This Friday Please

Out of 18 seasons, they have only started the next season within 5 days 5 times. Check out this table posted in a diff thread. It’s 3x more likely to have the season start after this Friday based on history and what Nev has said.


She said not this Friday so it’s 100% not this Friday.


If they DO release it this Friday, that will be the only mistake. The power gulf between highest and lowest classes is 15 GR’s. That’s atrocious game balance.



Deal with it…

I hope this friday as well


They usually give a week or two after the post for the upcoming Season goes up and since the S19 post hasn’t even been posted yet, there is no way it will be Friday.

Who knows why the Seasonal post isn’t up yet and why it’s not this Friday but perhaps there are still Seasonal changes they want to tweak.

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It won’t be this Friday, and I’d like to take a moment to explain why.

Early during Patch 2.6.7’s development, our engineering team raised concerns about the extremely small window in between patch launch and season launch. In short, they were concerned that, as often happens in software development, if something critically breaks with deployment of the patch, they might not have time to resolve it before the Season launches globally. Three days isn’t very long to create, test, and deploy a hotfix, assuming we receive reports of it quickly enough (and it’s actually less time - it’s closer to a little more than 2 days as the season launches at 5PM Friday in each region, and that occurs on Thursday our time for players in Asia).

We decided the compromise was to have at least one week downtime between patch deployment and season start. That gives us a more forgiving window to address critical issues, should they arise, and we plan to continue using this format moving forward to ensure we’re launching each Season in as strong and stable a state as possible. It also allows us to provide a more reliable Season start date going forward.

Communication this time around was lackluster, and that lands on me. I overestimated the amount of work I was capable of getting done in a very short, inflexible window. For that, you have my apology, and my team’s already making changes and adjustments to better address that for future Seasons.

The Season preview blog is coming tomorrow, come hell or high water, which is what I’m currently putting the finishing touches on. :slight_smile: That will include the Season start date. In the future, that blog will ideally land before patch launch (as it has in the past), which should give most of you a larger window for planning your Season start plans like taking time off or scheduling play time with a group. I’m taking ownership on and improving the things I have control over, and trying to plan better around those I do not.

I love my Diablo community, and will always strive to do whatever I can to improve things for everyone. :heart:


Thanks for the feedback. This just begs the question though; will there actually be further tweaks before the next season comes out?

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Possibly. I have a meeting with the team later this afternoon, and if something comes out of that, I’ll be back to let you all know.


Groovy. /20 chars required

in b4 niv saying “possibly” turns into outrage if the lamentation change isnt reverted, its like she basically said not only is the 200% comming back its going to be 400% :stuck_out_tongue:


Bring AoV down a bit and give the damn barbs some lamentation buff. The patch that just rolled out is painfully unbalanced.

Much love.


Aw, I was hoping to play the new Sader set now that the Barb is gutted, and now it will be wrecked too. :frowning:


Thats totaly fine…think most of the playerbase are with you.

Better 1-2 days later than a season start full of bugs and issues.

Now it would be also nice if you and your team could make a compromise with the Lementation nerf and let us meet in the mid (means set the value to max 100%). :wink:

We love you too. :slight_smile:


Most of us love you as well, don’t let the trolls and dimwits get to you. :kiss::kiss::kiss:

Some of these goofballs think that they are all that and a bag of chips.

They have no idea what your job includes, but they are more than willing to tell you how to do it.


If they’re nerfing Crusader, please ask if they can buff Barbarian. It’s going to be yet another weak season for them otherwise.

Like, if they have to deploy a real patch to nerf a class, why not buff another, one that has been VERY vocally asked for. I think we have the math now to show that the Lamentation nerf was way overdone.


talk them into reverting the lamentation nerf. and leave saders alone, let them have fun too <3



Thank you for all of your hard work. You’ve gone above and beyond what is expected of you from the community and of the game organization. Don’t take all of the accountability, though, as if you had help (to which you damn well deserve) things would be a little more simpler and easier. Take your time, we (obviously) aren’t going anywhere!

Have them buff the barb in wiz back keep sader the way he is maybe throw some more umphh on the monk set in call it a day make everyone happy… !!


Three things to look at in that meeting first the nerf to bazoka wiz did not work
second lamentation belt should be 100% to rend as barb is underperforming now
third please leave the new sader set alone we need a new meta and it has never been in it