Upcoming Item Level Increase


And even with Invasions every how many hours they are set at…like you would still have to go to every single one of them and not even guaranteed to get a azerite piece or even a piece of gear and when you do you have to randomly hit 1/3 pieces of azerite gear…then 1/6 normal pieces and still have to build up ilvl milestones to see the ilvl of the gear increase

(Shinbaki) #22

People act all…OH MAH GAWD FREE GEAR TO NOOBS!!! but in reality it takes a long time to build up a 380+ Set doing not dngs raids or pvp…you have to hit milestones like fresh 120…ok ilvl 300 310 ish…you have to hit 325 to even see 330 gear then 335 to see 340 and so on and on


Ok so what about M+ chest rewards?

(Turnberry) #24

To help people get 350 item level, we are giving away free 395-400 gear.



No thanks, no one asked for this casual catch up BS. Stop it.

(Spotti) #26

You’d be surprised. Just saying.


Personally I’m amazed about certain loud minority calling these “free epics”, imho it can even be a little higher.
Quite fair catch up numbers so far, consider repeatable Warfronts and weekly Warfront rewards, ilvl 390+ will be no matter with these changes.
Thanks Blizz! ^^

(Dramurah) #28

Kinda mixed about this. I mean okay good it could be helpful for an alt but this expansion is already above and beyond the easiest to gear than any I have seen and I don’t really see this necessary.


This is a great addition for casual players or those who may not have as much time to dedicate to grinding gear. A welcome change. Thank you!

(Dramurah) #30

If they don’t have the time to grind the gear then why would they need it anyway? I am just curious. If it is either LFR or just world content the current ilvl stuff would be more than enough for that.

(Plytofski) #31

Do you understand what you just said? For the casual player who gears off the free systems in game, this is another grind. This isn’t making it easier. Its moving the goalposts so you can grind some more.


So, casuals don’t care about gear or raiding but they won’t hesitate to mock people who do when they increase the easiest content in the games itemlevel by making it better than normal BoD, and equal to Heroics?

I mean, why raid when you can have everything handed to you, I guess. Explains why so many people with 400+ item level are so inept in M+ Why didn’t you just increase M+ item level in the lower brackets? Killing incentive to raid isn’t really a good thing.


Im stuck at 388 on my main and IDC its a High enough IL for what stuff i like to do… idk why they keep handing out free gear to folks its sickening


LULW pepelaugh

can’t wait to see people complain about how hard the raid is. (Spoiler: it’s not, it’s just mechanically heavy)

Also why is this happening lmao

The raid has the same Ilvl req as BoD LFR. Hello? 350 btw


While I’m not opposed to increasing quest and emmisarry item levels, the fact that the conquest points gear I’ve been grinding all season is not bumped and is now nullified by world quest item levels teaches me not to bother with conquest at all next season.


It takes no time at all. I’m a Multiboxer. I dinged 120 Friday morning. My toons are all sitting at ~350-360 ilvl after 15 hours played time at 120. The invasions are now rewarding like 370 ilvl gear so every 19 hours, that’s a nice slot of gear to get me up higher.

I have a set of 5 druids which I do a lot of farming on. They dinged 120 on 4/02, 18 days ago. I’ve got 39 hours played on them. I make sure I hit the daily caches and whatever world bosses and WQs are up that reward gear as well as the daily invasion. They are all sitting at ~380 ilvl with no dungeons or raid content.

The biggest blocks on those toons getting to 400 ilvl right now are Rings/Trinkets/Azerite gear as I still have some toons with 3 slot, 360 blues.


I can’t wait to see people like you in Classic whining and crying because there is no pool to choose endgame players from because new raid members will require you to help gear them up via old raids.

(Bertimus) #38

Rival gear is now equivalent to world quest gear. You guys have to take a look at that system. This is not cool.

(Kiwì) #39

Is there going to be an increase in the Titan Resdium gear? The base gear is ilvl 400.


What is the point of having all these difficulties of raiding if you’re just going to invalidate them every couple months? This sht is ridiculous.