Who's next after Torb?

The dev update very clearly stated they are now focused on hero balanceing (about time!), so my question is:

Which hero will be looked at next ?

hopefully reaper and bastion but knowing them their probably going to give Hammond a rework or something

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I wouldn’t bet on Bastion.
Been almost 2 years since they last mentionned him.

Just make the ult to a regular ability.

Well, realistically, Pharah/Soldier/Mccree. I’m pretty sure they announced that they’re doing something with them.

Only then will others be looked into or considered.

Bastion, reaper and symmetra would be a good place to start.

gonna have to be reaper

Bastion, Reaper and probably Roadhog

So, which hero after Torbjörn will Blizzard ruin? Not sure. I don’t particularly hate any hero that much to wish for them to get a rework.

Hopefully Bastion, and if they keep going with like a rework and hero tweaks maybe Reaper with him for tweaks.

Then looking into the tanks a bit since they’re getting seriously wasted too easily for what their role is suppose to be.

Then maybe looking at Symm and Mercy again. Tweak Symm a bit to be in that more aggressive DPS they want her to be…and finally admit that the Mercy rework was a bomb right when they realized they’d need to take out almost everything from Valk to balance Rez.

i think reaper. he has been pretty weak since after the beyblade meta


I’m a top 500 Bastion main and I think he don’t need a rework, just a buff or a second abilitie.

Our baillerina edgelord needs help, the poor thing.
But in order:

  • Reaper
  • Bastion
  • McCree(give him ricochet shots, you cowards!!!)
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Reaper need real shotgun. He is bad against dive, double sniper, pirate ship, deathball and every composition with a widow.

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Popular opinion seem to disagree.
Could you expand a bit on that ?