How can we fix Reaper?

I think it’s pretty clear that after this patch hits live that Reaper will be one of if not the worst DPS heroes in the game, everything he does everyone else does better. While I’ve shared my fair share of ideas on how to get him out of this miserable state that he’s in since the end of Season 2, I’d love to see the OW communities idea’s for some buffs/reworks that everyone’s favorite edgyboi needs.

literally anything plz


needs new ability

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Give him 50 armor on his health.200 health plus 50 armor included.

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I vote for smoke grenades as a secondary. Would add more utility to his kit.
OR sludge bombs. Slows down movement in the area

Or, give him the sludge bombs AND make it so his wraith move releases smoke while its activated which blinds enemies but not allies

Also just fix his teleporting move. Make it quicker and less laggy. I don’t see how that would make him OP.

And let his wraith form climb walls.

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That is what I have come down to. I do not trust the developers in the same way that Shadow Step finds unintended locations, but at this point, I leave this to their discretion.

My preference is, because he is more left click orientated than McLeftClick, a spread change. But literally anything is fine too.

Blizz, baby, you do this, and I will give you “favors” from under the desk.