Does your rank decay while an account is banned?

You don’t have to use racial slurs for what you said to be wrong.

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Calling bad players bad when they are (if they were) isn’t wrong.

If people are getting punished for it then in Blizzard’s eyes it is wrong.


I’ve educated so many of my teammates, using specific examples of what I just witnessed them do while also giving them a possible solution to better themselves, but those individuals and Blizzard doesn’t believe in that. They believe in having fun.

Yet, the irony to that is, when someone tries to play for fun by maining torb, sym/hanzo/sombra (before re-work), Blizzard would suspend ur account because you tried having fun playing a hero they created.

Morale of story is:

  • Learn the how the reporting system works before learning the game
  • Don’t bluntly educate ur teammates
  • Don’t assume players are mature while playing a mature rated game
  • Don’t assume there is no correlation between snowflakes and Blizzard
  • Don’t tell Blizzard how to improve their awful reporting system as it’s ultimately a scapegoat to make them more money
  • Do not autolock dps
  • Do not type anything in chat and only use voicechat so Blizzard won’t have any “proof” to validate their actions.
  • Memorize the EULA and Blizzard’s Code of Conduct as they expect you to cite and reference it when questioning why you were suspended
  • Don’t say the name Jeff in game, forums, or otherwise
  • Believe at all times Blizzard and their dev team are perfect
  • Do not ask Blizzard’s support for proof when they fail to provide any after a suspension as they will tell you to stop harassing them and if contacted again about the subject they will permaban your account
  • Sarcasm never exists online
  • Basically shut up, play popular heroes only, and never ask for healing more than once
    (this list continues but I am too lazy, feel free to add)
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That’s the definition of toxicity bud.

OW is rated T, not M.

If they got in trouble for it, I’m pretty sure it went beyond simply saying they were bad.

There’s a difference between being blunt and being rude.

Also, I can’t seem to find where op said they were trying to ‘educate’ anyone.

Called a bunch of people bad. Wasn’t lying. Didn’t call them any slurs. But if you tell someone that they’re bad they’ll always report you, which is why I was curious if the ban was just automated. Appears to be the case.

If someone’s stats with a character are half what another player on the team can do with said character, it’s more toxic to take that character knowing you’re ruining the game for the other five people as far as I’m concerned. But Blizzard doesn’t seem to agree and it’s their game.

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Yeah, no.
That’s not how it works.
A big thing about being reported for this is how you delivered it.
I can give you backhanded compliments and walk you into a corner and make you feel horrible about yourself without using any slurs. You don’t have to use slurs for something to be bad.

It goes beyond just saying ‘hey you’re bad’. How did you deliver it? Did you rip into them just saying they were bad over and over again?

It sucks to be you…

Maybe I’m just lucky, but I’ve said some pretty mean things to some obnoxious teammates. Never been suspended, banned, or silenced.

Under normal circumstances, I’m an extremely nice player and generally give good advice while commending good plays or heals from teammates. My criticisms are constructive and usually are taken well.

Now when it comes to players complaining the whole damn game, or being toxic to others in chat without valid reason.
I can’t stand when some complete idiot, plays a role poorly, then sits and complains about others like “our DPS/tanks/supports are trash!” QQ. “Wow Widow nice miss!” Things that are just outright annoying in an attempt to hide the fact that they are the worst player on the team and they are holding the team back. I actually hate these players, and I don’t withhold that information.

Complain when you git gud is the moral of the story.

It’s rare, even when applying oneself, to be able to actually learn what you did wrong, given that they refuse to tell us what rules we actually break.
Consider yourself pretty damn lucky. Even if you can’t help yourself and can’t bite your tongue, even being able to figure out what aspects of your behavior were supposedly unacceptable, is something even a lot of rational players that get banned flat out cannot do.

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Lol look at your stats and look at mine m8

I’m lost, what are you implying?

He is implying why he gotten banned, that is exactly the proof you needed. Instantly bringing up stats when it had nothing to do with it, that tells a lot about a person…

You said “Complain when you git gud is the moral of the story.” When I’m literally top 1% in the world at everything lol

Hey folks,

Going to go ahead and lock this one up before it moves further into non-constructive conversation and into off-topic discussions.

Thank you