Upcoming Item Level Increase

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Dont fret. Youll soon get to grind your neck up to 65 and grind/farm essences to go with it.

World quest item levels still appear wildly inconsistent and confusing. As an example, right now I show the following two quests:

  • Azerite Empowerment - Alchemist Pitts slain - Azerite Armor Cache (370)
  • Azerite Wounds - Azeroth wounds healed - Azerite Armor Cache (355)

It’s almost as if the most confusing or complicated method for determining item level rewards is being used.

the ilvls still scale the same; it’s just that they’re taking another step up. this doesn’t mean you’ll see 370 gear for wq rewards if you’re still sitting at 310 - you have to still gear up to reach the next ilvl plateau.

That’s not what I’m referring to. Several of my ilvl 390-400 characters are seeing the discrepancy. They all qualify for the highest ilvl quest rewards already so its not a scaling issue.

Just wanted to chime in real quick as it seems like there is some confusion. We have increased the maximum item level for these rewards but that doesn’t mean they are always at that new number. Your character’s item level can play into it but World Quests always have a varied range in the item level that they reward so you will continue to see that variation, some of them just now can go up to 370 instead of 360.


We understand that. Our contention is and has always been for players who exist at the item levels where the maximum rewards are distributed. It does not seem consistent or reasonable that world quest cache rewards and against overwhelming odds reward the same item level gear as 1800-2100 arenas. To a lesser degree, the same problem exists for players who predominantly participate in m+ and heroic raiding. The effort and difficulty of the content needs to be consistent with the rewards, or else interest and participation in the more difficult or harder to organize content wanes.


Any plans to update item level rewards of faction assaults? 370 is actually worthless, especially seeing as that’s the max and it scales with item level. Why weren’t these updated to emissary level rewards or similar?

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High end PvP, M+ and Heroic/Mythic Raiding are still way more lucrative than those World Quests and LFR. There’s a ongoing meme/delusion where people think that a LFR-raider that gets a Titanforged 415 once in a lifetime is as geared as a Mythic Raider, which is of course not true.

Even with those World Quests going to 400, high-end players are still waaay beyond the powerlevel of a regular player. Hell, even a player who consistently does Heroic Raiding is beyond those rewards already, since they are inconstant and the world trinkets/Azerite pieces are uninteresting.


1800-2100 is currently top 5-10% of the pvp ladder. Currently 5018 players above 1800 in the US, and participation last season was between 100k-120k. There are currently 2522 players above 2100 in the US, which is the rating requirement to get drops higher than what is now given from the world quest reward caches.

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Faction assaults are glorified WQs, and as of today WQs can go up to 370. Faction assaults are already there, why would they get any higher?

Perhaps if faction assaults were warmode-obligatory it would make sense to raise the item levels – AOO proves that Blizzard believes PVP is deserving of 395 item level gear.

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It just makes no sense to introduce 370 capped content back in December to leave it forever, the only true reward is a grind for a mount. There is hardly any other purpose, unless you want WQ level rewards. It’s essentially doing a short-term emissary, so why are the rewards not the level of an emissary?

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Probably because they are far more frequent than equipment emissaries (19 hour cycle repeating like clockwork) and Blizzard might feel that’s too frequent for emissary-level gear.

Yes it’s possible to have equipment caches come up back to back, or close to it, but it’s far less frequent than something that is going to be up every 19 hours without fail.

Personally I think when they decided to remove Azerite armor from the rewards “because players wouldn’t want 4-ring armor anymore” they just abandoned the entire gearing process of faction assaults.

They never asked for feedback. They simply announced what was going to happen. Any thoughts that our feedback / protests would change their minds were nothing but delusional.


People have literally whined this game’s difficulty/challenge into the grave, what are you talking about? This has been going on for 14 years. You know what casuals use to wail and sob about in Vanilla? Not being able to SEE raid content. That has creeped into everything and gone much much further.

Blizzard has problem with communication. They never explained why someone soloing 4 daily quests should be equal to an entire heroic raiding guild clearing content, that’s a big problem and you expose yourself turning your nose up like that.

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Not going to argue that. But it’s taken how many years for Blizzard to “listen” ? Maybe they’ll listen to the 200 replies on this thread, and apply it to future changes – who knows?! But they certainly weren’t looking for feedback about a change that they informed us about only 4 days ago.

Even the portal threads, which collectively were over 10k posts of protest and feedback and weeks before implementation, and the end result is they have decided, at a later date, to put back ONE of those portals.

I wasn’t saying I agree with the change or their lack of courtesy to inform the playerbase of changes. I was simply pointing out that they didn’t ask us for feedback about this – 4 days before implementation this was merely a “hey you lot, this is happening. Have a nice weekend” because your post implied that they should have been listening to the feedback.

Haven’t seen it in this thread, but it should be pointed out that a number of players, myself included, were waiting to turn in their emissary quest because of what the CM pointed out in the OP. These players either found out that the reward had changed or, like me, found out that the quest had disappeared completely. Thanks Blizz.

If you were in the NA region you wouldn’t have been able to turn it in before it went away because it simply timed out. You have never been able to complete them but hold off on turning them in until afterwards. Unfortunately the only ones we got since that Azerite Emissary were 2 1500 AP and then today we got a 200 War Resources so no loot Emissary for Alliance in NA yet.

Edit: If you weren’t in NA, not sure what to tell you. A friend of mine had one from Horde side that he got on Sunday that did upgrade and he was able to do it and get the upgraded ilvl gear from the Emissary completion.

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I’ve never had emissary quests time out on me before to my knowledge. As far as my understanding goes, they stay there unless you wait until they are replaced by another.

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Nah, if you look at ones in your log they show a time til they expire. Right now I’m looking at them on NA Alliance side. I have a Storm’s Wake from Sunday that shows the following:

Time Left: 17 Hours
Complete any 4 world quests in Stormsong Valley.

  • 0 / 4 Complete 4 world quests in Stormsong Valley
    Radiant Azerite Matrix

And another for the Tortollan from yesterday:

Time Left: 1 Day 17 Hours
Complete 3 Tortallan world quests.

  • 0 / 3 Complete 3 Torotallan Seeker World Quests
    Radiant Azerite Matrix

I did the one that came up today because I did the invasion on this character for the war resources. If I complete the Storm’s Wake one but don’t turn it in before reset tomorrow it just goes away.