Banter is viewed as Abusive Chat?

and yet, multiple people get reported and actioned against for this very reason.

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Yup, it’s only banter if everyone is in on it

True. @Moolikecowzz, what blizzard says, and what people report are two different things. People report one trick with all certainty. If you are soloQ and 5 stacks asks you to change and you don’t they will report you and people get’s a single day suspension for gameplay sabotage. Please stop parroting what blizzard “says” as if people really care.

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Broken enforcement doesn’t mean the rules changed.

The rule says speed limit is 65 mph. You driving by a cop doing 80 mph and him not chasing you down doesn’t mean speed limit is 80 mph, it just means you didn’t get punished for breaking the rules this time.

Reporting things that Blizzard has said not to report is a false report. False reporting is a bannable offense per Jeff. A lot of people are getting away with breaking the rules, but the rules have not changed.

So according to you, when will this bannable offence will be implemented? while automated bans on toxic chats are prevalent. Life is unfair I get it, but don’t preach an utopian idea when the existing model is broken

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It’s implemented right now if you are a famous streamer. For the general public, only Blizzard knows.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here. I’m not preaching any fantasy ideals, I’m clarifying the difference between rule and enforcement because there are people who obviously can’t tell the difference.

You are just a closet toxic guy aren’t you. Stick to your thing. I am done interacting with your “quoting” to proof your point of view and not understanding the context. SO FOR THE LAST TIME.

  1. People false report you. and you get the thank you messages for some random person getting the hammer. and no verification by human beings (or game masters) is useful because there will be at least one instance of abusive chat which they will use it upheld the suspension. Code of conduct as stated by someone above is BROAD. and they can literally imply absolutely anything to Abusive chat.

  2. Your concept of “Blizzard says this, so your argument is invalid”, is flawed because blizzard is watching out for themselves with this legal jargon. They have no concept of contextual implementation. And they are right to do so, they have created this Huge company and they need to protect it from absurdity.

  3. Finally, Your personal innuendos with cherry picking lines and not understanding the opposite parties point of view in the entire thread is proper toxicity. Please learn to respect other’s point of view even if you don’t agree with it. CONVERSE, don’t attack.

OVER and OUT>. Spread around your prejudiced notions on the forums. bb.

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Don’t Banter or You gonna get reported. Don’t ignore false reporting.

The sad part about OW is the INCREDBILY SOFT community.

Ive played alot of games in a high level and never seen a community this SENSITIVE

everyone is so fragile in OW, you cant say literally anything without offending someone.


Breaking the rule even once is still breaking the rule, and any punishment is well deserved because the rule has been broken.

Blizzard’s in game rule description is not “legal jargon.” The EULA is legal jargon. In game policy is in plain english:

Compared to Blizzard’s “legal jargon”:

Your use of the Platform to interact with Blizzard and other players is governed by Blizzard’s Code of Conduct (the “Code of Conduct”) and applicable in-game policies (the “In-game Policies”). The Code of Conduct and In-Game Policies are not meant to be exhaustive.

Blizzard makes in-game rules to promote their ideal environment. They don’t need those rules to legally protect themselves when the overarching EULA says they reserve the right to ban anyone for any or no reason at all.

I understand the point others are making, and I have provided evidence to counter points made by other posters. That’s how debates work.

Hypocrisy much?

I’ve seen wrongful bans that were based on a lie by a Blizzard moderator, without any room for doubt. So does it even matter anymore if you get banned…?


If you want to be ban immune, simply never type in chat. If you have to grieve, do it in voice chat. :ok_hand:


The rule says speed limit is 65 mph. You driving by a cop doing 80 mph and him not chasing you down doesn’t mean speed limit is 80 mph, it just means you didn’t get punished for breaking the rules this time.

Thing is, there are no cops in any game. Rather a number of individuals without the equipment to determine
how fast the car drives.

LOL, some of you are acting as if people go reporting everyone they play with just to be funny. Truth is, reporting is an extra step that nobody enjoys doing, but when someone is annoying, offensive, frustrating, etc., it relieves a bit of stress they helped cause.

If you are getting banned due to reporting, you’ve been doing something to lower the quality of the experience for A LOT of people, because you don’t get banned for being reported 10 or even 20 times.

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OW’s police are the forum moderators, GMs, and the semi-automated punishment.

Except unlike a car, obeying the rules in OW is binary. There is no 64, 65, or 66 mph; either the false report was sent or it was not. The posted rule is don’t report “these things,” if someone sends a report for “these things” then the rule is broken and that person should be punished.

But this is why I pointed out the difference between rule and enforcement. The enforcement team should be investigating if the report sent is a false report or not.

Even when the rule is clearly broken, as evident of many people blatantly admitting to doing so in their own forum posts (not this thread specifically but in general), they are often not punished. If someone uses profanity, the mods are usually pretty good about stamping it out with mod-edits and messages in the offending post saying so. But many false reporting posts just stays up untouched, which gives the feeling that mod’s don’t really care if people break that rule. That’s broken enforcement.

And people’s posts on their attempts to dispute their false reports shows that GM’s don’t really investigate false reporting cases either. The evidence I’ve seen so far, the GM’s just go “well you got reported a lot so you must be doing something wrong.” That’s a broken enforcement system.

I think automatically getting punished for mass reports is pretty self-explanatory as a broken enforcement system.

There have been many posts where people talk about how rewarding it feels to get the “action taken” message pop-ups, or complaining how they don’t get those messages despite all the reports they’ve sent. Blizzard putting in that message was a double-edged sword.

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there is no more cultures in this world.

You say that people report to relieve stress. But Comp itself is naturally stressful. Not only do people actually regularly report just for an “omegalul” (they’re usually the types that say things like that), but it’s precisely because it relieves stress that people false report.
People jump through insane gaps to justify their BS reporting. They say that things are offensive when they’re not. They say that because someone is frustrating that’s deserving of a report.
I’ve seen OTPs called slurs regularly then have those slur users rally others to report the OTP, saying it was actually the OTP that was calling him slurs.

It’s truly disgusting. This community has ZERO empathy. All they care about is themselves. They think, ‘i don’t like this guy’ is grounds to remove a player from the game completely. And almost everyone is like this – even off-meta players, even OTPs, even Blizzard, everyone.

If you’re getting banned due to reporting, it means you’re pissing off a LOT of people. True. But here’s the thing: Walk into a flat earthers convention (they probably exist). Say the earth is round. Bam. You just pissed off a LOT of people. A lot of idiots. Idiots with the power to ban you, whom only do because they’re idiots.
All you’ve gotta do is piss off a lot of idiots. And that’s super easy. That’s the issue.


Doubt it’s banter, more like trying to tilt your opponents and disguising it as banter.

I am used to playing games where you can promote genocide in chat and worse without any consequences.

I really don’t see value in nuking people off the chat because they said mean words anymore…

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How does you being used to it make it acceptable? It might be acceptable for you, but that doesn’t make it right. I’ve been on the internet since the days of 300 baud modems, and the rampant toxicity is a relatively new trend. It doesn’t have to be this way, but there are a lot more people with poor emotional and self control on the internet these days.

Well, it’s called a disincentive. It discourages people from behaving horribly. That’s the point.