Upcoming Item Level Increase

Raid Finder (and Mythic) difficulty for Crucible of Storms will open next week, April 23. Similar to Battle of Dazar’alor, you will need an average item level of 350 to queue for it. To help ensure players get raid ready, we are increasing the maximum item level for certain World Quests rewards. This will include the following:

  • World Quest rewards will go up to ilvl 370 (from 360)
  • Emissary equipment will go up to ilvl 395 (from 385)
  • Emissary Azerite Armor will go up to ilvl 400 (from 385)
  • Against Overwhelming Odds (when available) will go up to ilvl 395 (from 385)

Once the update is live it will affect active rewards like the Emissaries, so you may want to plan for when you will turn those in.


Good timing. I’m thinking of resub for a while. Almost finish binging KH series now. Don’t have time to play WoW.

Also, did you see that horde? AAO is 395. Gears don’t matter, am I right?


Don’t they allow you to go home Bornakk?!?!?

Also thanks for the update! :slight_smile:


Sounds good to me!


Thanks for making the pvp / arena grind borderline useless for anyone who wants to gear up via pvp below 2.2k rating.

And forcing the pve content down our throats because it’s obviously going to be much more viable way to gear up new toons or get m+/raid ready.

I’ve literally been re-subbed for a week and this post just literally nullified all my grind to ilevel 400 via pvp lol. Bye.


Nope! Bornakk is stuck researching and posting stuff 24/7 with no sleep ever. The poor guy must be exhausted.

Can I assume normal, heroic and mythic 0 dungeons are not getting an item level increase?

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I think that will come with 8.2, this seems to be more of a bridging ilvl boost than a normal boost accompanied by a new tier.

That being said…while the extra residuum from DE’ing rewards will be nice, it does make my 400 gear I’ve worked on just feel kinda blegh.


This change doesn’t remove the option to pvp / arena grind your way to item level 400 gear. Makes easier options available, but it doesn’t force PVE content on you. If you choose to do content you don’t enjoy because it’s the easy path, that’s your choice. S2 still ends in 12 weeks, you have plenty of time to grind your way to all 400s doing the content you actually enjoy.


So when does this go live?


so why were we given 400 ilvl gear at the start of the expansion for doing a waterfront


I wonder if the rare -> epic ilvl-border will rise again. If not, there will be a lot of purple 370 WQ epics flooding in to be disenchanted.

Azerite bump seems high. But hmm free resdium I guess

Blizzard stop doing this! By increasing baseline rewards you are invalidating time spent gearing characters. If you MUST give away free heroic level items then at least just add sources of the loot but retroactively changing the power of items we have already spent time farming is a bad move. Didn’t you just learn this lesson from the azerite powers? I didn’t want to farm AP to unlock the same traits again and I don’t want to farm world quests to get the same loot again. You are trashing character progression with this baseline ilvl increase system. Please stop doing it. Feedback given.


I really don’t like these changes at all. I think they’re bad for the health of the game and kill already weak areas of the game.

Why bother looking for a normal or even heroic raid group for the next 2 months? You’re going to be able to get geared nearly the same through just emissaries and very quickly. Not only that, but it also reinforces this gear cycle idea. The game is cannibalizing content within the same tier. Even M0’s are going to be on par with World Quests.

I’m not getting new and fresh items as the expansion goes on. I’m getting the same item. Again, and Again, and Again. It first started happening in Legion, but because of Tier and decent raid trinkets, it wasn’t too much of a problem. But between M+ azerite gear and trinkets and emissary, I’m only getting the same items with a higher ilvl.

The game lacks long term goals (aside achievement and mount collecting), and I understand that they want something to keep the more relaxed players. Why not add super cool weapon skins via professions like GW2 that you can work towards for months just to have a cool looking item?


None of that will fix the fact that the skill gap between casual players and… everyone else… makes raid finder too difficult for half the people doing it. I mean I know this just a genuine debate for most games right now, but I’d challenge a dozen people on the WoW team at Blizzard to run all raid finders right now and you’ll understand. Maybe 3-4 people carry the entire raid but its barely enough to compensate for what i’m trying to be non-toxic and call the skill gap. :stuck_out_tongue: You guys just need to make it completely free loot that is possible to do with 2/3rds the raid dead. Including going back and making Jaina and Ghuun that way. It’s honestly just too much for them.


What about Invasion WQs…they are still 370 375…like there is no point to do them anymore…


Invasion WQs fill a niche in the gearing up process. Something that happens every 19 hours like clockwork isn’t going to award gear too high, it would only exacerbate the problem of throwing loot at people that invalidates other content. Emissary azerite rewards can go days between popping up, same for emissary equipment caches. But Invasions are always on the same cycle, its even possible to catch 2 invasion events in the same day (end of one, and beginning of next).


yes but at the same time there hasnt been an azerite cache in idk how long…1st of and secondly it would be nice if it were upgraded to at least 380 if not 390 and even if it were upgraded to 400 you still have to hit milestones…its the same thing when it came out at the endish of Uldir it leveled out uldir gear and would be nice to collect the S2 pvp set JS