Can we pull a McCree on Reaper yet?

Both heroes have been given buffs over time to slightly help them. But now McCree has been given a huge buff to make him kinda OP viable now.

How about we give Reaper a real buff now? Stop with the tiny ones and give him something he can use.


I’d love to see his damage from his shotties tighten up some the more he fires. This would help him at range more and make him a bit better close in. That or a damage ramp, the more he fires the more damage he does. He’s supposed to be partially ethereal, maybe a longer period invulnerable when he emerges from wraith or shadow step as well.


I’d say it depends on how we want to make Reaper viable. We could go the way they went with Mccree and just give him more damage and kill potential, or work on things that are problems themselves in hopes that fixes those things helps Reaper in the long run.

What if Reaper fired quicker the more he shot?

The first two are slow, but the last 2 are almost at the same time. That’d be a pretty neat alt fire

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free ability slot, all im saying… and this

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Definitely possible - whatever it is he needs something that’s for sure.

Now I am thinking he should have auto-shotguns… THAT would make him pretty awesome :wink:

Let Reaper fly in wraith form like he does in the cinematics, effectively combines shadowstep with it.

More mobility for his ult.

If he wants to get close to the team thats his risk, if he wants to run he has to commit to that because his weapons require to be close.

Get rid of shadowstep and give him a new ability.


I think he should stun people around him when comes out of Wraithform… that would get people going :rofl:

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If people are within 3m of him ShadowStepping I think a CC would actually be a bit appropriate

It makes a lot of sense actually, sort of freeze from fear effect…

They could also make his lifesteal better (maybe 40 percent).He would still have his old weaknesses but would be that hero everyone should fear when he manages to come close and starts to snowball.

Or they could finally make his dump teleport ability silent so it’s no longer a suicide button.

Reaper does enough damage. Thats his only strong point lol. Giving him more damage or a faster fire rate is bad imo. His problem is hes a loud, huge target with a giant head (easy pickings for hitscan and snipers) and he requires big toe range to do any damage, yet has no reliable way to get there

oh lord please don’t it would be the demise of tanks altogether

His shotguns need to do a single unit of damage so they can actually be useful against armor.

Maybe a higher ROF but less damage? I understand the concern but he isn’t doing anything beyond what, Gold tier?

Slug shotgun for Reaper

Has the range of a Hanzo

I’m talking about how his shot is made up of well… shot and isn’t counted as a single hit, making armor basically cut his damage in half.

Reduce his damage fall off. That’s all I want them to do.

His spread already puts a heavy cap on his potential damage at range without his pellets turning in to cotton balls outside of sneezing distance.

i think he falls off at plat because that’s the last place i remember him being useful. ROF could be helpful but Winston would need a buff to delays and also be changed as to not favor the shooter so that he could use his ult when he intended. Otherwise, Reaper deletes him from existence.

His shadow step is garbage. That needs to be tweaked or reworked.

His Ultimate is also lacking. Since he spins around real fast maybe it could have a pull mechanic like a tornado. Pulling in near by enemies towards him, keeping them from escaping.