Why does Blizzard refuse to bring back vendors?

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Sure, find me one post praising them removing vendors.

I’ll show you hundreds rejecting them.

You are a brave and fair white knight, remove your blinders.

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I’m not sure which part of what I wrote went over your head, kind of sounds like all of it, but I’m not going to go dig up all of the bring back vendors threads I was apart of.

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Just seemed like you were sugar coating the loss of vendors. Felt like you were defending them a bit.

You’re talking about them removing vendors as if it was an experiment. It’s greed based design philosophy, plain and simple.

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Its funny how immense negative customer feedback doesnt even matter for blizz and they just do mental gymnastics like O U CANT LINK THAT TO SUB NUMBERS SO WE WONT DO IT

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“shut up MVP guy” -an elf and a cow-man

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It goes both ways.

If players want vendors, the loot system currently isn’t working, if they continue to want vendors then we know it still isn’t working. In an ideal world we’d go from expansion to expansion with everyone understanding where and how to gear.

Without ranting about the pro’s and con’s too much I’ll briefly say that losing tier sets and losing vendors was a step in the wrong direction. Adding warforged/titanforging was a step in the right direction. Flooding players with loot in order to offset RNG and make titanforging work as a core game system however was a big step in the wrong direction. PvP gear got caught in the crossfire and given its limited availability in comparison to tiered raid gear that now extend their own relevancy past the tier, m+ dungeon gear, and world quest gear, the effect is felt substantially.

Realistically, there are a few thousand guilds with an average item level of 410+ , even more 400+, and I don’t know how many of those exactly are heroic+ raiding guilds but I know it’s not all of them and when your considering a player pool that massive whichever ones are casual / normal / social / pvp guilds are too significant of a number to assume they’re a minority or select few. There are enough players to say that all the gear you want can be obtained.

What is not represented easily by third party sites that aggregate player data like this are the “I only want to PvP with my character” playerbase. Players who probably put more play time in than your average player but more than likely clear less content which puts them in a situation where it feels like they’re gearing off scraps.

The [ gearing ] system suggests that players who fill the queues for random battlegrounds, for example, are the same type of casual player that might primarily do world quests. Which is why we see PvP gearing options presented as side systems to the PvE loot progression path. i.e 370 / 385 conquest rewards, 360+ world quest rewards, 385 base cache, 385 emissary cache, etc.

I don’t think we’re at the point where “nobody has a good answer or at least one that players will be happy with” because it really just seems more likely that pvp gearing is deliberately left out each time changes are made.

You saw vendors added for Azerite, you saw world quest scaling added in 8.1.5, and then again when the maximum scaling in last weeks mid-tier catch up was increased to 370 / 395 / 400 essentially allowing casual gearing options to scale up to the point where they’re equal to 1800+ rewards, War Fronts, caches, etc.

It’s not accidental to not have added some type of scaling gear upgrades to random battlegrounds.

I can’t comment on how much “immense negative customer feedback” matters to a specific person, or a company, but I know that when it comes to things like metacritic they do have some impact on future decisions.

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Lol just stop.

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This green dude can’t be serious.

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We want dilly full time. Gotta throw the whole forum away after this thread


How much blizzard juice did this green poster slurp up to get MVP?


I disagree, WF/TF are super lame you shouldn’t get geared based on luck (besides obvious boss drops) LFR shouldn’t be able to TF to Heroic+ level ilevel that’s ridiculous.

Blizzard’s problem is they’re not rewarding for difficulty, they’re rewarding for time spent playing or “fishing” for WF/TF etc.

WOTLK’s gearing system was perfect, there was nothing wrong with it so you saying “vendors are a bandaid fix” is ridiculous.

Blizzard gutted/messed up bad this expansion:

Btw, you don’t see what’s wrong with that? 1800 item rewards the same as mindless wqs?

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It’s purely because it increases engagement, /played time etc. Notice all the RNG loot started happening right after WoD, also when they stopped reporting subsciber numbers and switched to different metrics like time played.

A big shift must have happened in the internals at blizzard and now their main focus seems to be squeezing out as much play time from us as possible to progress.

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Two different game systems. This is why I was brief in the outline. Cba to type up a book when its wasted on people that only know how to copy paste something about Blizzard or Greens. When your capable of more than the same generic copy paste quote I’ll put more effort into that side of the discussion.

^ pretty much this. I remember reading or seeing it in some pre legion stream that they were only going to focus on the current playerbase rather than gaining subs.

Like I wrote above , when the gears relevancy extends past the tier, you lose the ability to reward difficulty and it turns into additional dice rolls for TF. At this point all you cando, in my opinion, is cap TF.

It effects a small # of players. I dont like the implications but the change itself I have no opinion of. I havent experienced the scaling first hand this expansion yet. Both characters I play are too high ilvl.

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WoD gearing > my stool > BfA gearing

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I dont have many bad things to say about WoD gearing. I thought it was pretty good.

Class balance early on was pretty bad. Windwalker was in a state where it did less damage than brewmaster in season 1 until it got buffed and by that time I didnt have enough time / conquest to buy my upgrades and buy my appearances. Still unhappy about that because they still have not re-added ensembles back into the game for the transmog.

I’m never going to let that go. Ever.


First of all, I find it pretty hilarious a green is being snide with me because he’s upset about what I said, ty for the laugh.

There’s nothing generic about my own post on the subject, I don’t feel like typing all of it out, again, because I did so on the general forums. Why don’t you click on my “generic copy paste” and look for yourself, smart guy.

These are the facts:

  • Blizzard is rewarding players with mindless but time consuming tasks
  • They have been extremely lazy with gear design this expansion
  • They don’t want to add vendors because they want people to “fish”
  • They’re catering to casuals
  • Class design is poor, and shallow
  • Time and time again, they’ve been making steps in the wrong direction. I.E: Maledict, Tank trinket etc.

With the buff to WQs loot, they made Heroic BoD and rating below 1800 feel unrewarding. (Tbh with you, don’t care about lfr/normal BoD I feel they should remove those two difficulties.)

Hey guess what? New gladiator only effected a small amount of players too! Guess it’ll be fine till everybody can have access to everything for doing essimmary quests. Hey guys, this week I can get a Gladiator Mount for helping turtles to the water!

Oh and if you wanna see how broken the new system is now, go look at the number of people above 2400 in 3s atm, it’s a ridiculous number like .1% of the ladder. So rn, Gladiator is harder to get than it was pre bfa, where is the logic in that? Revert back to the old system, make the game feel rewarding again.

Like I said, game has been going downhill since they’ve started catereing to casuals. It’s only dumbed down the game and made it unrewarding.

Vendors are not a “bandaid fix” you’re way out in left field for thinking so, there was nothing wrong with BC/WoTLK’s PvP gearing system. You literally could only buy pieces based on your rating then grind honor to catch up with last season’s gear.


There already is vendors. FOR PVE. What if they buy the wrong item ?!?!

The fact is they abandoned PvP.


They do not want you to have a choice, RNG is all they know now. That and they no longer have a single developer focused on pvp.

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They really could add a pvp version of titan residuum but I guess they only want trade chat spammed with m+ sellers.


Exactly. There’s legitimately no reason at this point. PvE vendors wasn’t always even there… that’s a bigger slap in the face lol…it’s a new feature added.