What can we do about false reporters?

Good luck. I’m not going to waste my time. My educated guess suggests that you’re probably in the wrong. Come post again when your account is no longer suspended and Blizzard admits they are in the wrong.

Until then, you were already proven guilty multiple times with no financial benefit for Blizzard to suspend your account.

My account isnt suspended anymore. Did you read my orginal post. I got a suspension for 1 day and havent played since even after it expired.

This is a QQ post about a day suspension?

Good god. Have a nice day.

Why are you being such a jerk? I am posting my concerns about a report system I believe is faulty.

Let me get this straight.

If its a day suspension then I am a cry baby QQer who should get over it.

But if its a week suspension then im a toxic player who needs to realise I need to change since i keep getting suspended?

Is there any winning at all with you?

You can spam reports and get people banned for nothing because no one reads reports.

I hold no opinions, but it has been confirmed that violations such as Abusive Chat are verified by a Blizzard representative before account actions are issued (source). Furthermore there have been many instances where proven toxic players are often called out by Blizzard representatives:

No, I have not, but I am one of the forum MVPs and I work hard to provide detailed responses and help players get to the right resources they need and I also have direct communication with many of Blizzard’s customer service representatives. However, I know have been reported many times falsely, but I have never come close to even a warning.

Not being a jerk. I’m being honest with you.

Would you not be upset or annoyed if you got game privilages removed despite not breaking any rules?

Because they have before, and have even admitted their wrong doings. Who’s to say they wouldn’t make another mistake like this again?

Well I’ve been suspended from the forums many times, and I can personally say appealing doesn’t do crap.

You post a detailed explanation of why you don’t deserve it, and 5 seconds later you get a response saying “we have reviewed this matter and found in favor of our original decision. No further appeals will be reviewed”, meanwhile even if you did deserve it 5 seconds was barely long enough to read your complaint, let alone review the situation.

^That. It takes quite a load of reports to have actions taken against you. Sorry, but your story is balogney. At best, maybe you got reported for playing torb and symmetra at times when it wasn’t working. But since you claim you’ve been 1 week away from comp - I think you are hiding something.

I mean you can check my stats. I did post my Overbuff page. I havent played since thursday when I got the day suspension.

Please note, I am strictly referring to game account actions.

Fair enough. So I assume you have no knowledge or experience of forum account actions? Or are you just trying to stay on topic

False reports are generally due to hero choice. Your only ‘unpopular’ heroes are Torb and Symm, which you have a total of 3 hours on collectively-- only enough to gather approx. 40 reports on if every single person on your team reported you. Which… I doubt. Needless to say, I’ve never heard of users collectively singling out a teammate to load reports on.

Perhaps you were having poor games, or ignoring callouts in chat. Even then, though, I don’t see many people reporting you on those basis alone.

I have been forum account actioned once, and I supported their decision and did not appeal.

did you meme it up, Wyoming? Don’t lie. ;>

Are you asking what did I do? I won’t go into details, but I got really mad a post that had abusive language and posted a small troll response. Both the original post and my reply was actioned appropriately.

I have won most of my games played on torb and sym though. So I clearly havent been trolling with them.

Well my point was they don’t even review the appeals for forum accounts, so you didn’t miss out on much by not doing so