Refusing to Switch

I don’t understand the support team. The devs have said one trick isn’t bannable. But, support team is enforcing the ban. As their the one you have to contact. :thinking:

There’s literally a sentence that says “refusing to switch is not reportable” in the report section.

I get it, it’s annoying. It’s still flase reporting.
Being bad at the game is not against the rules.


Arg you got me there (○□○)

Unfortunately, the enforcement piece is very, very bad as things stand…false reporters get away with false reports, and innocent folks get banned due to the number of false reports

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Officially? No, you can’t report it.
In reality? Sure, the bots have no idea why people report each other.

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It’s relatively time consuming to prove irrefutably. You’d need to record every second of your playtime on a new account and then provide access to it along with running a public profile to show your in game time. (Otherwise people can say you did something bad off screen.) You’d also need to manage to get yourself banned which either means persuading a bunch of friends to false report you or managing to aggravate lots of people without doing anything that can be argued to merit being banned. Additionally, you’d need to demonstrate you had other accounts that were not banned on the same comp to show that said account was not banned due to a ban on another account on the same PC.

The thing is, I’m not sure anything would change if one proved it.

As for less than fully irrefutable proof, you can see bans occur during matches after an individual has hit the report button. It’s possible that it’s just a coincidence and the staff just happened to look into it at exactly that moment but, it isn’t exactly likely.

You’ll also see that certain heroes attract a fair number of bans that others don’t. If you search you can find various complaints about staff bans along with the alleged responses from staff at least some are likely creative writing. (Note, it’s possible that these bans are legit albeit in someways possibly unfair. If lots of people hate playing with Sym and are toxic towards the Sym players and the Sym player lashes back occasionally the Sym can end up getting banned because they did break the rules and as they get reported sufficiently their rule breaking is looked into and found. Most people violate the rules at some point and reports get people to check if they are checked manually.)

Manually reading and dealing with reports is also expensive. If you actually had a system where you manually dealt with reports it would be significantly in your interest to cut down on false reporting. No significant efforts are visible for doing so to this point which suggests that they aren’t making them which suggests they aren’t doing much manually.

With that said, you do have staff comments that suggest otherwise:

This one is interesting from the stand point that chat would be an area that you would think a bot could generally handle. My reports for abusive chats are for slurs, cursing someone out, and telling people to kill themselves. I don’t think any of that is beyond a bots detection.

Reporting someone for refusing to switch is false reporting. You are allowed to play the heroes you want.

You can report someone for flaming though.

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Unfortunately, no.

Not switching is not reportable as outlined in the conditions for gameplay sabotage.

As long as they are supposedly “trying”, you can’t report anyone for playing whatever hero they want in whatever situation regardless of them getting hard countered.

I don’t like this but that’s just how it unfortunately is.

No they don’t. Bans are only “automated” when you are getting loads of reports filed against you within a small time frame and when that happens, Blizzard doesn’t need to look through each individual report to know that something is up.

In terms of other bans where the process is expanded throughout a larger time frame, it has been proven that Blizzard checks through the reports.

Chipsa actually received evidence for one of his bans under abusive chat.

Same with Effect when he got banned for false reporting Sym one tricks

with a few noted exceptions, yes, they do get away with it as there is little to no investigation done

streamers who stream the evidence and high profile players are far more likely to be penalized for such things.

the average joe, not so much

Someone could go Zarya and bubble you or go Winston and dive together. Running Mei and Sombra together is actually a huge disadvantage (your team damage will be horrible) so that might actually be exploitable.

Realistically you should probably go on Orisa instead, but your team does have options.

This game has a cold paradox called; The game goes against its own ETHOS which is “inclusion”. I really wish there wasn’t metas because people play the game the way they know it and then when they Que for Competitive play. Suddenly, over 1/2 half the heroes are NOT viable to the situation.

People do NOT intentionally throw a game. THey just don’t know any better. I mean I really LOATHE the player that picks hanzo for competitive play. Because there is going to be SHIELDS and that is ONLY going to create “poke damage”. Then with the off-chance something picks Zarya, they MIGHT try for a “Grav dragon”. But did it really move the game anywhere?

Let alone, is the Hanzo flanking and distracting the enemy team enough for us to start pushing forward? None of us would actually know. Because the scoreboard is NOT lighting up with “kill feeds”. So generally players in the match BLAME the Hanzo for “throwing” the game and by NOT switching.

This game does NOT show us effectiveness of one player, they could know that Character to the best of their ability and we could lose by another technicality and it wasn’t the hanzo. It could be OUR tank that is choosing NOT to go in, at all, and the Hanzo gets the “Thrower’s report”.

The same goes for me just making the off-hand decision at the less minute of the game to play Widow or Tracer. I know the characters well and what to do with them. But because of the threats I could receive for an ACCOUNT ban, for an “off meta pick”. I simply chose NOT to take the risk until the last minute. Because then people do NOT care.

I’ve Literally done that more than ONCE on WP Gibraltor Attack. I know Widow or Tracer for the game, and when it comes down to 60 seconds remaining. I switch to one of those two and we begin pushing, because I was heckling the other team GOOD. But the game is STILL a loss. Because players do NOT want to accept risky metas.

SO in essence there is the Paradox to this game, we all know and have to deal with. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

No, but you can report peoiple that annoy others with “switch you…”.
Telling others permanently to switch is toxic. Hero selection is not reportable as officially stated.

Though, if someone intensionally switches in the middle of the fight to sabotage it, that’s another story. Like the only healer swwiches off in the middle of the heat. That i woudl consider game play sabotage.

Sometimes people do this as a desperation move to get a counter. Like, if Pharah is wrecking us and our DPS won’t hitscan or are so bad it makes no difference, I might go Ashe in hope to counter her myself. Also, the DPS might have ignored my requests to get on a counter but they’re less likely to ignore that the team has no healer now.

Report away if it makes you feel better about yourself. Trust me, no one from Blizzard cares about your false reports.

well, false reports are counted the same as legit ones, and once someone has accumulated x (no one outside Blizzard knows the value of x) reports over y (same, unknown) period of time, they are autobanned

so Blizzard “cares” about them, in that they are counted equally

True, but that is NEVER EVER working.
It makes things always worse.

And to be honest, those people were always complaining about dps whilte they do dps on their own and let their dps die.

At least in my experience this was 100% the time the case.

Jeff says one-tricking is not bannable:

thats not a reportable offense, get over yourself please

They actually do need to look through the report. Ask any Sym one trick about their bans.