Every shotgun hero got his spread reduced

Except Reaper. Who cares about him… it’s not like he’s being a trash pick since ever or else.


Really? Did d.va got it as well?

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roadhog got his spread reduced?, i do agree all shotguns need their spread reduced though

Since when D.va use shotguns? And also, they increased her pellets and reduced the damage which made her consistent.

Reaper needs his shadow step adjusted/reworked…until then he’s basically a dude with a shotgun and nothing else really as that is (imo) the worst ability in the game

And who else other than reaper and hog uses shotguns?

Hog, Torb, Doomfist.

So how is d.va any different than any of those?

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Wow a patch from early 2017

And? Because it’s from 2017 isn’t a valid patch?

Really? When?

Fusion Cannons
Type ; Rapid Fire Shotgun

Source ; literally D.va’s wiki, under Fusion cannons.


has a free ability slot

Because if Shotgun spread was no longer an issue after a patch from a year ago we wouldn’t be considering Shotgun Spread an issue today?

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Still, she got her bullets increased in number and she’s more consistent.

You’re literally ignoring the problem and just talk about what D.va uses. Reaper is the only character thas has his primary SHOTGUN weapon untouched. Deal with it.

Because Reaper is trashcan tier for a long time and he relies on RNG to kill people.
He asked proofs of Roadhog having his spread reduced, I gave them and you’re still finding any possible excuse to ignore the real problem. I’m amazed for how try you hard to go off-topic.

I dont care about reaper I’m just telling you you’re acting like D.va’s weapons aren’t shotguns when they are. Calm down, child.

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Good, your job is done. Have a like a flag for inflammatory post, and bye.

just shows how terrible hogs shotgun was(still is), even if you want to admit it or not both need spread reduction, also you forgot to mention all the negatives for hog with that patch but you seem very one track minded

Reaper’s shotguns are good. He does insane damage at close range, and his dropoff is not as severe as other shotgun users like D.va or Hog.

…but he has nothing else. His E is still literally useless midfight, and his shift is good for reloading and perhaps escaping. He has no good way to engage a fight or chase people down.

If you buffed Reaper’s weapon, he would stay garbage forever, because you’d never be able to give him any useful abilities or he would be beyond broken.

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