"Abusive Chat" report abuse

Alright, so here’s a little preface, yes I used to be an a-hole sometimes when I played arcade so I got silenced for 3 weeks, I don’t deny it.
Nowadays I don’t say any bad word, I don’t call anyone noob, I don’t flame, I just call out targets in voice.
So today I was REALLY surprised to have a warning that I got reported multiple times for Abusive chat and more reports will get me silenced for basically eons.
People abuse the report system and are going to get me silenced even tho I clearly don’t deserve it this time.
What am I supposed to do?


Unfortunately, false reporting is so common, I doubt customer service is penalizing false reporters, else it just wouldn’t happen anymore (or as often). I main Sombra and Symmetra, and I just got a notification that I’m going to get suspended soon, for griefing/inactivity. You want to tell me I’m griefing and inactive when I’m hacking the charging Rein and microwaving the supports?


So the only solution is to open a ticket and pray the GM will be comprehensive? That sounds silly.


Abusive chat does not have to be limited to just expletive language, if you are extremely nonconstructive and overly criticize other players, that is grounds for Abusive Chat.

From the Blizzard Code-of-Conduct:

When participating in communication of any kind (chat, voice communication, group finder), you are responsible for how you express yourself. You may not use language that could be offensive or vulgar to others.

Hate speech and discriminatory language is inappropriate, as is any obscene or disruptive language. Threatening or harassing another player is always unacceptable, regardless of language used. Violating any of these expectations will result in account restrictions. More serious and repeated violations will result in greater restrictions.


the thing is “offensive” is so broad it’s so easy to abuse and since reports are automated literally all i have to do is say “hi” and i can be reported, unless i play without any chat i’m not safe.


Sorry but Abusive Chat is not automatically actioned. There are machine learning protocols to catch seriously offensive users, but all actions are manually verified by a representative of Blizzard:

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Do you non-stop spam voice lines over and over and over and over the entire match? If so then this is why. There was a blue post saying to report people spamming voice lines as abusive chat.

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Nope I don’t do any of that, I don’t spam voice lines, I don’t ask people to switch. Tired of people flaming each others so now I just say the minimum.

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Even so and sometimes the representatives can misunderstand the situation. Nevertheless they should be more merciful by handing out a warning than applying a silence because of false reports. They should tell you what was reported before applying a ban informing we’re watching. That at least gives you a chance to explain the ordeal on why it happened.

They need to be on that type of level which is why I respect WoW.

If you’re getting reported that much you’re very likely not telling us the full story here.

Are you being passive aggressive and / or a overall toxic jerk, even if you’re TECHNICALLY not breaking the rules?

If so then yeah, you’re gonna get reported.

I’ve never gotten a warning for anything voice related because I’m not going around being toxic to people.


The only thing I see that could explain the warning is during my previous silence that finished a few weeks ago, I used to use the voice lines a lot, not spam, just a lot, because I just didn’t have any other option.
I can assure you I’m not doing anything worth reporting for Abusive chat and when someone starts to flame because they don’t like the suggestion I make before the game starts I tell them to relax and don’t tilt in a peaceful way.
When the game starts, like I said, I don’t ask to people to switch, maybe once every 20 games because our comp really doesn’t work and we really need to switch.

GMs and other customer service members can definitely be wrong. Their judgement isn’t infallible. Infact, they are probably more wrong than right. Look at the current state of community: it is so toxic that I stop myself from playing half the time I want to play. It’s so unavoidable, and horrifying, and emotionally draining, that it’s just not worth it (see: general chat every five minutes).

Console has less of a toxic community because their reports are being handled correctly; this is the only explanation I see possible at the moment. On PC, they are suspending off-meta heroes (I am about to be suspended too), and silencing people who don’t deserve it (me included).

Anyone who has an ounce of human understanding does not deserve to be silenced or suspended. Customer service doesn’t seem to get this.

If you’re getting a warning I doubt false reports are the majority of the reports, maybe its your tone that’s making people view it as abusive, or maybe you’re saying something that people view as abusive. Pay attention to how your communicating, be sure to keep a somewhat positive demeanor and be respectful while making calls.

From my experience, it’s completely safe to say that it’s false reports. People aren’t penalized for false reporting (not the correct people), or else false reporting just wouldn’t happen that often.

And if I’m getting penalized, there definitely is something wrong. Also, know that OP probably knows more about how he or she behaves than you do (OP knows him or herself better than you after all). Also, if they are coming out to talk to us about a penalty that has been wrongly given, they are most likely justified. It takes a lot of effort to make a post like this, and only those with strong emotional control will speak up. If they managed to make this thread, they are, by far, not at fault here.

