Banning trash talk instead of just silencing

when i said that muting is “short-term” i didnt mean that it’s temporary. i mean that an individual muting another is only relevant to that person, some other toxic person if fated to queue with you again if you have to individually mute one after another.
when someone is banned he cant be matched with anyone, which means that he’s not going to be an extra person that someone needs to mute. it’s a permanent solution to the infinite small problems said toxic person creates every time he is matched with another 5 people.

do you think banning is a justified for any reason? because if you think there’s are ever reasons to ban someone, i doubt the reasons behind it are that far removed from the reasons that repeated toxicity is bannable.

Nope … it is found that players report people who don’t respond to chat. That’s why they know if they mute someone, that someone will be reported(and banned by auto-ban system, ofc) … So, to avoid more work for CS, they just outright ban you instead of silencing you.

And btw, it’s stupid to ban someone for trash talk, because it’s not an abuse. Insulting someone’s gaming skill is not an abuse…

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Guess who doesn’t have any 1st amendment rights in a private game or wholly owned forum? That’s right, it’s you. If you don’t like the rules in place, feel free to leave.

Payment gets you all the rights and privileges enshrined in the EULA as long as you abide by the ToS. Break them at your own peril… you fabulous rebel you.

A world where you could mute or avoid people perhaps?

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Relevant XKCD:

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Source: "We Will Train Machines to Ban Offmeta Heroes!"

“Currently, everything considered “toxic chat” is verified by human beings. This post is extremely misleading and full of misinformation.”

I mean, you can just stop being toxic…

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Agree with this 100%.
I’m currently suspended for “Abusive Chat” until August 30th, and can safely say that it’s an unjust suspension.

  • I get false reported for playing Symmetra (I’m a Sym main)
  • I get reported when back-talking and defending myself against someone who is already piping up about “no skill”, “bad player”, “gg ez”, etc.
  • I’ve been reported for saying “c9”. Kid you not. Someone got offended by me saying “c9”.
  • I’ve been reported by enemies before, such as angry Genji mains who get killed by my sentry turrets.
  • I’ve been reported for saying something like “why does hanzo have to expletive exist” in match chat, despite it not being even aimed at anyone or insulting anyone’s play at all, it’s literally just a way of venting frustrations
  • I’ve been reported before for simply saying something like “X isn’t working, can you switch now”

And like you said, mute and avoid as teammate exist for a reason, yet people don’t use them. It’s always jumping straight to reporting.

The automatic report system is also flawed, as automatic suspensions handed out for a large number of reports aren’t even checked properly and are handed out purely based on “oh you’ve got 100 reports over time, that means you must’ve been toxic, right? there’s no way anyone would ever false report”.

Not to mention the game would be 1000x less frustrating if Blizzard actually addressed issues way faster, such as the countless bugs on heroes (Rein/Road/Doom/Sombra/Sym/etc.) or the heroes who receive reworks and remain borderline busted and meta-defining for literal months (Mercy/Hanzo).
(And of course they keep adding stun abilities and CC, cos we don’t have enough of that already, right?)

Excuse my ranting, but god I just hate how Blizzard is neglecting their game and then blame the players for their frustration so harshly with suspensions, especially considering the report system is automatic and flawed.

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Except if you get false reported?
Did you not consider that?

Niche hero mains getting falsely banned? People getting reported just because some are overly-sensitive to literally every slice of criticism?

So, if that is not the case, would they admit it?

I mean, if you said something that’s clearly over the line, you’re gonna get reported and thus, suspended/silenced.

I love how on this topic, the only ones agreeing with OP are the ones who have been punished for toxic chat or other such behaviors.


Yeah, everyone says that. Everyone is a OTP off-meta that gets banned for playing a hero, and everyone is a sparkle pony that has been unjustly vilified and sanctioned for their sweetness and cupcake personality.

Oh, and I’m not fat I have a glandular problem.


I have to agree. Like it or not, trash talk has been part of everything competitive, ever. Check your feelings at the door and use the features provided to mute/block/avoid/report players you don’t like.

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It takes numerous reports to actually get banned. If you’re getting reported enough to receive a ban, then you’re likely not getting falsely reported. It’s easy for people to claim that they’ve been banned for no reason, but there’s honestly no reason to believe them.

Most professional sports will ban/suspend players for inappropriate trash talk. You point is invalid.

Over what line? Surely the line is subjective from person to person, no?
For example, you could find me asking you to switch complete blasphemy and report me for it. That doesn’t mean it’s “abusive” chat, it just means you’re sensitive. And is there anything wrong with defending oneself? Or should we all just cower up and ignore someone who is genuinely being abusive to people?

Maybe because we’ve experienced it for ourselves?
It’s easy to just sit in the sidelines without any experience and go "oh yeah they must be toxic players because they received an auto-punishment.

Have you any way to prove it’s not true?
You can clearly check my hours and see I’ve invested a huge amount of time into Widow (who was niche/non-meta for a very long time) and Symmetra. You really think it’s hard to believe I would’ve been false reported a ton before?

I get your point, and no doubt some reports are justified, but to receive an auto-suspension from I believe 100 reports is crazy stupid. I’m almost certain that at least 66% of them are for the reasons I listed above.

Actually, it’s defined by CoC. You agreed to follow CoC and ToS when you made an account and purchased a license to play the game.

Or maybe, just maybe, you’re actually toxic? I know, it’s a long shot, but considering the fact that Blizzard has previously said that it’s never automatic with things like this, it’s probably your own fault.

Have You any way to prove your punishment is not genuine?

Like, you have no evidence to prove your innocence, yet Blizzard has every word you’ve every typed in chat since you picked this game up.

If 100 people found you to be toxic, you’ve got to be toxic lol.

Excellent question. Banning is appropriate for things like cheating, hacking, privacy violations, racism, or stalking. That last justification is interesting, because when someone threatens to report me, they are more likely to friend me than mute me.

Yet you seem to have a bit to say about it. And per thread title, the issue is with banned reports.

Oh, why? BTW during this thread discussion Blizzard gabe me another trust level :wink:

At no point did I raise 1st amendment rights. Please stay on topic. It’s also odd you are fine with a business taking your cash, and doing whatever they please.

Oh… how? What is the threshhold? And back on topic: why is banning necessary when a silence (pick your duration) solves the comm’s issue?

Wrong. They’ll even hit each other against the rules, get penalized but usually continue playing. Refs have better things to do than babysit conversations.

The category is literally “Abusive Chat”
Do you know how vague and subjective that is?
What you count as abusive, I may not, and vice-versa.

You actually believe that?
Many people who have received silences and suspensions will tell you that when appealed they receive the same old generic automated response.

Or maybe, just maybe, some are false reports? I know, it’s a long shot, but considering Blizzard don’t care at all about non-meta heroes and neglects the game at this point, it’s probably my own fault, right?

I just wonder if you have been silenced before. I doubt they will just ban an account for first offense.