Why not give alliance a conquest bonus?

(Oozo) #28

If you lose 100% of your epic BGs, then how is a conquest bonus for winning going to help you? :wink:

Better solution for you: Stop doing epic BGs and do world pvp. Do the incursions, get supply chests, complete the killquests and kill bounties.

(Oozo) #29

Yeah, 50 conquest.

(Dosao) #30

Ya that’s 50 CQ horde cannot get … it’s a free 10 percent of the 500 needed for that week .

I don’t think ally need more stuff Horde can’t have :man_shrugging:t4:


Depends. Sometimes you can. That said, I wouldn’t mind if Alliance got 50 instead of 40 or something like that.

(Randalfrag) #32

I have never lost 15 in a row on horde or alliance. Maybe it is you.

(Tsataga) #33

I’m not sure bonus conquest needs to happen considering the WQ and Emissary iLvL changes.

(Buhbuhdin) #34

Lol, the Alliance want more participation trophies.

I guess since you guys can’t have 10-20+ more people in BG’s like you get away with in Warmode, you want free conquest for LOSING.

Good god, can this faction get more …sad? (Don’t answer, we all know the answer.)

(Jugajr) #35

Hey don’t blame the faction!

(Dosao) #36

45 for alliance versus 40 for horde

And 1 extra player for alliance ( can’t be healers) in random BG’s

As horde I won’t mind that .

(Jugajr) #37

One extra player?? :joy::joy: that’s pretty game breaking, healer or not.


As Ally, I would.

(Tsataga) #39


(Dosao) #40

It’s an extra person to call out inc… !!

(Dosao) #41

But getting AOO is ok ?


Yeah no deal on this. It’d be like someone ragequit and the spot was never refilled.

I’m ok with 10% or 20% extra conquest or whatever. What’s the honor buff? Something like that is ok.

(Tsataga) #43

I’m not a fan of AOO, but I do it when it’s up.

I’d prefer if WarMode had no bonus attached to it, or perfectly symmetrical bonuses like it was at the beginning.

I get their reasoning for adding it, but I wish it wasn’t needed.


A regular random bg win gives 8 conquest lol. So laughable not worth queueing.

(Mauklindaufe) #45

Tries his best not to swear on this Christian site.

At no point did we need this welfare gear. “Oh you got a 370 glad piece? Cool! I got a 420 agility on use trinket from a WQ cache!”

I actually did get that 420 trinket on my DH from this exact situation. It’s ridiculous to get such a high end item for playing turtle mini-games. What kind of example does that set? How does that make any sense? Why do Allies or any players for that matter need so much welfare?

EDIT: That trinket titanforged 50 levels higher than what it was normally intended to be.

(Motors) #46

I think this is a bad idea personally.

I get it, i do. I have been mostly Alliance over all my toons that i have, i have gone through the long long losing streaks and it is and can be very painful and exhausting.

The fact of the matter is that the better TEAM always wins. Alliance unfortunately has lost most of the best PvPer’s it ever had due to ridiculously imbalanced (as a whole individually and as a group) racials that you need look no further than just the last AR’s to come out as well as well the Alliance as a faction is just dying due to lack of anything AT ALL good going for it.

Without going too much into detail i don’t think that giving 20 more conq. points or whatever will fix the problem.

People have to learn how to win as a TEAM in a competitive team based game.

Now if you said well i have marks of honor how about some type of conversion for them to some conquest, yea maybe i could see that since they are fairly worthless (can’t even buy last seasons gear anymore i don’t think with them for transmog purposes for some reason) and just pile up eventually.

But no i don’t think that offering 20-50% more conquest would help anything out.

Unfortunately the Alliance as a faction is dying and this is one consequence of that and Blizzard putting everything into the Horde while the Alliance just withers away, really for many many years now but now it is extremely obvious.


Sir, you are alliance, enjoy your fast queues, and just join regular bgs, or do world pvp, or here’s a thought just find a friend to do rated 2s with, you get capped very fast doing 2s, just a suggestion. Just know that if you were horde, and u lost 15 in a row, it would take over 6 hours, because the queues would be north of 10 minutes to get in.