I wonder how many times I've been reported

and for what

I probably have been reported for something (I know there was a whole team in QP who reported me because I had “too much aim correction at the last second”

It’d be cool to know

Blizzard does not divulge information to a player about any reports they have received. The reason for this is that they do not want players to think they can mitigate times they can push the boundaries of violating the Code-of-Conduct. Blizzard expect each of us to be respectable to one another in every game we play.

I know I have been reported on many occasions, but I have never actioned or warned (short of the Pursuit app warning which is a different scenario). By maintaining a Play Nice, Play Fair stance, I know I will always be able to play Blizzard’s games without risk of being silenced or suspended.

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yea, that kind of policy seems resonable

but i am curious too
i know that recently i got reported at least 2 times (falsley) for cheating … wondering how many people reported me because of somebody insisting on chat to report me
have nothing to hide, if blizz employee will decide to check out how i play… … … … hes up for some great time watching :3

like bring popcorn and have fun, because i am having fun

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Oh and another question

If I’m in a game and there’s a person (that needs to be reported, but isn’t typing anything) is blizz able to access the voice chat to investigate or not?

i guess you got to record VC yourself
if you use geforce you can do this without any problems simply by clicing keybord combination and card will record whole thing

I’m sure I’ve been reported for ‘‘not healing’’ all game :expressionless: Even with huge heal% and equally healing everyone.

lol too bad the system is automated

you will have no recourse for a ban or silence

sooner or later

you get hit

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I know I’ve been reported, multiple times. Mostly on the forums from the same group of people every time that don’t agree with my opinion, so retaliatory reports. Got me suspended for literally saying that I didn’t agree with someone. Apparently not agreeing with an opinion is harassment.

thats why i am shocked that i didnt get punished yet, because i disagree 95% of time … whats the point in agreeing with everyone to whatever they want

all systems got some weak points… thats why Blizz will not share any information on how many people reported/flagged you… because some people would try to abuse whole thing

Well, the people who I disagree with are extremely biased in their opinions, and unfortunately, there are enough of them that when they all report what I say, no matter what it is that I say, I get automatically suspended. They still abuse it, it’s just in a different way than if Blizzard were to tell you how many people have flagged you.

Well for starters, it doesn’t matter if you are falsely reported. Despite belief to the contrary, Blizzard verifies reports. I have been reported by several players from this sick Deathmatch play a few months back:

Nothing ever came of it.

It has been publicly stated that Blizzard is developing ways to collect evidence of voice chat:

This is a myth. Every time Blizzard has addressed a claim they have the evidence to back it up:

To conclude, I strongly recommend that anyone with a BlizzCon virtual ticket (or is going to BlizzCon live) to make plans to watch the upcoming “Play Nice, Play Fair” panel where Blizzard will be addressing many of the tools they use to help keep Blizzard games a friendly place to play for everyone.

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looking forward for it

Nice shots in your Widow clip