believing actioning on reports is done without having established evidence.


The fact that they “can” look at the chat logs doesn’t mean they do in any normal circumstance. Nobody is disputing that they are capable of this. They simply don’t unless you try to appeal.

This has been proven to death and this guy is just being Blizzards whipping boy trying to spread lies in order to prevent people from realizing it is automated.

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I have a few people on the forums who hate me too, I understand, I get this.

I remember back on the old forums Jeff even mentioned they dedicated a lot of resources toward their staff in dealing with reports, I can’t remember the post but he did explain the process. Having an actual person check the flags was part of the process I remember.

I really wish I could remember that post, it had something to do with Torb players complaining that they were being banned, if I remember correctly.

Has it? I’ve seen speculation but no real confirmation.

Look, I have some trust issues with Wyoming myself, but honestly, his replies are well thought out and he does make more of an effort than most to give a lengthy reply by using the knowledge he has. I don’t always agree with him, but this community is lucky to have him.

In the sense that he supports fanboys to stop thinking, ignore the obvious and keep spending money like tools. He will lie at the drop of the hat if it makes Blizzard look better.

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You sound like a crazy person.

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It shouldn’t be necessary. If the devs had implemented a replay system like every decent game >20 years old has had, using the netcode for example, which could also embed data from text and voice channels, they’d be able to just replay the relevant portion of any game nearby any report received.

But no, a feature that should be considered minimum viable product in 2016 didn’t even get included.

So be it. The report system needs to stop being automated. I’d rather players didn’t have the power to ban people and that rules meant something.

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I think it would be cool if you could report a specific comment. It wouldnt help with voice chat, but if someone types something toxic or a slur you could report that comment and it could be read and deemed abusive chat much more readily. For certain words (namely slurs) it could even remain automated and you wouldnt have to deal with false reports as the system would be reading the words itself
only helps with abusive chat tho but its a change i would like to see

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We did, but, we had a signing system.

The game would let you report with a screen shot, but, you take to use the in game screen shot system. The game signed the image in its meta data.

When it was altered, we were alerted.

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