Poor Reaper, Counters Buffed

Not only has he had a tough-ish time recently, but with his counters getting some buffs whilst he remains neglected, even tougher times approach for our poor, poor edgelord.

Now I don’t think he needs a rework by any means, but I think his teleport needs a little tweaking. Maybe something like when teleporting he instantly leaves his current location but still takes time to appear at the back end of the TP. This allows him to use it to possibly escape at times when wraith is down. Or maybe even give him something for his unused alt fire button. Smoke grenade maybe? Maybe add something like a slow to the enemies caught in the smoke grenade? Or added life leach while Reaper’s in the smoke?

And I know they’ve talked about how certain heroes may only be used for certain scenarios. So I understand that. But I still think he needs just a little something. And I don’t want him to lose his TP, I think it’s integral to the flanking aspect of his playstyle and a decent means to place yourself. But tweaking it to give it more uses could be really beneficial, as well as lowering the volume of: “REPOSITIONING!!!”


I wouldent really call being trash since season 2 ended recently lol

Haven’t you heard? Torbjorn is the new reaper. Who needs tankbusters when you have a minitank who busts 'em better?


join the reaper rally for a better afterlife

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Hahaha, you make a good point. Let’s keep him trash. All hail Pharah! :stuck_out_tongue:

(This was tongue in cheek by the way)

Exactly! All hail the all mighty dwarven brerhren! (while I listen to Numb and cry in a corner) :cry:

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Reaper probably needs a rework. He has an identity crisis paired with an underwhelming kit. He’ll get something just it’ll take some time :disappointed:

Look how universal this statement is!

Except that’s stupid because said cowboy just got his buff and Pharah no longer knockbacks so bad, i.e. easier for him to shoot her down

Shared my gripes about his kit. Would appreciate you taking a look, fellow Reaper peeps <3

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“minor minor changes”
So they’re still not addressing his kit properly.

At this point he needs to swiftstrike when he turns into shadows haha

I like those changes. I think both options you proposed would help. Personally I would prefer that he kept his teleport (with lessened noise or faster escapability), as it can definitely help in flanking when used just outside of battle to put you in advantageous positions. But something like smoke grenades that slow enemies in their radius would be useful. Would help you in closing distance, help in slowing enemies trying to escape, obscuring sightlines, etc.

To reply to Inky and McCree. I think overall McCree is in a better place than Reaper and is useful in more scenarios. Doean’t mean he doesn’t need some more tweaking. But I’m under the belief that Reaper needs even more to make him viable. But, other heroes need it even more than both McCree and Reaper (looking at you Bastion). Just a matter of who needs more of said tweaking. And personally, I believe Reaper needs it more than most in the Overwatch cast of heroes