(71 likes) Why Reaper s̶u̶c̶k̶s̶ and what he needs - K he still sucks 12/18/2018

I wouldn’t make such significant changes all around to him, but here goes.

Wraith Form: He heals himself now for 20 HPS throughout its duration.

Shadow Step: can teleport 50% faster and will no longer shout anything whenever he finishes teleporting.

He’ll heal himself for 35% of all damage done instead of 20%.

Finally, maybe an armour penetration mechanic.

I think this is what he needs right now, I wouldn’t rework him entirely or anything, because I think he fulfills the tank buster role well enough. We’d have to see if that’d be enough though.


I also wonder why Reaper is not used in “pro gaming” to counter goats or other Tank-heavy combos. Of course not only Reaper. Take Reaper, Junkrat and Pharah in your Team and there is no Goat anymore in the other, I’m pretty sure.

Sadly, but something must be done with Reaper. The last time he had any pick rate increase, was when he got buffed, but even that didn’t last long. Reaper is suffering so much from power creep. I wonder if the GOATS setup will be popular in comp…3 tanks, should be a heaven for Reaper and yet…
Also, I do agree that something must be done with his ultimate, because now that there is CC everywhere, you can be happy if you killed even 2 people before dying with ult.

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Problem with Reaper and GOATS is Reaper is basically going to feed support ult charge. You can only be in the frontline for so long before having to back out, GOATS crumbles when a support dies but Reaper isn’t reliable enough to take out a support due to how his spread works and his lack of mobility.

This is why many of us argue to change or remove Shadow step and replace it with a more useful ability that way there’s something more Dynamic to Reaper other than pump a lot of damage into a tank and hope the other team doesn’t punish you.

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I AM HERE WITH THE POWER OF BUMPING THREADS yeah I got nothing to add but uhhhhh I completely agree with everything said

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i also am here for the bumping of the reaper, join me friends and bump the death

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Random gripe about Reaper #100000

I love how Retribution was supposed to give more insight to his character, but a lot of the event was focused on how much an absolute baby McCree was.

If you’re going neglect the character in game-play, at least patch the holes in his lore. Not everyone jumps on the “hero” bandwagon. Villains are usually what makes the story interesting anyway.

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I can dig it. Reaper is balling dangerously behind as an obsolete character with all the reworks being thrown around. First Hanzo got the same ability to bust tanks, but from range, then Symmetra got a better shadowstep and now Torbjorn got a better shotgun. Bruh.


He’s always been a niche pick. Those who excel with him only do so due to certain conditions met, and he’s become less of an interesting hero to play. No one uses him to flank anymore unless you’re going for the “risk it for the biscuit Deathblossom”.

Don’t even get me started on his large hit box. “Someone kill the hanzo!” Yeah, no thanks …even past mid Diamond most Hanzo players aim decently enough to destroy Reaper.


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Rework idea #2 is my favorite. Reaper filling the role in the game for a front-line tank buster fits him better in my opinion than yet another flanker. The vampiric embrace is somewhat like torbs new mini-molten core ability, and we don’t have anything like a smoke grenade in the game yet. Perhaps if Reaper had the ability to create a smoke cloud that only he could see through would let him get close enough to the enemy for his shotguns to be effective.

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I would argue the Flanker design may have a more fun appeal to be that guy that terrorizes the backline. However, I agree that there’s already plenty of flanking characters out there. Having a DPS that excels and dominates the frontline is what he should be but currently has no abilities to highlight htis quality.

I agree and the latest PTR will hit him even harder…

Smoke grenades can be a good way to force enemy snipers to reposition and have Reaper fight close up without immediately getting shot down. Having 2 in the pocket is nice, and only Reaper and his team can see through it.

I would say increase the radius and speed of the ult.

And something needs to be done about Shadow-Step


/sorry I didn’t reply earlier I had school!

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bumping because I love smocc grenades, and im a winston main

As Winston-main?
That means something…
…how bad Reaper is…

So many spread and range buffs, Reaper can’t keep up anymore.

half of you just want tracer with shotguns lol