💥 Reaper is gonna need his grenade launchers soon

This torb rework is gonna make reaper pretty much obsolete without some serious buffs. I vote he gets his grenade launchers

ht tp://i.imgur.com/1ahRwpW.gif

We all joke about how shadow step is not useful, wraith forms buff to reloading his guns definitely helped, death blossom is still powerful but with the amount of stun/cc in the game its hard to get value.

Dude needs some explosives badly

Maybe make it a secondary weapon choice for him? He can choose the shotguns for up close or 2 shot grenade launchers for far away?

He could shoot grenades that dont bounce like junkrats and when he wants to move in his wraith form could switch back to shotguns so he can go secure some kills?


Torb has a less random shotgun, and an armor impacting ult

Pharah, Soldier, and McCree are getting changed.

Reaper is going down the drain if he isn’t buffed today


He’ll need to work a deal out with Junkrat then.

Money talks.


yeah i forget the little weasle has grenades too. I edited OP. I think it could work as a secondary weapon. just give him 1 shot for each gun (2 rounds) and it could give him some use for far away fights and maybe when he weakens his targets he can wraith a swap weapons to shotguns to finish off?

Changes i think could be work

-Wraith form and Death Blossom leaves a smokescreen on the ground
-Right click: Fires both shotguns and immediately reloads even if you have ammo left in the clip.
-Shadow Step is immediately and enemies doesnt hear the ability line (or only within a much closer range than now)


Yes, the smoke grenades of the first trailer would be give him some utility in flanking comps.



Smoke or damage, people been wanting this for a long time and now seems like a good option.

The smoke would be cool though the enemy cant see your outlines but you can see the enemy outlines.


give it up guys… blizzard hates reaper… blizzard just wants reaper to rest in peace… leave him alone.


Never as long as Jack lives the Reaper still has work to be done!


if jeff thinks hes ok (even though he isnt) he will just shove his hand of truth, say hes ok and will most likely forget your hero for 1+ year


Instead. I propose they just give a cloaked grim reaper skin for Torbjorn so that I can play the superior tank busting shotgun user.


Well if we’re doing role reversal give reaper a mini turret armed with the grenade launchers and it levels up as reaper or the turret get kills

Moira - “nice turret whats the power source?”
Reaper - “The souls of my enemies”
Sombra - places a mini reaper on top of the turret “Perfect!! morir, morir, MORIR!”

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I would love to fire grenades as reaper.


I support any and all of this. Reaper needs something, anything. Our poor edgelord has lost his edge.


How about smoke bombs?



As i said before i’ll take anything to help him. Thats not a bad name for em though, i think it should still be a secondary though, Nightfall Grenade Launchers.

In the cinematic the NIGHTFALL GRENADES came out of the bottom barrels of his shotguns.


Nightfall grenades that do initial damage on impact and then gradual damage. It’ll do extra damage to armored opponents

I think grenades that slow enemies would be a nice addition to his kit. As other than Mei, there are no slows in the game. Which for a close range duelist, a mild slow would be nice

I want him to get a smoke grenade tbh.

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