Seriously : Reaper must be get changed

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I already uploaded the same post to PTR Feedback and General Discussion. However, Blizzard locked the post because some of the posts contained my personal information. So I fix the problems and reupload.

I am sending this message to suggest some ideas for changing Reaper’s E skill to a new skill. I have been contemplating this idea seriously for a long time, as the current E skill is not welcomed by most users, and even mocked by some users for having a low ability compare to other heros.

My ideas are broken down into 3 sections:
[1] Why reaper’s E skill is not popularly used
[2] Suggestion of a new skill that substitutes for current E skill
[3] Some improvement schemes if the new skill can’t be applied in the future

[1] Why reaper’s E skill is not popularly used
I believe the original purpose of the E skill is to make the most of Reaper’s short distance attacking skill. However, there is a problem that goes against this purpose.

Reaper prepares ‘cross-armed pose’ twice when he prepares to use E skill and again after using E skill within visible range. Therefore, while Reaper prepares this pose and un-do this pose, there is high possibility that reaper is attacked by another enemy. It goes against the main purpose of why this E skill was made, which was supposed to be sneaky approach to the enemy when they are not aware.

Because there is no ‘invincible time’ while Reaper does ‘cross-armed pose’, he normally gets killed as soon as he actives the E skill. So in actual games, the only time users make use of this skill is when they return fighting after a ‘respawn’.

So I suggest adding an ‘invincible time’ to Reaper’s E skill or make the moving time shorter.

[2] Suggestion of new skill that substitutes for current E skill
If it is available to change current E skill to a new skill, I would like to suggest a new idea called ‘New Shadow Step’.

With ‘New Shadow Step’, Reaper can target one enemy within 25m by pressing the same E Key. Player’s view can be designed similar to ‘Mercy’s Guardian Angel’.

After Reaper targets one of the enemies, if player presses the left mouse button, Reaper can “Teleport” to a spot very close to the enemy with high speed. This skill is similar to ‘Roadhog’s Chain Hook’ apart from Reaper directly runs to the enemy. And if the player Presses the right mouse button, he can cancel the skill. The ‘cooldown time’ of the skill can be similar to the current E skill’s cooldown time.

I believe this new skill will make Reaper’s short distance attacking style more attractive and players can fight more intelligently with various strategies.
Actually, I have an image created to explain this skill in detail, but I don’t know how to upload it.

[3] Some improvement schemes if the new skill can’t be applied in the future
If these two opinions are not able to be applied, I suggest these following solutions.

-Please make Reaper climb up the wall like Genji and Hanzo while he is using Shift skill.(=Wraith form).
(↑↑↑Only with this one change, he can mount excellent maneuverability.)
-Increase Reaper’s retention time of Shift skill.
-Increase the moving speed of Shift skill.
-Increase the moving speed while Reaper uses his ‘Ultimate skill(=Death Blossom)’.
-Increase the number of bullets of Hellfire Shotgun from 8 to 10.

+++This is a new suggestion from users’ comments on my other posts. Overwatch’s Tankers are OP. Reaper is almost the only “Tank-buster” (=Anti-tanker) of all heroes in Overwatch. Tankers, however, own the Armor, Reaper must have the ability to burst the Armor to suit his purpose.

Additionally, I sincerely ask blizzard to add ‘right mouse button skill’ to prevent the enemy in the medium distance to Reaper.

Even though Reaper is an ‘DPS Hero’, it doesn’t have other attacking methods apart from Hellfire Shotguns. His ‘Hellfire Shotguns’ does have strong fire power, however, it only works within short distance.
Because Reaper is poor on mobility and has large hit box, it often struggles to approach closely to the enemy.
His Shift skill(=Wraith form) is the only method of running away, so this skill should not be wasted on approaching to the enemy.

I heard there will be a lot of balance patches between heroes in Overwatch this year. I hope that my opinion becomes big issue and passed on to Blizzard.

↓↓↓This video is a Korean, but it explains in great detail why the Reaper is a bad performance hero. Check it.↓↓↓


he needs his weapons he’s been without for almost 3 years

I can’t think about the changes Reaper needs because I’m too distracted by that name