Banning for abusive chat? really?

Are you in any way connected to Blizzard as a mod/paid forum member? Based on your responses I got no indication of that, but a very special person below (who has his tinfoil hat strapped a little too tightly around his head) is making some pretty large accusations that you are. Just to clear the air, are you affiliated with Blizzard in any way other than being a member of the forums?

How unpredictable. :slight_smile: Valid arguments with proof… I have trouble pinpointing the first time someone might encounter this language. Is it middle school nowadays? Don’t mind me explaining how the system actually works with precedent and direct suspension email content, and substantiating what I’m claiming about WyomingMyst, you just go ahead and write inane tripe about “valid arguments with proof”. I wonder how people who are completely clueless come to believe they have any grasp of what valid arguments are.

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quoting the rules aint being helpful. its quoting the rulings.

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Except Overwatch isn’t the “internet”; it’s private property with rules on what is and is not acceptable behavior, rules which you agree to follow everytime you log in.

It’s not banter if you’re getting reported and punished for abusive chat. If you’re not mature enough to be able to control your language, then you should leave environments where you’re not allowed unlimited language.

No message is improved or clarified with profanity. If anything, profanity distracts from the message by adding unnecessary and meaningless sounds.

It’s so you can see the rules that you agreed to follow but broke.

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Just like in Heroes of the Storm experience amply demonstrates active communication on the part of everyone is both unnecessary and exceptional. Suspension versus muting isn’t the biggest issue here. The issue is, or will become, when the community lightens up and becomes aware that this is an entirely automated punitive system. In essence you can use the abusive chat report to get people banned for anything, including stuff that is not bannable or for purely malicious reasons. I’m actually quite curious to see how things might differ in this game versus Heroes of the Storm, if at all.


The trigger is automated yes, but the sentences reported are checked by GMs, like the prev poster said.
If a GM finds out someone got false reported, then the false reporters get a “gift” if you know what i mean.

False reporting is also against the rules. Not saying that you are going to get caught for 100% of your reports but if you trigger the system, be ready for a checkout.

Bro of all people…He came and not only warned you that this post might get you silenced on the forums as well as in game, but he also cited the relevant CoC portion for you to read so you can protect yourself from getting in trouble. You are violating forum CoC rules by talking about a punishment you received. Whether or not you personally agree with this rule has nothing to do with the fact that it is a rule and you’re violating it.

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No it isn’t. I say stuff on a regular basis that will get me suspended outright. It always seems to be an accumulation of reports, and the in-game language of a suspension indicates this. The voice stuff is actually very interesting as they might not even be keeping it for long periods of time. I would be very, very skeptical of that quote and press the “misinformation” dispeller for more information on what they actually verify. It’s a sad thing to say but do not trust these people. You’d be surprised how people mostly try to cover their as ses.

The sentences reported are checked by GMs? Lmao, what the hell does that mean? My sentences, or the report scribbles? Do you know of anyone who has gotten a “gift” for falsely reporting? I’ve reported people for saying “gg” and “c9” multiple times and I’ve yet to receive a single gift. Don’t just parrot things.

And the fact that the rule precludes important discussion on how things work and how they should work better is not an issue whatsoever. Brah. You appear to be a very trustful person. A lot of people like followers like you, typically not the best kinds of people.


Now I know why you’re sticking up for OP.

C9 and GG aren’t abusive, never have been.

Spam is less about saying it a few times and more about unnecessary excessive repetition or walls of meaningless inciteful text.

Just because it makes you mad doesn’t make it reportable.

honestly. I just asked why they can’t just perma-silence instead of suspend. both parties are happier that way. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

But would it work in job? You say “I am -insert swear word- good at this!”. Do you think you get hired? What would seem in work enviroment a bad idea would probably be bad in any place. I am not saying you do this in work but it gives a bad view of you. Everyone swears pretty much, but I for example try to do it alone or when there is only friends. Swearing is not looked good when you speak with people, why in video games it should be?
You can try to get out of it. As you said it is hard. But nothing comes easy. Just try to say something else istead “For the hobogoblins sake, why did you do that?”

There is two possible outcomes:

  1. Abusive chat is automated. If people are repeatedly reporting you for profanity / “not sugar coating” messages, take a hint and stop doing those things to get you mass reported.

  2. It’s not automated, and GMs do see the abusive chat before punishment happens. Again, don’t type things that GMs will see as abusive chat and you won’t get punished for abusive chat.

In both cases, automated or not, not doing abusive chat fixes the problem.

You can click on the link. Jeff is the person that wrote it. Feel free to “press” him for more info next time you see him at a Blizzard Q&A.

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Yikes, you’re a fun one aren’t you.

Lol fine, dodge the point I was trying to make and attack me directly.

So allow me to pose it again without the phrase that triggered you.

I highly doubt that, I would’ve remembered beating you.

You would be happy with being perma silenced. I would be happy to see people like you banned. Guess which side Blizzard is on?


By the way, here’s a tip on how the system may be similar to Heroes of the Storm. At least initially you were able to appeal a silence/suspension. What the GMs would do on appeal is look for any instance of any offense and uphold the penalty on that ground. Point being, if Overwatch mostly differs in this so-called review being undertaken ahead of time, and note that appeals in Overwatch are not permissible on content, the same sort of reporting abuse can occur. GMs aren’t necessarily verifying all reports. They are just very quickly looking for something to uphold or justify a penalty. So you safely report people falsely to accumulate reports against them relying on the likelihood of there being a single offense.

This might sound implausible, but Heroes of the Storm has really been such an s show on so many levels. Some of you might think Blizzard is a very professional and smart company but it’s actually becoming more widely known that they aren’t. In essence you can say they are gamers, with the good and the bad that is entailed. I.e. not the sharpest tools in the shed.

Lmao, I love the kid minds in these communities. I’m irrelevant. I’m just Joe Schmoe. Whether I get perma-banned tomorrow no one will care, possibly including myself. The much bigger and more important matter is the systemic consequences for the player base as a whole. I absolutely love it how foolish most of you prove yourselves to be, so selfish and small-minded.

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How about you treat people with respect next time so they’re not forced to report you?


Jumping to ad hominem already?

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