I'm turning in my 1 billion Shotguns

I regret putting so much time and effort into Reaper. Whats the point of playing him when I can go [literally any other hero] and get more value with less risk of getting countered.

I used to love playing Reaper because I loved how edgy and cool looking his abilities wear. But I can’t stand playing him anymore because he’s just so terrible now. He’s completely useless.

Most heroes have a few counters ('cept Brig) but when an entire PTR patch buffs your 3 main counters it’s heartbreaking.

Yeah you may argue I’m just a no skilled Reaper Wm1 +Q-POTG main. But at this point I don’t see the point in caring.

Goodbye fellow Reaper mains, (jk seeya at halloween I want the new Reaper skin)


(/s, I’m parodying the Pharah thread. But this patch is the last nail in Reaper’s coffin)


Im turning in my shotguns too but im trying to figure out where i dropped my grenade launchers from two years ago. I thought they were in my coat somewhere…

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Poor Reaper. Our edgelord has been devoured by the edge.

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lmfao thank you. I love this post. People freaking out about pharah and im over here like yo this is insane. Shes feels great.