Banter is viewed as Abusive Chat?

So, if you see a banter in a competitive game, or a guy (removed) in a competitive game, it’s a bannable offence and you have the right to be offended by it and use the in-game reporting system?

Also i didn’t got banned for banter, i am just gauging the mental state of the community which is based upon an online-competition PvP.

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I don’t work for Blizzard, I don’t determine what a bannable offense is. They decide. Either accept their rules or don’t play. It doesn’t matter past that.

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yep, i learned it the hard way. It’s truly automated, and people are really sensitive. I made fun of a guy who was bronze and playing with plat friend in competitive off-season. I asked why are you playing at such high rank, you would obviously be a burden. His friends says, “To give him exposure”. After the game ended, and his team was clearly struggling, i said in chat “got exposure? XD”. And the bronze guy messaged me “you are very toxic, i am reporting you”.

THAT’S IT. “XD” is abusive chat now. GG WP. This community is literally getting such idiotic. i swear to god, my brain is exploding with both laughter and anger.


But do you determine if it’s a reportable offense?

I am reporting anyone who types gg ez in chat if my team loses. I feel offended when someone is making fun of my lost game. YES SIR. That’s the way to use the “Automation” Tools :smiley:


You keep saying it’s “banter” when Blizzard has already told you it’s not.

This isn’t “banter.”


you picking sentences to suit your arguments there :smiley:

When did i say, i was banned for banter?

And next, making fun of a guy by saying “Got exposure? XD” it’s not banter. when did i say, it was banter? i was replying to the other guy with that incident.

Please don’t change the course of conversation to suit your need or “Blame” it on me.

I want to understand, if the community of Overwatch players plays competitive games and sees a banter, should it be reported as abusive chat?.


What did you learn “the hard way”?

People obviously don’t share what you think is “banter” if they’re reporting you for abusive chat. I wouldn’t be surprised if people reported for abusive chat when you make post things like


i am not justifying my silence as “it was just a banter”. The deed is in past, i don’t care what happened there. I am talking about present, and if banter should be viewed as Abusive chat.

Cherry picking sentences to suit your argument, and then equating, making fun of a person as abusive chat. What kind of stupidity is that? And yet, still not sticking to the question, should Banter in competitive matches be viewed as Abusive chat.

I really want to understand your methodology here now, if anyone is Mean/Trolling (as you constantly try to picture me doing), you SHOULD report them for abusive chat? Being mean or trolling for you equates to Abusive chat then why shouldn’t people report game play sabotage for one trick mercy mains or for that any other one trick players.


Damn son, you really quoting and targeting. stick to thread topic. Such evasion, much wow.

Seeing how you play with multiple people from multiple cultures, banter has a large change of being interpreted as abusive chat.

You have to keep in mind that what is banter for you might be upsetting or offensive for somebody else.

So the answer to your question:

Yes it could be, but it totally depends on the people you play with.

Also, this

Is completly unnecessary and probably says more about you then the majority of people

I think you are absolutely right, different culture will perceive communications differently. I read it somewhere, a simple hello gesture in one culture can be considered as offensive in another culture. I think it’s safe to assume, there is a thin line between what is abusive/offensive and is dependent on a lot of factors. It is indeed a complex decision should you choose to report people. I will take this into consideration next time i am about to report someone.

sarcasm can be hard to interpret; it’s a complex way to communicate, Hillis said. First, the person has to understand the literal meaning of what someone says, and then the listener has to detect the components of sarcasm: a wider range of pitch, greater emphatic stress, briefer pauses, lengthened syllables and intensified loudness relative to sincere speech, the researchers wrote in the study.

“There’re a number of cues people use, and it’s both facial cues and tone of voice,” Hillis said.

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Using sarcasm in a forum is a bad idea.

As Hillis said:

You can’t listen to text. A forum post doesn’t have a tone, it’s just plain text.

And that is exactly what you should look out for. Because the way it looks, you’re insulting other people. While apperently you’re trying to be sarcastic.

Maybe when people say, “I’m reporting you”, it’s banter! Reporting is a sore spot for many, so people joke about it. Bottom line, you have no idea when you are reported and what for.

Also, if you are reported enough to get banned, then you are doing something. I play ALOT, and I joke and banter, but I’ve never been banned.


Yes, I’ve seen people call others f**, garbage, you name it, tell them what to do and where to go and follow it with “just banter” or “memes”

It’s abusive chat 9/10 times, and someone thinks they will CYA with a “banter!”


Why do people report lol and gg?!

You asked, so I’m going to give you some advice that applies to OW and beyond:

When you communicate with anyone in any medium, don’t rely on facial expressions, smiley faces, emojis, or anything else to alter the literal meaning of a statement. It’s passive-aggressive.

Take everything literally, and assume that everyone takes you literally.

Hard mode advice: stop being sarcastic, stop “reading into” things people say, stop giving hints, and just be straightforward.


Banters often turn to arguments

Arguments turn to tilted players

Tilted players often get toxic

Toxic players often get reported

And finally, toxic players get banned.

The end

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If you are you using playful banter, but it’s not viewed as playful, then yes, it will be considered abusive and you’ll probably be reported.

If you think someone is taking offense (or maybe just every time), just say something like, “haha I’m just kidding bro!”

Again, like what I and others have repeatedly said, what you think is “banter” is not banter to everyone.

If you are being reported, then what you have said is considered abusive chat to whoever sees/hears your messages. If you are being silenced/suspended by Blizzard, then what you have said is considered abusive chat by Blizzard. Not “banter.”

That is literally Blizzard’s definition for abusive chat.

Harassing or Defamatory

This category includes both clear and masked language and/or links to websites containing such language or images which:

  • Insultingly refer to other characters, players, Blizzard employees, or groups of people
  • Result in ongoing harassment to other characters, players, Blizzard employees, or groups of people

Yes, that is covered under “Abusive chat” by being “harassing” or “disruptive communication.”

Because Blizzard has explicitly said one-trick is not a reportable offense, and the ingame report clearly says refusing to switch is not a reportable offense.