Hi, when new D3 patch will hit live NS servers (europe exactly)

Thank you in advance. Its today?

€dit : Look one Post below this one, for the Answer

The next Patch will come just before the next Season.
The S20 will Start at Fri. 13.3
So you can expect that the Patch will hit the Servers at We 11.3 or Thu. 12.3
Its just a Guess. But i wouldnt expect it any time sooner.

Non-emergency patches are applied to the live servers on Tuesdays.

As Nevalistis mentioned shortly before Season 19…

…they want to patch at least a week ahead of a new season starting. The only Tuesday that satisfies that condition is Tuesday, March 3rd. As the patching is done in the Pacific time-zone, this usually means that it’s done at the equivalent of 01:00 or 02:00 CET Wednesday morning.

So, you’re most likely looking at being able to play 2.6.8 on EU live in the early hours of Wednesday, March 4th.


It’s a very bad guess. What are you basing your guess on?

For ages now, barring any unforseen issues, the patches have been deployed on Tuesdays US time. That typically means from late Tuesday evening to just after midnight in EU region for the patches to deploy.

Besides, it would be a very bad idea to deploy the patch just prior to the season start. Meteorblade’s post tells why.

Ok thats totally on me. :sunflower:
Havnt noticed, that they changed theyr behavior.

So yea.
It should be on 4.3 not the 11.3

My apologys, for giving out some incorrect info :)
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In addition, at least ever since the Classic Games team took over D3 development, the patches have been deployed simultaneusly on all regions. No longer gaps between regional deployments. So assuming the patch goes live tomorrow as it should, EU players like myself can expect the patch after 7pm CET. The exact time is not set but that is somewhat reasonable time to expect it to happen.

@Meteorblade, @Kirottu:
I thought the non-emergency patches were Tuesdays (maintenance) but in the early morning hours not in the early evening hours. Usually I get the notification in the launcher saying 5am PDT (California time) which is 8am EST (New York time). FYI, London is 5 hours ahead of New York and CET is 6 hours ahead of New York. New York is (GMT-5).

I just opened the launcher and there is no notification for tomorrow March 3rd.

When I said evening hours, I meant evening hours in Europe. 7pm CET is 10am PST which is the time when patches can be expected to roll out.

Besides, the OP asked European time so I gave answer in European time.

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Thanks. I’ll recheck the launcher in the afternoon.

Just an additional reminder, patching does not require server maintenance. So whatever the launcher says about maintenance, it has nothing to do with the patch deployment.

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Server Maintenance has nothing to do with patches anymore. The Maint you see is usually for Bnet and impacts all the games.

Patches usually are mid to late afternoon Pacific Time. There is no set time you can look up for them.


Sounds good… thanks for the quick update.

Thats another problem of communication between devs and players (NS mostly). We doesnt know when the era will end, will patch goes live tomorrow or next week, what is still important thing to know for ns players who cares about leaderboards.


I had a dream that when the patch hit, Blizzard made every one Paragon 5,000 and gave us 1,000 bounty mats. lol

The patch likely will be this week as Blizzard wants to have a week of the patch being live before the new season starts. As such, I would start my final pushes for era 12 just in case it is early in the week rather than later.

See: Meteorblade’s post that quoted Nevalistis

Yes, thats sounds logical. To have extra week of NS ptr is smart, but sometimes logic and blizzard is two different words :slight_smile:

Indeed, which means…

16:00 PST Tuesday = 00:00 GMT Wednesday = 01:00 CET Wednesday
17:00 PST Tuesday = 01:00 GMT Wednesday = 02:00 CET Wednesday
18:00 PST Tuesday = 02:00 GMT Wednesday = 03:00 CET Wednesday