Torb on PTR vs reaper

torb on PTR = 12 meter on training bot = 3 hit right click kill,
recovery 0.6, with overload recovery is 0.4 ???

reaper = 12 meter on trainingbot = 5 hit kill, recovery 0.5

so torb on right click do more damage in 12 meter compared to reaper, but with 20% slower atkspeed

on overload torb do more damage AND more atk speed on 12 meter


i feel sad for reaper, the only good thing he has is he can ambush flank his enemies


Why do you compare Reaper to Torb ? Everyone is better than Reaper not just torb. Reaper is just a noob breaker

But… reaper also has life steal and more potential ammo if torbjorn only uses his shotgun.
But yeah reaper does indeed need a buff

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Can you repear, please?

i think they should just give reaper buff on his lifesteal, 30% lifesteal

so he can duel better

Reaper is hitscan can teleport and have more ammo, mercy pistol does more damage than genji shuriken but genji survivaabilty make him better flanker just like reaper.

yeah it’s gonna be a reaperless game soon which is why im working on a grenade solution.

So many spread and range buffs.
Reaper will suffer from powercreep.