Using certain words in game chat should trigger a ban

Unfortunately, it’ll simply revert to (more or less) clever ways of getting the same sentiment across. Blocking certain words will do nothing to address the underlying behavior.

Not if you can have your own block list where you can type in what you want.

Just have to add to it over time. Itd give way more control to players regarding blocking things they dont want to engage with.

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That’s an interesting approach to a solution, nice.

OW should not get the R6 treatment. They should learn from their competitor’s mistakes

What perspective is this coming from, tell me?..

To clarify, Overwatch does have AI learning software to detect both text-based and voice-based abusive chat to help verify the reports they receive by players. However that being said, Blizzard has confirmed they still issue account actions by human decision based on the evidence gathered.


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There was a video where aimbotcalvin tested the profanity filter. I can’t find it but it blocked like 1/3rd of the words.

The only word I’d agree with is the racial slur. Anyone who says it is either an actual racist or some edgy guy from “the hood” who thinks they’re a gangster and cool because they use bad boy words.

You do know claiming your detractors to be racists and bigots isnt helping your point. Its just an ad hominen attack.

Call me a racist all you like. Call me a bigot as much as your heart desires. Scream it atop of mountains to the heavens, and down on the beach to the deeps. Call me what you like, it does not make it true.

Kids getting giggles over using a taboo has been part of language since time immemorial. Its funny to children to break taboos. It’s edgy. If the word isnt a taboo, its not ‘cool’ to use it in that fashion. Its like how children giggle at poop jokes.

Furthermore, I think your position is a bit off. Why shouldnt a group be desensitized to a bigoted statement. Bigots use those words in teh context of causing harm or to denigrate. But if the words fall flat and become meaningless, its bigots who lose power by those groups taking away that power. Btw, just from a psych perspective, putting up barriers around things that offend you tend to make you more offended of it over time, not less. Desensitization isnt always a bad thing, because being perpetually at offense is not productive.

furthermore, its not about the word, but context. You shouldnt be getting outraged because someoen said the word, you should be getting outrage at the reason it was said. Would you be outraged if two asian people used racial slurs at each other out of jest amongst friends? If you say yes, youre telling them they dont get to make decisions about what to be offended over.

rather, its about Why its said. Someone using a racial slur to demean and hurt others is a reason to be outraged. It is their bigotry and racism being expressed outward to demean someone. That is in no way the same as someone who says it to another in a context of jest or what not. Making that distinction is important.


Nah, just block. Sticks and stones and all that jazz.

Your perspective dosent matter for this exact reason.

I have to agree with MccKaay here.

I am also gay and don’t get offended by these slurs. The certain homophobic slur you’re referring to is also a type of meat (my mum eats them a lot and it makes me laugh when she tells me she’s gonna eat them).

In this case, it would be quite awkward.

Besides, racial slurs have a terrible history to them whereas, iirc, homophobic slurs don’t. This is why many members of the LGBT community aren’t offended by the F slur.


No. Cause people dont care what anonymous people over the internet who dont even know their first name say about them. They do care when they are banned from using certain words in a context that isnt offensive.

Because free speech. Stop censoring people.

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Or like when you’re lightly salted and you’re like, “lol fck you Junkrat, no need to solo ult me” or something, and it’s clear you’re just joking to people reading it, but obviously not to the system.

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Some people are offended by words, some aren’t. Personally I couldn’t give a flying **** what words people use. After all… They are just “sentence enhancers” by the words of Patrick Star.

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There’s no need for that.

I was hoping we could have had a rational discussion and act like mature adults but resorting to childish insults is not how adults behave.


I think this is the most successful troll thread yet. Because theres no way this guy is serious.


The sad thing would be if this guy believes all the stuff he just said.

There’s no point in calling it a troll thread because loads of people share the same views as the OP.

They do forsure. But hes going out of his way to attack anyone that even remotely disagrees. His name has racist connotations even tho hes arguing for the opposite and he knew he was asking something unreasonable to begin with. Hes a troll.