Reaper Tweaks 🌟

Spread decreased to Doomfist spread
falloff starts at 5m, by 15m its half and at 20m its at 25%

Makes him viable to the short-mid range but overall still close range focused. Maybe decrease damage a bit at the same time but overall this should help him more than anything else is.
Right now he only deals damage at 5m, after that he drops off harder than any other hero due to spread

This is how shotguns were balanced in TF2


i think this would be abit better for him
during wraith he is faster, durations is now 4.5seconds, cooldown is now 7 seconds
make the spread alittle more than doomfist and increase the falloff range by 10m

watch reaper get called op by low elos and high elos call him an actual goo character finally

I mean the core issue for him right now is his crazy spread. If you tighten it a lot but make falloff his core worry he would be in a much better spot.

At 15 meters he deals 10 damage a shot on Zarya(give or take)
Doomfist deals 30 with his shotgun
Torbjorn deals 30 with his aswell

He needs to be able to be atleast kind of a threat at short-mid range, right now he is only a threat at 5m.

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I feel his core issue he cant close in the distance efficiently.

if he can close in the distance better with a more reliable wraith he would be way better than what he is rn

also you to remember he is primarly based on his shotguns so they need to have atleast one downside

While not being able to close in on enemies is an issue his 10m damage is a much bigger issue. He can’t do anything past 7m.
By increasing his range you also increase his engagement ability as he can deal more damage from better ranges

well why not have both
I am being serious btw

Reapers my 2nd favorite DPS behind soldier 76 and his spread drives me insane!!! I have to basically put the barrel right up to their head to get any sort of real damage!


I have been having such a better time pulling off flanks mid fight. About 4 hours ago I was in a match of lijang tower and I dont know how many times shadow step save my butt and allowed me to get behind the enemy and do my job.

Still though I think he needs a grenade launcher alt fire from the cinematic.

I’ve had multiple threads for it but in one Nox, Myself and others came up with some good ideas to make it work:

At the moment I’m thinking they should do 40 impact damage with a small knockback and 20 radius damage, maybe leaving a small smoke cloud behind to obstruct vision.

This would actually give him a way to disengage without using wraith or secure the kills on someone out of range of his shotguns, and if he’s clever maybe shoot ahead of a fleeing target and use to knockback to catch them.

Yeah idk man I’m not very high rank but I destroy in silver and when I was bronze with Reaper. I’m able to flank them with shadowstep and unleash havoc on their team by taking out two or three people regularly. Maybe it’s just the low ranks but I feel like he is really really strong. I climbed out bronze trap with him carrying like every game. Every time I get caught I can usually get away with wraith and then come right back.

This actually does not sound bad at all.

This along with the much needed tweaks to Reaper’s teleport and Wraith should have been implemented from the very start instead of the horrible and lazy life - steal buffs.

It shouldn’t be bad, if it is he should be easy enough to tweak into balance.