Good behavior is only possible with emotional control. No emotional control, and you’ll start flaming, bullying, etc etc.

People can be delusional or not realize that something they’re doing is being taken as abusive, this happens IRL to. I didn’t say he/she was I said he/she should pay attention to it to see if thats the cause.

False reporting happens (sure), but its entirely out of your hands and can only be dealt with after action has been taken. The only thing anyone can do is check whether they are being abusive or toxic unintentionally and try to correct that behavior.

Also simply making a post about being falsely reported does not mean the OP is honest, many people try to skirt action by feigning innocence to the community. I’m not saying the OP is one of these people but if he’s not false reports are out of his control and he/she has to be sure they are actually false reports.

From my personal experience I’ve never been actioned or even warned or impending action in a Blizzard game, and I’ve been playing since Startcraft 1 came out. So it seems far more likely that someone that is getting warned is doing something to cause people in their matches to become frustrated with them rather than they’re completely innocent of any wrong doing.

It’s much more cut-and-dry than you would think. It takes a lot of emotional effort to stand up for yourself, and someone who is emotionally unstable simply will not be able to make a post like this.

Your behavior is very on-the-fence, and from what I’ve seen from the customer service representatives, that’s what they like. But this does not fix the toxicity problem. Infact, it make it ambiguous (nothing gets done about it), and often penalizes the wrong people. You must be perceptive and unambigious to truly find out what is going on. Know that OP knows more about their behavior, and stating that they may be delusional is irrelevant.

Making the assumption that people do not know much about their own behavior is dangerous, especially when they show signs of emotional stability. It is obvious, to me, that OP is not at fault, just by what they are saying, and the effort they puts into their posts.

I didn’t try to hide anything, I even said that the first two silences were deserved because I used to be an a-hole.
There’s no point in my lying about my current behavior. I’m not toxic or anything of that sort, I don’t do passive-aggressive and I don’t repetively ask people to switch.
What would I have to gain by lying, getting people’s sympathy? I don’t want it. I just want to not be silenced when I don’t deserve it because the system is automated and people can abuse it.
Anyway, I’ll just stop talking completely, even to make calls if it prevents it.

Edit : I play online since 1999 and never been silenced or banned from any game before.

Its not really an emotional effort to stand up for yourself, Its easy especially if you’ve been an a-hole in the past. Emotional instability would also lend to more toxic behavior.

If my behavior is “on the fence” and false reporting is a problem why haven’t I gotten my warning yet? You’d think if the problem was rampant anyone that gets on the mic would find themselves getting warned, perhaps the OP has improved (I stated that in my original comment) or perhaps they are unaware of their toxic behavior (I know people like that) either way if he is getting falsely reported he can always challenge it after action is taken. He could also go here ttps://us.battle.net/support/en/help/product/overwatch/1057 (add an H at the beginning) and ask blizzard to review why he is being reported to help determine if its false (they’ll clear the reports) or if there is something he’s doing.

if you think being perceptive and unambiguous (not open to more than one interpretation) is how you find the truth your wrong. Being objective and analyzing every detail is how you get to the truth. If you only accept one answer you’re never going to change your mind if new evidence comes forth.

Again people can be delusional, someones own assessment of themselves is not always going to be accurate thats why you can have people ascribe attributes to themselves that they do not possess. Second hand accounts of a persons character are better representations of who they are. Even then personal interactions with them are best.

Assuming that someone knows how their actions are interpreted by others is even more dangerous, even if emotional stability is shown people can always misinterpret how they come across. If people were always able to tell how their actions affected others there wouldn’t be any guys that get rejected asking a girl out because they’d know before hand which girls would say yes and which would say no.

Making a post takes no effort its not a gauge for honesty, or lack of delusion.

You’ve been silenced at least once if you are concerned about a false suspension/ silence go here: ttps://us.battle.net/support/en/help/product/overwatch/1057 (add the H) and inquire about why your account has been reported.

The policy is extremely strict and unregulated, but it’s there for a reason. If they feel like silencing you, they will, not much you can do about it.

I got silenced on this forum for 3 days for saying something way more mellow that half the stuff I read on here, but someone apparently got offended. When I tried to appeal with a well-written message stating how much I help people yada yada I just got denied lol.

So, people are snowflakes, just keep to yourself and figure if you say anything there is a chance someone could report it.

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