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Why does my endorsement level drop when I’m not doing anything wrong or problematic for the team?

Like daily when I log on I get told my endorsement level has dropped back to 3, but I have no idea what I could have possibly have done to make that happen.

The only thing I do is leave games (QP only never comp) when 4/5 people insta lock DPS and refuse to switch. It’s no fun watching them all trickle in and die the exact same way each time. Or having them spam “We need a healer!” like no duh, do the team a favor and switch. I’ve only left games maybe 5 times since it got implemented.

I don’t really understand why I get punished for people being jerks and not playing to win.


Hello! I have taken a lot of time to investigate endorsement ratings and how they work. Endorsement levels can decrease for a variety of reasons and can often be recovered.

The most common reasons that an endorsement level will decrease is due to decay over games played without receiving enough endorsements. Endorsement levels will reduce to a lower level if you did not receive enough endorsements within the most recent games played. Note that this is not a time-based decay (like Diamond and higher Competitive SR). Here are my recommended quota for maintaining and reaching certain endorsement levels:

  • Players should earn one endorsement within two games played to reach and maintain level 2.
  • Players should earn one endorsement within every game played to reach and maintain level 3.
  • Players should earn two endorsements within every game played to reach and maintain level 4.
  • Players should earn three endorsements within every game played to reach and maintain level 5.

Leaving games negatively affect your endorsement rating. Make sure in casual game modes to leave only after a match completes and before the next one starts. If you are penalized for leaving a Competitive Match, you will automatically take an instant endorsement level loss.

Violating the Blizzard Code-of-Conduct and receiving an account silence or suspension will result in a complete loss of your Endorsement ratings, demoting to level 0 (one level below the default).

You cannot lose endorsements for:

  • Being falsely reported by other players. A report itself will not trigger a loss of endorsement rating, only an account action issued by Blizzard will.
  • Electing to leave a Competitive Match by the option of forfeit when there is a leaver on your team for more than 2 minutes.
  • Not playing the game for an extended period of time.

I like how this is said. Allow me to rephrase though:

Being falsely reported by other players WILL NOT affect your endorsement level, however, being falsely reported to the point of having Blizzard’s automated reporting system action will in fact drop your endorsement level to zero.

Kudos Blizzard

But other than that, I did find your post most insightful. Thanks for sharing.

Leaving games causes you to lose 50 endorsements. If you want to maintain your level 4, you have to stop leaving games.
Edit: sorry, meant to reply to OP!

Oh while we’re on the topic, what is the purpose of Endorsement Levels other than for show? It’s not like people really gauge and look before the game begins, and if so, I wish to have the option to have this private as well.

“Oh I bet if I autolock this hero, that’ll most likely cause this level 4 endorsed player to swap / flex”

or the opposite

“Oh I bet this player with an endorsement level of 1 is selfish af and not a team player, I best adapt to his/her needs”

There is decay even when you’re playing in a stack with friends/players you’ve already endorsed though which is stupid.

I was able to maintain level 4 for two days until yesterday, after my friend and I joined a 4 stack we played a few games with. I still gave out Sportsmanships to the enemy team but wasn’t receiving enough back because I’m playing with the same team over multiple games and decayed back to level 3. This contradicts the whole LFG system.

Don’t really care that much, but I’ve gone from level 4 back to level 3 despite endorsing people every game so many times that it’s just annoying now.


Sorry but it has been stated that reports are verified by representatives of Blizzard entertainment.

Sorry wyomingmyst, but while what you say may be true, and what is “verified” by is by human beings, I can without a doubt tell you that these human beings that do the verification have no sense of what is toxic, and will literally cherry pick a few lines out of 500+ comp games and pass them off as toxic. There has literally never been a case to my knowledge where once a player was silenced it was reversed.

For example, as proof as to why one of my accounts was silenced, the “human verifier” quoted the HE-MAN - HEYAYAYA song that I so joyfully typed out in spirit for the team which I enclosed by the universally known music notes. Here’s it for you so you can believe I am not an artist that specializes in BS:

2018-09-19 18:25:24 ♪♪I SAY HEY
2018-09-19 18:25:27 WHATS GOIN ON
2018-09-19 18:25:40 I SAY HEY ♪♪
2018-09-19 18:25:42 WHATS GOIN ON
2018-09-19 18:25:46 HEAYYAYAYAYAYA
2018-09-19 18:25:52 I SAY HEY
2018-09-19 18:25:55 WHATS GOIN ON
2018-09-19 18:25:57 ♪♪

Very toxic, I know. Then he had the audacity to say I should not use or refrain from using all caps. I simply cross referenced him to a ticket I submitted earlier inquiring about that specifically and that moderator told me typing in all caps is not reportable. But I still got reported and actioned. And this is just a couple examples out of a whole laundry list mind you.

Another example that I’ll share briefly that shows how ridiculous the reporting system is the last two times I was wrongfully silenced, I received the warning status, and chose not to say a single word thereafter, yet still ended up getting silenced. Asked why having a warning system if they go thru with the silence unjustly? “The penalty has already been reviewed and upheld, no further action will be taken” is the best answer I can get.

I hate everything about the reporting system. I find the endorsement level system just another facade to hide how disgusting their reporting system is. People can submit infinite unwarranted reports without any punishment. Yet, fart in wrong direction, pick a hero you enjoy playing, or simply not be a 5-stack’s slave, and you will wrack up more unwarranted reports than ever imaginable.

I am sorry, but if I was in that representatives shoes, I would stand by the same decision. As a reminder, the Code-of-Conduct clearly states:

Such behavior clearly disrupts the game. Furthermore, the Abusive Chat report category in the game clearly states:

I have personally reported and will continue to report players with behaviors similar to the one you have just described. Unfortunately, you are now also breaking forum Code-of-Conduct as this topic has steered away from your original inquiry about Endorsements to sharing specific details of your account actions against you. I won’t flag this post as I think you understand where I come from, but I am a player (NOT a Blizzard Representative) who believes that the behavior you have shared is not acceptable to the rest of the community.

Remember that you need to think about others when you play Blizzard games, do they want to see this spam in the text or voice chat? The occasional joke is fine. Spreading a little salt is fine. But what you have shared only proves the system is working like it is supposed to.

Can we have an answer yo what Meatloaf said ?
If you play consecutive games with the same group of players, nobody can’t endorse anyone after two games.
That means you’re gonna loose endorsment because you want to play consecutive games with the same people. That’s even worst if you play with players of your friendlist because you can’t endorse them at all.

Why is that a thing ? It encourages us to play with randoms and leave between each games to have more “endorsable” people and not play with our friends.

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