How would YOU 'fix' Reaper?

It depends on what you are using it on, bulls get a much bigger one than a cat just to put it into perspective.

Change the UI for teleporter to a point and click mechanic so it works more like a projectile that sticks to whatever surface it touches first rather than the laggy garbage that we have now.

I would make Reaper a healer.

let him fly under wraith form cuz the shadow step is useless

I’m not sure I would change Reaper just yet.

You have 16 DPS heros. Here’s how Reaper stacks up compared to the rest:

Reaper is the 5th most popular in Bronze
Reaper is the 6th most popular in Silver
Reaper is the 7th most popular in Gold
Reaper is the 8th most popular in Plat
Reaper is the 11th most popular in Diamond
Reaper is the 15th most popular in Master
Reaper is the least popular in Grand Master.

He’s got a problematic pickrate relative to the rest of the DPS in the top ranks but, that’s a tiny section of the population and that may shift if other balance changes occur. You have 10 of 16 DPS with pickrates below 1.5% in Diamond - Grand Master so it’s not exactly just a Reaper issue.

Reaper’s really not my cup of tea at all so suggesting changes for him is harder as one might be tempted to annihilate part of what he is.

Yo I got an idea. Give Reaper a new weapon type.

How does it work? Well, seeing as how Reaper materializes guns out of the blue, give him a right click that will allow him to quickly drop his current weapon and swap to a new dual weapon that is suitable for other combat situations. So he won’t just be walking shotgun man that’s only effective at literal melee range.

This can be considered lore friendly because he can materialize them the same way he would conjure his shotguns, and nothing says he wouldn’t use alternative, tweaked weapons suitable to other situations.

His kit is just too simple for him to compete with newer more complex designs in the game. (Unless you nerf those heroes and buff reaper to the gods)

Give Reaper a speedo Problem solved, thank me later.

Make Reaper unnaffected by armor. A supposed tank buster being garbage at depleting tank health is hilariously pathetic. What is even more hilariously pathetic is that two years and a half in that wasn’t addressed

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Me personally? I would make him SILENT. No more announcing his teleports, and no more footsteps. Shotgun sounds and Ult are not affected.

Alternate: give him Silence after Shadowstep, lasts until Shadowstep is cooled down again.

Alternate: the closer a Reaper is to an enemy, the lower that player’s in-game volume.

And increase his reload time slightly and personally I don’t like how armor effects him.


True, but even if it’s bigger it needs to end up springing tight to actually get the job done.

make him able to walk on walls and cielings

One way- Make ult cancel.

Another way, give up his normal DPS, change shadow step into a swiftstrike.

Third way, he can heal ban targets

2 things, one of them being another one of 2 things:

First, make his Shadow Step more free;

  • allow him to move and shoot during the SS process; the targeting and destination mechanic stays the same, along with the shadowy appearance during the teleport process itself. Get rid of the stationary position after the teleport
  • This will allow him to have a fighting chance if he’s caught while teleporting or arriving at his destination. It could be used as a ‘cheap escape’ if used in the middle of a fight, sure, but the sound and shadowy effects on Reaper himself as well as his SS destination will still allow plenty of counterplay to a poorly used Shadow Step.

Secondly, either have him do extra damage to armor
let his guns bypass AND damage barriers like Fire Strike, Tesla Cannon, and old Symgun 1.0.

  • I would personally opt for the former, but currently for a high damage dealer his issue is for as close as he needs to be to the enemy to get the most out of his damage it really… isn’t that damaging. Without making him broken to his counters that SHOULD work (smaller, faster hard to hit flankers like Tracer and Genji for instance), make him good at a niche of heroes.
  • Extra damage against armor like Molten Core would make him a much more formidable tank buster, and may make DPS a bit more relevent than triple tank.
  • Likewise, Barrier bypass on his shotguns could make him more of an Anchor tank buster, which we already have bastion and junkrat for, but coincidentally they are also underwhelming in this current patch. He would still have a potential niche however and could see more use in destroying the currently overused Reinhardt we see this meta around.

That’s how I’d start before calculating new pick/winrates. What do you Reaper mains think?

It’s still bigger than one for a roll of paper, I think you are thinking girth and I’m thinking the actual thickness of the band itself. How many people do you think have no clue what we are talking about?

I was thinking girth. That makes more sense now, thanks for clearing that up.

Probably too many, but that’s for the best

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he has the free abilitly slot and he needs it badly. either as damage, smoke, combination of both, whatever. Shadowstep and wraith is not nearly enough utility for a kit.

Improving his damage against armor would be a start.

For the record I do not think Reaper should bypass barriers NOR ignore armor.

The issue with these two is that it feels rather unfair to the target. Oh, you were on 120hp/100 armor due to Brig, and standing behind a barrier? Yeah sorry, you’re dead cuz Reaper bypasses shields and armor and takes away your white health immediately.

In other words, it creates the problem where people who think they are safe are actually not, which was the whole reason why Brig’s shield bash against Reinhardt was so bloody unfun in the first place.

Instead, I think Reaper should treat armor as white health, i.e. ignore the damage mitigation effects of armor but not the flat value of the armor. This will allow him to shred tanks without significantly improving his general viability against other dps

Of course, shadowstep needs to be replaced.