You fixed torbjorn's gun, can you please fix hog's and reaper's guns now?

Oooooh yes queen!!!

8.3 spread on Reaper and Roadhog would be amazing stuff might actually die instead of being peppered with airsoft pellets.

No, no. Overwatch is a team game. Having a hero that picks a hero to delete every Hook CD without requiring a faint hint if skill violates this concept.

Hook is not hard to land and missing it doesn’t punish Roadhog. It can’t guarantee a kill on 200HP heroes or it would be the easiest instant kill combo in the game.

Not only does the hookshot+melee do upwards to 200 damage alone anyway, it applies a stun and drags the target to Roadhog. If something doesn’t die to that they deserve to live.

Roadhod needs bugfixes and I’d have him get a passive reduction to enemy ult charge gain, but no way should hook always kill.


2 out of the 4 shotgun heroes have gotten the spread tweak so far, it makes enough sense to do it for the other 2.


Look, mathematically it checks out. 30 damage from hook, 150 from his gun if he gets that chunky meatshot (doesn’t have to go for the head for it, but aiming there increases the chance of things working out) and then 30 from his melee. that’s 210 damage. Enough to kill, but it is not reliable because of the spread. He is set up to kill squishies without much question by his very design.

I think it would violate the concept of a team game far more by having characters in the game that work based off of rng, than one who is doing what he is supposed to be doing.

Oh hey, you need all 6 people to be performing adequately in order to stand a chance of winning the match.

What’s that you say? One of your teammates is playing a pick oriented character (Roadhog) (Pick oriented meaning designed to get a quick kill in order to get an edge in a fight) and can’t get a pick, thus is only feeding an absurd amount of ult charge/having no impact, therefore making it harder to win? What a shame. I guess roadhog is making it more of a team game by dragging everyone down when he can’t do his job.

Anyhow, the primary reason for fixing his spread is to make his gun actually good outside of the hook again on targets other than tanks. And the more minor reason is to fix the hook combo’s unreliability as a byproduct of making him able to reliably deal damage again.

yep, couldn’t make more sense. They need it badly, too.

Except it doesn’t, because he’s still doing his job. He punishes poor positioning by bringing the target further out of position. If you pull anyone into your whole team, they’re pretty much dead.

You can not have an impact and also not feed.

Hog definitely needs something to improve his impact outside of the hook. But hook combo needs no buffs at all.

wait, they didn’t tighten the spread, just made the pellet less random.
As for reaper, i’d take lower damage with the ability to bypass armor damage reduction.

I would like a fixed spread pattern more than a reduction of spread.
2-3 concentric circles of pellets. Add it to all the shotgun-type weapons.

Then give Sombra and Orisa also pinpoint bullets for the first N amount of bullets they shoot (ie: Sombra: 15. Orisa: 24). Similar to Soldier.

It’s ridiculous that, even in a theoretical scenario where I and my target are both standing still, I basically deal a RANDOM amount of damage when I’m using shotgun-type weapons.
For a competitive game, especially one with eSports, the LAST thing the devs should want is randomness. They should want more player control on how much damage they apply. If players have crappy damage, tell them to improve on aim. Don’t just tell them to hope their next shot will have a more favorable spread pattern for their pellets.

EDIT: language is hard

His gun is what needs buffing because of how unreliable it is outside of hook. It becoming more reliable in hook is a byproduct of that.

Besides, I really don’t care for your negative perception of hog being actually good. He in his current design is literally a dps tank. It’s his job to do high burst damage to his opponents, shield break, and punish bad positioning. Either his gun becomes reliable or he remains garbage tier.

Yeah, I realize that now… thought they reduced torb’s spread by 50% for some reason, can’t remember where I heard that. But regardless, hog and reaper’s spread is way too wide to be reasonable.

on that i agree, especially on reaper and now hog, with the falloff added to his right click.

Uh, no.

Which needs buffed again

Which he still does.

This tells me you have misunderstood

Then tell me, why isn’t it part of his job to be doing high burst damage with his gun, when all he has is high burst damage? What makes you think otherwise about that? Why do you think hog is just limited to punishing positioning? He’s always been a tank buster, shield breaker, etc.

They don’t need a spread buff they just need the RNG to be gone

Except they do need a spread buff. Hog’s effective range for good damage on his left clicks went down significantly with the unneeded nerf to his damage, and reaper has never been legitimately good.

Hog was actually good and reliable with his old damage, his spread was irrelevant. His pickrate went from 5% then, to now sitting at 1.24% in gm.

I tried to put our posts together, hopefully it will catch some attention at long last.

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That would be nice and help Reaper/Hog

Reaper needs some serious help. He has a free ability slot so these?

Trying to kill sym turrets with reaper is a damn nightmare. Barely any pellets hit them and it takes 2-4 shots on average to kill them from the range they can start zapping you, and if you walk up to them for a better shot on them your taking damage and being slowed the whole time.