💥 Reaper is gonna need his grenade launchers soon

why cant it be both? i was thinking the smoke could up his movement speed too. Like for instance instance while he’s int he smoke

Damage reduction 25%
Movementspeed up 25%
Enemies can not see allied outlines
Reapers wraith form move 50% faster
Shadow Step cast animation speed increased 50% voiceline unheard by enemy.

let him relocate and utilize the smoke


I was born in the bumping threads I mean darkness etc something about being molded blah blah ow #buffreapernow


If he doesn’t get it, I sill want to see a hero with a shotgun/grenade launcher hybrid weapon. Specifically an airburst grenade that detonates after a short fixed distance, or impacts for low dmg if hitting before that.

The Corinth from Warframe is the perfect example. https://youtu.be/0jj01jHejqQ

(I also love this gun’s pump-action/individual shell reload mechanics)

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You just described Roadhog’s weapon.

Oh someone’s using my callsign

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yes and no. The distance-based shot is similar, but the grenade is an area explosive with vastly different mechanical properties than hog’s alt which is just firing his main gun as if he’s a few meters away. Hog’s is still meant for single targets or to dmg barriers.

The airburst grenade would be ideally be used to fire OVER barriers/tanks, bypassing them entirely providing a fair bit of DPS against a tank/barrier-heavy comp, giving Reaper (or a new hero with the pump-action shotgun mechanics) much more viability against tanky comps beyond the “just get up close and shoot them in the face” play style he is pretty much only used for.

Believe me, if this mechanic was added to Reaper or another hero, it would feel significantly different to use in combat than Hog’s alt. Just because they are both firing modes that involve a projectile detonating at a fixed distance, doesn’t make them “the same”

There was another topic I read that had a suggestion I liked. Essentially removing his Shadow Step (because it’s useless and buggy 2 years after launch) and giving him a smoke grenade that lowers enemy’s visibility and applies a self buff/debuff one way or the other. Would give him an edge as a flanker and probably be more interesting than how he is now.

After fixing hundreds of unintended locations, they cannot just scrap Shadow Step, that would be such a waste. They could easily keep it and still give him smoke grenades. Not that they would, but they could.


They could easily give the ability to a hero it works better with. And even after all their fixes it’s still barely functional, I’d rather have a new ability that fits his kit better instead of the ability as it exists today.

All those fixes still apply to Symmetra’s teleport given it uses the same buggy placement system.

What they could do is speed it up, and allow mid air use. Make the animation super fast (say a total of 1s for the complete casting, from activating and targeting, to disappearing and reappearing), and allow it to be used with off the ground.

Basically it’d be like a quick-cast single-use Sym TP usable from anywhere that could save him from falling off a ledge, or rapidly move into an elevated position, or even behave like another mid-battle maneuver ability.


Moring peeps did someone say DIE DIE DIE!!!

Yeah they wouldnt crap shadow step but he is one of only a handful of heroes with a free ability slot. It’s getting to the point the have to use it. Speeding up shadow step is crucial though, one of the worst feeling is warping to a spot and the second you become tangible you get headshot.

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Reaper already has had all the nails nailed into his coffin, how many more nails do they need to put in it?

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Shadow “HEYGUYSIMHERE” Step needs a full rework. I really really really want to think thats the reason why the developers have not taken care of it, because its not a priority (sadface :disappointed_relieved:) and would take a bit more of work.

Then theres the ALT fire dilemma but meh, Reaper and Bastion are not fine and are on the last slots of attention it seems, nothing we can do now.

you bring up a good point he has no alt fire either. Free ability slot and no alt fire, this dead man needs some serious help.

They’ll put a 2 second Death Blossom which does 50% damage on “E”, and give him a new ultimate “Smog” Reaper releases his black gas, in an area which does damage to people in it

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Reaper is kinda unplayable on the PTR now

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So far hanzo is the only reworked character that never got his ult changed

Yeah but everyone got his ult as E or something

Changes for hog, too.
At least soon, RIP Reaper.

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