Does reporting on console do anything?

As mainly a console player (xbone), I’m wondering if reporting people does anything. Clearly no one cares about the infinite smurf accounts (for good or evil) on blizzards side or Microsoft’s, but I’m just wondering if anything is ever done to punish those who are reported. I want to say I’ve heard that people who play on PC get a notification if something is done?

Just seeing if I’m wasting my time. Yes… git good. I’ve seen it all. I’m just a dude trying to stay positive, learn my true skill level, and improve.


I reported 7 throwers on PS4 and heard nothing on any of them.

A friend of mine said he managed to get 8 people banned on PS4. No idea out of how many though.

I’d wait for lfg to be honest. The scumbags are out in force this season and gave no fear of reporting from what I can see.

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Given the amount of toxic players, throwers, griefers & cheaters there are on console, it feels like I’m averaging at least 1 report per Competitive match, if not more.

I’ve made hundreds of reports, and had only around 3 in-game notifications that action was taken on a report I made.

That said, you have to remember that the report system is automated. You’ll only get notification that action was taken when a given player receives enough reports to trigger an automatic silence or suspension.

The only time a manual review of reports is typically done is if a player contests a silence or suspension via support ticket with Blizzard, and then usually the reports are upheld (regardless of whether the reports are false or not).

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Ain’t that the sad truth.

Console trolls have no fear of repercussions from the reporting system because they can just go make another account for free and continue their trolling.

Blizzard need to make it on console like it is on PC - if you want to play on another account, you need to buy another copy of the game.


All platforms receive this notification if a report leads to the action of another player who violated the Blizzard Code-of-Conduct.

I am however concerned that you might be reporting for the wrong reasons. Game Director Jeff Kaplan has stated that there is nothing wrong with playing on an alternate account.

This is false. Jeff Kaplan has stated that reports are reviewed.

The problem is that it is not up to Blizzard, Microsoft and Sony control how game access is granted to a player including family share play features where sub-accounts can play on the same PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live subscription.

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I reported a 3 stack throwing and it informed me that they were banned


It does. People have been known to be banned.

Remember, just because people say they have reported someone, it doesn’t mean what they reported them for was actually valid. Reports are examined. If they find no fault, then there’s no action taken. The more ridiculous reports sent, the more time it takes for them to find reports that actually have substance.

That’s worth a thought. People will report someone for having a bad game. Failing to make a play. Picking an unorthodox character, etc.

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He did not say there’s anything wrong with it.

He said he doesn’t think it’s that big of an issue.

He’s incorrect in that regard, though, as it is a huge issue on console where new accounts are free to make and unlimited in number.

If that were true and reports are reviewed, then the silence I received upon first logging in on Xbox after patching the game with the reporting system patch would have been detected as an obvious bug and overturned.

My silence for abusive language despite the fact I wasn’t even in team chat for over a week wouldn’t have been upheld.

Jeff can say that toxic chat reports are reviewed all he likes, but that’s not been my experience.

It’s Blizzard’s game. They’d be able to enforce who can and cannot play their game at log in.

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My friend and I have both received muiltple replies for our reports. It does work, but it also depends on if that person is reported muiltple times by different people.

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I can’t speak of smurfs, but I have for sure received that “thanks for reporting” message a few times, so something is being done. That being said though it takes either someone being incredibly toxic or blatantly throwing for me to report them so I think I go after the low hanging fruit as far as the people I report.

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I played with a guy with the gamertag, “Throwing Sr”, you can look him up, a GM player who got into my game when I was high plat/diamond, and purposes threw the game I was in. The entire team reported him. The next game, he was back on our team, and guess what, throwing.

We told our team what he was doing, they reported him as well, and then he was immediately removed from our team.

Randomly, I was checking my SR against my friends from the top 500 view, and his name came up, showing GM. Just shows, it wasn’t because he was bad. A friend messaged him about it, he said he was lowering his SR to help a friend gain SR. My friend said, just join and leave prior to the game start so you don’t screw over other people.

A week or so later, that guy was on another team throwing for them as well. I messaged the other team and told them we were willing to report again. Same effect, he was removed from the team.

IDK if that was coincidence or if our reporting had an effect, but I didn’t match up with him after that.

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