Reaper needs a mid-range ability!

He was designed to be a tank buster but cant really do that.
He cant even kill 200hp heroes reliably.
So why even use him?

Heres my idea:
give him an option to fight mid-range to, why not!

because he wouldnt be throw pick anymore?!?!

Why is he the only hero with only closerange abilities
even Rein has a firestrike
and Brig has whipshot

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Clearly he needs the ability to throw a net at his opponent to stop them moving for a second.

Just replace his shadow step with an ability basically the same as winstons jump but make his invincible during his jump so he can engage and escape with it

His Mid Range Attack should be Reaper just throwing his guns at people. Sounds like him.


I think the main issue of concern is his ult can be so effective that you don’t want to give him the ability to just pop up in the middle of a team and ult so easily.

Even if there is something that can stun him, the reaction time won’t be enough to stop him from doing massive enough damage the sways the outcome of the fight.

Change his E to a long cooldown ability (e.g. 15 sek) + 3 sek no wraith form he can use afterwards. But in exchange let him instantly teleport behind a target of his choice (Shadowstep) at a certain range of course. Let it even make a sound that the target knows someone is behind him (e.g. let reaper laugh).

This way he can engage a fight on a fleeing low level high priority target. He can contest people on high ground and thus snipers have to think about positioning relative to their team. The block on wraith allows for retaliation and this way reaper has to think when and who to engage.

been driving the boat for awhile i vote grenade launchers.

That would be hillarious to see. You are bad shot? Worry not you can bury enemies in your shotguns.

Reaper need proper engage tool. His shadowstep is so slow I can go make myself tea, have bathroom break, watch some Netflix and order Pizza before he finishes it. Then just headshot him. He can use wraith form but it leaves him without no escape options.