As a Reaper Main who has played him in every META, he needs a nerf

That sounds like a discussion for another day, another thread. If you feels so strongly, you should make your own thread lol.

PS: If Hanzo got nerfed, I would care less. I havnt played him much since they took away scatter anyway lol. :rofl:

naw he still needs buffs. not too mention he still has the free ability slot he’s had for 3+ years. I vote grenade launcher alt fire/secondary weapons

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That is the issue though, the SS buff will get in the way of that because it is still worthless at high levels and more oppressive at lower levels. We need to get everyone on the same page before buffing him.

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Do you think your armor piercing idea would still be good with the change to armor?

I used to agree with you. In fact, I created the buff Reaper megathreads back in the day. I was a huge advocate for it. Then he got his buffs and I was happy with his place in the game… until the Shadow Step buff. The ability to use it in the air was a good change, but the rest was not needed. I honestly believe that is what makes him a bit too strong at the moment.

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your not the only one I been preaching it for almost 2 full years now. This topic though had quite a few good ideas come up to make his grenade launcher viable before the lifesteal and wraith buffs.

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Yeah. I actually remember that thread :sunglasses:

At this point, the only way we get that is by nerfing other parts of his kit, or reworking him. I dont think Im for a rework.


if they worked as a smoked screen that gave him more mobility, damage reduction or a way to fight mid range he wouldnt need as much lifesteal since he’d have more options. Only hero in the game with 2 abilities, an ult, and just a primary fire is all im saying. He’s limited in options cause… he’s limited in options.

Winston says hi.

But in truth, less range of abilities and/or weapons does lower versatility. So if they did add an abiltiy it would like be through a rework.

guess your right about that pharah too if you dont count fly as an ability. Still they have more options then him a far as where and how to attack and boops for insta-kills. I just want him to be more then walk-in, shoot, retreat, hide, blossom, die or get POTG.

i feel like any person who truly understands the game and plays a lower skill character understands that their character being in the meta means they need to be nerfed because so far every T500 onetrick/ main ive seen who plays reaper thinks him being a meta character is bad

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He is not really “meta” anywhere but OWL. And that is because of his synergy with Mei. I am not trying to throw her under the bus either. She was always underrated, but she does not need nerfs.

Shouldn’t he just wraith before he gets stunned? It’s called GAME SENSE, Sweetie.

i think mei is good where she is. I just hate that character but when you play her killing 3 people isn’t as easy as you think it would be.

Wraith is on a longer CD than Brigitte stun :sunglasses: nice try though. You’re still so upset about the Moira buff not going through, it’s ok. You’ll get over it. Jeez if only Reaper could have his Wraith Form on a short CD like Moira fade :sunglasses:

Continue being mad about the Moira buff revert, it’s funny that you’re this upset about it and also stalking my posts.

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I’m not as upset as you are with your 38% win rate on Moira :kissing:

LMAO, stalking me that much I see. Glad to see that you’re this obsessed with me :rofl:

Also I am not ashamed of my S17 win rate, I only did the placements on this account and didn’t continue because bunker was really bad for Moira.

At least my profile isn’t hidden, like yours :slight_smile:

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No need to explain your win rate. I know the game is hard. Pro Tip: focus on healing your team instead of doing DPS. :+1:

I don’t need tips from you I got to 3.7k on this account playing Moira :sunglasses: actually 3.9k highest with Moira lol then I played Zarya to get GM. You can add me in game (N.America) if you’re that desperate to see my SR and stats.

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I had someone make fun of a 49% winrate on McCree and also… Oddly, a 70% winrate on Hanzo? Idk. People are strange.